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Curtis C Jun 2018
In a moment, after frustration, sitting in the night with nature, just before you release those feeling and sensations, take a look in that place where those feeling come and you will find beauty. Collect the beauty and hold on to it and release the frustrations into the flow. The next moment after that will be from the beauty you have collected. With release from a dark place beauty and light will lead one heart beat. One deep breath.
Curtis C Jun 2018
Confusion all around. Feeling lonely but not alone. Standing but moving forward. Tears but no sadness. Light but no shadow. The breeze but no wind. All within the beat of a heart and one deep breath. LIFE, living it. Creating it. Being it!
Good Morning and Good night.
With Love and it will a Good day.
Curtis C Jun 2018
Tell me your story in your words and actions.
Not that stuff you be told you are or that you should act a certain way.
Tell me what "you" feels.
What "you" think.
How "you" see life.
Tell me "your" dreams and plans, not what others have plan for you!
What adventures do you want to go on?
What do you want to do?
You are a creator.
Your world is yours to create.
The choices are yours to make.
You can believe what you want to believe.
It is your life to create.
This journey is yours. Choose your path.
You are not behind. You are not ahead. You are right where you need to be.
Tell me your story in your words and actions.
The words that comes from your heart and Soul.
Tell me when you stand and I will stand by your side.
But let it be light.
Tell me your story...about your Celebrations, your songs, your dances,.
What makes you smile, laugh.
What brings you joy!
Tell me your story.
For if it is your story, from your soul...
I will listen...for a story of Love is Glorious to hear!!!
I am ready to hear...your story.
Tell me your story!!!!!!
Curtis C May 2018
Don't be afraid when standing at the crossroads. Look down and see the footprints of those who was there before you. Yes, it maybe your first time there but relax, it not the last. Be excited and look in each direction and see all that's in front of you. See the choices you have. See the changes you can make. Rest, enjoy, know....
The crossroads is just a place to check it with you, to collect you. This journey we are on, can be traveled with many but no one can do it for us. We can learn from others or move out and learn on our own. The crossroads gives us the time, a place and space to make those choices.
So when you reach that place where the paths meet...stand and let the light shine down on you and know that many have been here before truly is nothing new but it is truly different for each one of use!
See the adventures ahead...
Curtis C May 2018
Today…I am focusing on Today!  For it is my experiences, reactions, and Loving that will determine tomorrow,  Its my Loving today, My forgiveness today, My joys today, My seeing the facts of my Life today and working with them all today.  My, not judging today.
“The past is a point of reference and the future hasn’t happen.  It is today…NOW that I must Live, Love, be Happy, etc… and tomorrow will fall where it may.”
Today I asked myself; “if this was your last day here, what do you want it to be like?” (That’s how I talk.)  So, I looked at what I have to do today…I want it to be joyous, Loving, sharing with others, helping others, laughing, celebrating, receiving and giving, blessings, telling others of the wonders in our life, eating, singing, dancing, surrendering, letting go of stuff, opening up to all the good, grateful, thankful and Blessed!
I stopped there and leave myself open to what the afternoon and night will bring.

Where we start today will determine where we end tomorrow…open up and let it be in a different place and moment…
Curtis C May 2018
I recognize, know and believe that I Am a Bright and Shining Light. When I was searching in the dark, I was the light I was looking for.  When clouds were hanging low and I needed to see, I was the light that cleared away the clouds and made it possible to see all that was there for me to see.  I was the light that shined on my path.  I was the light that woke me up and helped me to see more.  I am the light that shines on me and all that pass me. I am the light that lifts me up and keeps me going.  I am a light at all Celebrations! I am the light in the songs and dances. My house can never be dark…why?  
I take this time to share the light with you…because I want you to know:
YOU ARE THE SAME LIGHT, that shines in me because we are ONE!
Be Bright!
Curtis C May 2018
I am not asking you to think like me or even believe as I do.  As I’ve said before, I write and post what I need to hear and what I believe and I am Grateful when it helps someone else.
But I am asking if you can see and feel the good, experience the joy, know the truth that we are all One and to stand in the circle of Love.  Then from that point, from that place make the conscious choices on living your life and how you believe and how you work with and deal with the facts of your life.
[Consciousness is a dynamic field of awareness that has the ability to either narrowly focus or broadly expand., “the untethered soul”]
I hope we all broadly expand.
We are headed in the same direction, each on our own path.  As you look at the light, check out where it’s shining…accept and work with what you will find.
celebrate, enjoy, sing, dance and ride the ride...weeeeeeeeee!
Love you tons and joy you bring to me…
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