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PandaLyn Apr 2016
The face of the timer is cracked
Just as my mind is
But yet it still counts down
Waiting for that moment to explode
You cut the wrong wire I might
But I don't want to
I want to be a box
A open box with the greatest things inside
But I'm not perfect
I'm broken down
Pieces are missing
Maybe you can defuse me
Maybe you'll be the end to the turmoil I go through
Maybe you'll be the one who makes me into that box
PandaLyn Apr 2016
Those eyes
Of yours
They draw me in
And drown me in bliss
I wish I could mirror
The image of me
The way you see me
To understand what you really see
With those eyes
PandaLyn Apr 2016
Would you mind if I held your hand in mine?
Would you mind if I wrapped my arms around you?
Would you mind if I kissed you?
For you are the one that I have chosen
To be with for the end of my life
Would you mind marrying me?
Would you mind watching me walk down that isle?
Would you mind being with me through those 9 months of pregnancy and then hours of labor?
Would you mind going through that a couple more times?
Would you mind growing up with me and the children?
Would you mind growing old with me as grandchildren run around our house?
Because you are the one I have chosen to be with for the end of my life
You are the one I know it in my heart
I had hurt you before and I was at fault
I see that now
I cannot help but hate myself
But would you mind if we tried again for the last time
Would you mind being my last?
Would you mind?
PandaLyn Apr 2016
You see me as I am
On the outside
A straight face
But what you don't see
Is the tears I shed
The chains that are wrapped around me
Inside myself
I know
That I am breaking
Day by day
Never to be repaired
I don't want to be here
I want to be free
For someone to be there
For someone to care
But I continue to shake
As more of me breaks
PandaLyn Apr 2016
I scream
And scream
But no one seems to hear me
I'm trapped
Inside my own head
Stuck in my own self-pity
I try to help others
Despite my being weak
But my words of encouragement is unheard
My mind starts to deteriorate
As these words these demons inside my head
Encourage me to quit but yet I still fight
Still knowing
That I will be unheard
PandaLyn Mar 2016
Save me
Rescue me
Save me
Kiss me
Envelope me
I need your love
I need your touch
I need you
I need the truth
Save me
Rescue me
Kiss me
Envelope me
Your love is the only thing I know
Won't you fill my hunger
Shoot your sweet venom into my veins
You are a drug
I don't wish to quench my thirst
I wish to grow
Under your supervision
Into the person I can really be
Save me
Rescue Me
Save me
Kiss me
Envelope me
Let me fall into your arms
For your hands to lay upon my chest
Feeling the beat of my heart
That only beats for you
PandaLyn Mar 2016
She's not wanted
Not needed
She wishes she could just end it
but the people that claim to care
Really don't care
They secretly want her gone
But they don't state it
They are tired of her tears
And the space she takes up
That's what people call her
And they wonder why she has the scars on her
Why she wants to end it so badly
Well here is the reason she feels unwanted
She feels people would be better off without her
Just find the girl some DAM# happiness before she ends it
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