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BungeeGum May 2020
There are crafts of countless drafts on this blank page,
accounts of my days of happiness or rage are on this blank page,
hinted goals and affirmations are blueprinted on this blank page,
look and you shall find that my mind roars it's thoughts unfiltered on this blank page,

Behold a story begins to unfold on this blank page.

Ink jives it's hips, thrives in it's own motions and clicks it's fingers in rhythm to the writers melody that lingers,
In order to transcribe what you're trying to describe to the mass of one or many on this blank page,

Sentences are redacted,
subtracted from the line of sight equating to something that now means nothing,


It could be a mistake,
a misfire of  the message I attempted to make,
thinking I had it locked and loaded,
Ready to shoot it across this blank page,


It could be that I find it unnecessary to reveal deep parts of me,


I become hell bent on destroying any trace that may possibly leave my scent in this blank page,

The land of doodles,
far and wide is it's reach,
with the population consisting of ...
Talking poodles,
Confetti filled with noodles,

Whatever you can think of is there in this blank page.

On this blank page I stare deep into it's void and wonder....

What shall we do today ?
BungeeGum Sep 2019
The first draft is....Rough,
rough like my hair when it has not been tamed by the metallic teeth of my comb,
words crossed out in my notes are the battle scars of my ideas,
Even the pen is running out of ink due to the uphill struggle of writing out my thoughts,

The first draft is...Illegible,
the words not yet translated,
so for now , only the translator understands the vision for their work,
to those who do not have the writers eye , they see scribbles,
to the writer them self, it is the birth of a masterpiece about to take shape,

The first draft is....formless,
formless like water,
until I have managed to contain what I write in the form I have chosen,
it will just splash on to the page,
flowing and pouring all over the paper like an Oceans raging current,

The first draft is..... a bit of a roller-coaster
since the process is both exciting and frustrating,
tiresome and exhilarating,
multiple warring factions of moods arise which can cause a tornado,
since there is a constant whirl of emotions
on whether this fits or not,
or maybe I should change this line or keep it

Overall the first draft... is a foundation for something great,
each part built up brick by brick,
polished to smooth its edges,
transcribed to express what you meant all this time,
finally taking the form you shaped it for,
the tornado transforming into a gentle breath of fresh air,
as you gradually craft a piece of beauty ,
thoughts ??
BungeeGum Aug 2019
( You saw the title , so please go on ahead and skip me.)

Oh... you clicked on me , I see....

Honestly though, don't mind me , i'm just here camouflaged masterfully into the screen page

My opinion ? , my voice ?  , it need not matter, i'm just here for the sake of it, besides anything I utter isn't heard or acknowledged....

so please I insist continue somewhere else and pretend i'm not here

What am I about ?

....Nothing really to be honest ,

..... look I feel a bit stifled here so please can you just go away , I know you're trying to be nice but i'm just not in the mood

Please please , will you go away I don't need to be judged or scrutinized by you ,

sooo please leave okay ....

i'm just an unimportant poem who you will forget about and stop reading ...

Oh my gosh, what is the point of you still reading ?

i'm not going to rhyme for you , and clearly i'm not that 5-7-5 syllable poetry style, what is it called ?...

you know what never mind just go please...

Still here... sigh....

I apologize for my rudeness , i'm not one to talk much to others, in fact when you really think about this, this is you reading me and me not actually talking ,

I do enjoy my own company but hey, who doesn't right ?

...And please don't assume i'm a loser or a nobody

because I. am. Not.

I am a hidden gem, who you probably have never heard of, my talents are untold myths...

I may be in the background but I observe and keep it moving,

Must I be involved in everything ?

BungeeGum May 2019

Rhythmic in its own way


Three ways I that could describe art

It can divide opinion yet the majority of people can all agree that it has some awe , some beauty to it ....

The way it something may be drawn or written, since art can paint pictures visualized in the mind and need not always be clear in plain sight, but back to what I was saying, there is always some sort of rhythm to it, off beat , on beat, whatever it may be it is there whether it can be explained or not

Art never gives up , slightly weird statement but basically, there will always be appreciation for all kinds of art, some may not be enjoyed by others, but give it time and it will get picked up  by someone who finds incredible....
just a little freestyle, i wrote what came to mind....
BungeeGum Jan 2019
Ctrl :
Control your mind, to see the good in all
Even when your latest stumble has you fallen
Don't let those creepy critters of dark thought get crawling

They say the world is your oyster,
The world is what you make it,
So first visualize it and grab the bull by the horns,
So in reality you can take it

They say, once you're in full control , your level of freedom is dangerous,
Your creativity becomes more and more contagious
Your happy with your self and you level up to heights outrageous
No longer is your mind trapped in any types of cages....
For you are free...

Alternate , to get that reality to start,
To get the old self to your new self , eating your dust and world's apart,
Call it if you want project "change"
Possibly make it a continuous thing to get your goals completed and more in target range....

Alternate this perception to stay in your lane, if you want to be more then one thing
Then just do it, do not refrain
If it is truly something you want to attain

Del :
Delete the remnants of the alteration ,
In a way , your deleting the bugs in your computer system, for a more smoother operation
Getting things moving , terrible habits you're losing
Each challenge you face , thanks to bug removal, you get past them , like your in a Ferrari just crusing

Ctrl-Alt-Del, a command that can cause a shutdown and also allow a restart
In other words shutdown past failures and start again knowing where to improve
And just improve, improve , improve

Happy New year everyone
Enjoy 2019
BungeeGum Dec 2018
Scribble, scribble, I write notes after notes
Click, click, on the web ,I research more and more....
Tick-tick, I go to bed at 4 in the morning
Beep, beep, My alarm wakes me and I'm still tired and yawning
Open, open, my eyes, I feel as if I'm in a game and respawning...
Ready, ready, is what I am for the day...


Let me make so more tea, that weirdly replenishes my energy and then continue on the grind...

Back to constantly working on the ideas on my mind....

Back to working on my self ,the new year is on its way, the new me resumes it's hardworking today

Although the new year may be a month away, today marks the last month of the year, the last month before a new transformation flourishes

I say flourish not start , since it has already begun..... 2019 is steadily on the horizon so sit back and enjoy the fun....


What becomes of the year?
What becomes of me?
A new step closer to making my own history, maybe ?
Enough questions , for now I will wait , watch and see....
BungeeGum Nov 2018
The Nocturnal myth , who's eyes never drift into slumber...

Who stays up thinking about Ambitions, Dreams that run in his mind so deep and the price he pays for this is the sleep he can not reap....

Who stays up thinking about the current problems he face , each one like a feature length show in his mind with no means to an end , each one he is trying to amend...

Who stays up , simply because each day goes way too fast and , to slow down the tempo , a couple hours more are required to fully appreciate seeing another day...

Who stays up , since the true aura of his creativity seems to unlock, causing no writer's block,  causing more ideas to flow , with each passing tick-tock of the clock ....

Who stays up, since, just like the owl who actively hunt their prey at night, he actively hunts down his targets , his goals , his dreams  that feed his drive....

But... Even he needs rest, rest to not overthink the obstacles he face, rest to keep and maintain his brain , so new ideas can continue fruition and not starve and be subjected to malnutrition, rest so he can wake to spend time with friends and family...

So rest well , for tomorrow is fast approaching and tonight has reached its conclusion....

Good Night for now.... or should I really say Good Morning ?

Anyways I'm off to bed... Peace.
Hope you enjoy....
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