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Exosphere May 2021
on my home planet
for every shadow
if I had a penny—
I’d have many
Exosphere May 2021
legions of watchers from multiple dimensions are in love with me
I am a star
with planets, moons, asteroids, meteors, and
orbiting my light
Exosphere May 2021
I’ve been given the green light
to drift off into the night
let new dreams take flight
thank you mysterious muse
Exosphere May 2021
though it was a good price
it did not have the right dimensions
so I didn’t buy it
Exosphere May 2021
I lamented the stain on my heart
without trying to remove it
when I finally did
it came right off
Exosphere May 2021
one person’s breakfast menu
is another person’s ****
Exosphere May 2021
I’m barely even halfway to 7,000
so I’ve got a ways to go
before I’m through
with you
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