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A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
You deserve someone who truly cares
Someone who knows your worth when they are with you
And knows their luck when they are not
Please, don't let people treat you any less than you deserve.
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Imagine the world
It would be without music
Insanely lifeless
Just thinking about how much music gives to life. I don't think people notice how it is everywhere (supermarkets, shows, on roads with buskers) - or at least I don't a lot of the time. Was thinking about it when I realised I have headphones on or earphones in nearly all the time. It really just gives more life to the world, it would be much more boring without it, and I am very grateful for it.
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
The sky is a clear blue
Against the glaring sun
Clouds offer gentle relief
As birds sing their songs of love
What a beautiful day it is this summer morning
And what a beautiful soul I get to share it with
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
And then, under the clear blue skies, I saw her
If it weren't for the sand beneath her feet
I would of thought she was an angel on earth
A Wandering Soul May 2021
All your worry has gone away
I wonder where it went
Maybe it isn't really gone
And you just passed it to your "friend"

All your stress has gone away
A miracle, heaven-sent
A classic game of pass-the-blame
And now the problem's in someone else's bed

All your pain has gone away
It didn't even leave a dent
Funny how quickly you change
And ignore others slow descent
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Sometimes, I think I have nothing left to say
And then I remember I am alive
So surely, there is a reason I still stay
A Wandering Soul May 2021
At this point in my life
I am more than ever before
A wandering soul
Lost in the forest that is our world
In search of meaning I don't know exists
With regrets of what has been
And fear of what's yet to come
But more than anything, I have curiosity
For our future world
My future life
And everything in-between
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