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PandaLyn Feb 2018
Thrown to the side
Never cared about
Always putting people first
Where is her time to shine
When is her chance to speak her mind
Always wanting people to be happy
But was sacrificing her happiness
Well no more
She will not be pushed around
No more will she let people beg to be in her life if she doesn't want them
And no more will she ever think she doesn't deserve the best in life
PandaLyn Jan 2017
My emotions...

My thoughts...

My feelings...

They are but a chemical reaction

Within my mind

That is what people tell me

So that they can control me

But I refuse...

To be...

Your little puppet anymore.
PandaLyn Sep 2016
I trusted you
When you said you would never leave
When you said we were forever
You had promised me happiness
And you gave me the best time of my life
But now you're gone
Ran off with another girl
And left me behind like a abandoned loyal dog
I don't know what to do now
Other then say
I trusted you
PandaLyn May 2016
Do you love me or not?
Do you care about me or not?
Because right now I can't tell
I'm confused
Misunderstanding your intentions
But nonetheless it hurts
Maybe we are just toxic for each other
And we should split up
You say I am the best thing that has ever happened to you
But maybe we are the worst for each other
PandaLyn May 2016
Sorry guys I've been gone but a lot of things have been happening and poetry just didn't help at the time but I still love it
PandaLyn May 2016
I don't listen
I'm stubborn
I don't care
I'm heartless
I don't laugh
I'm stupid
I take things close to heart
It's unnecessary
I'm just a **** up
No one wants me here
Because I'm almost always doing something wrong
They don't care
Because they feel as if they don't need to
Maybe they don't
Maybe I'm just a **** up
Maybe I actually am not needed
I don't think they care
But when they do at times and I act like I don't
I actually really do but they can't see because I don't show it
I'm a **** up
**** Up
PandaLyn May 2016
You are my better half
In every sense of the word
You make me complete
I'm inraptured with you
Your eyes
Your smile
Your heart
Your personality
Yes your body is a bonus
But what gets me the most....
Is your soul matches perfectly with mine
Is this what they call soulmates?
Is this what it feels like to be completely into someone
Wanting to know anything and everything
Keeping it inside my head to use later on
To show you I'm listening and that you are my everything
That I would listen to you ramble on endlessly about anything at all as long as I get to listen to your voice
The distance breaks my heart at times but then I begin to think about closing it
Maybe this summer maybe in a year or two
Just knowing that I will get to see you
My best friend
Makes all of this worth it
My everything
My soulmate
My best friend
Just know I love you and even though we are hours apart
My heart beats for you
And every moment you are on my mind
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