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May 2019 · 110
Phelelisiwe May 2019
As seconds turn into minutes
Minutes into hours
Ours was never the best love
Love of convenience
Convenient it was for others
Others with the best picture portrayed
Portrait displeasing to our eyes
Eyes that never lied
Lying here now wondering
Wondering if it was worth it
Worth all these years
Years of pain
Pain that brought sadness
Sadness inflicted to our children
Children were our blessing
Blessing we love
Love of convenience
Conveniently it was worth it
Worth it was it though?
pleasing other people while you are suffering
May 2019 · 41
Forgetting you
Phelelisiwe May 2019
No reason was given for your torturing silence
No words uttered
Though you are present
Only your absence I feel

I just hope when your existence
Don't matter to me
When silence is all I can offer
Your pride will be there for you

Foolish of me to think we were like
Sand in the ocean
The falling of snow in winter
That we made sense like
Darkness at night
Obviously your actions disagree

Before i die from the cold, from your cold shoulder
The drought, from your silence
The lightning from your looks
It best i forget you
special friend that stop being a friend for no reason
Mar 2019 · 79
New love
Phelelisiwe Mar 2019
As my heart land
on this foreign land
cautiously it beats
like the foot-steps of an invader
grasping little of this
foreign language
the eyes unfamiliar with everything
hoping as time passes
it will feel like home
never sure what to expect.... new love

— The End —