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Aleta Marshall Apr 2020
We have become so complacent as life goes day to day.
Doing things that we do always in the same way.
Now things are changing and times are getting sad.
People are getting scared, people are getting mad.
"I'm losing time and money, you're interrupted my life!"
But we are realizing we have family, children, husband, a wife.
We are becoming human again, caring and kind.
Thinking of others and keeping their needs in mind.
We are taking time to think, breath and slowing our pace.
And maybe this is what we needed, reality to slap us in the face.
Aleta Marshall Mar 2020
We are all hunkered down in our little parky...
Waiting for the "All Clear" from our hierarchy...
Trying to keep busy and staying calm...
Whilst the scientists try to come up with a virus bomb...
Some of us have been hangin' out at the pool...
Which on these hot days feels pretty cool...
But don't worry we are playing it smart...
Keeping the distance at 6 feet apart...
So don't fret about us or our routine...
Cause remember Covid-19 don't like chlorine!
Aleta Marshall Mar 2020
TP ..oh.. TP
Wherefore art thou?
It seems as if you have been wiped out.
Swept off the shelves by the armful.
"It's MINE, MINE, MINE!" They shout.
While your grabbed and torn, and taken away.
But I still have hope.
I will find you someday.
Aleta Marshall Mar 2020
I'm sitting here feeling like I need to write something.
Something to convey the way I am feeling about this whole situation.
My big brother Dale.
Two months ago we were playing golf together.
Now I'm making your meals praying you will eat.
Bringing your pills to you with water to swallow them.
Thinking silently, this will take up more space in your stomach than what you ate for breakfast.
How can this be happening, a month or two more to live?
That is what we were told, cancer is fast and aggressive.
How can you process something like that.
I see you fading away a little more each day and wonder how you must feel whats going on in your head.
I can't imagine what kind of a place mentally you are in right now, and it hurts cause I know there is nothing I can do to make it better.
Just be here for you and comfort you as much as I can.
I took care of Dad as cancer took him and Mom died after being so brave.
But death is something I guess I will never get used to.
Does anyone?
All I can say is that I will miss you and I love you.
Your my big brother Dale and always will be.

                                   Your Fight Is Over
I told you Mom had your guitar and was waiting for you on the beach.
Told you she would wait for you there night and day.
I knew you were tired of fighting and you were ready to pass away.

I held your hand while you and I listened to Gordon Lightfoot all night long.
And in the early morning hours your breathing slowed, your face relaxed, and you took your last breathe listening to your favorite song.

R.I.P  Big brother 12/21/54 - 4/13/20
CANCER *****!
Aleta Marshall Feb 2020
I feel some days are better then others.
As so many of us do.
Some days I wake up happy.
And some days I just wanna stew.

I don't like stew days.
Not wanting to talk or knowing what to say.
Just lost in a fog bank.
Waiting for a lighthouse to show me the way.

Trying to keep a smile on my face.
These are the days that are so long and meaningless.
Trying to keep my chin up high.
But they seem to last forever and become so tedious.

I wait for the next morning with baited breath.
Not knowing if I'll awake refreshed or still broken.
It's like being a contestant on a game show.
Claim your prize and take your token.
Aleta Marshall Feb 2020
I love so many things, but I hate so many things…
I hate the darkness of the night, but I love what the
    daylight brings...

I hate the lightning when it flashes, but I love the sound of
I love my friends and family, but I hate the cancer that
    put some under… 
I Love my better half with all my heart, but I hate it when she
I hate it when she is sad, but I love what her smile brings…

I hate the winter’s windy cold, but I love a warm breeze in
I love classic old cars, but I really hate those Hummers…

I love being in the water, but I hate pruned hands…
I hate the sticky mud, but I love the warm sand…

I hate being upset, but I love being quite and calm…
I love when you say “I love you”, but I hate it when you say
    “you’re the bomb”…

I love to kiss you all day long, but I hate it when you are away…
I hate it when we’re not together, but I love you more
    each day…

I hate that we are so far apart, but I love our face time on our
I love thinking of you throughout the day, but I hate it  
    when I'm home alone...

Yes, there are things I hate, thankfully just a few, but I love many
    things so much more and one of them is you...
Aleta Marshall Dec 2019
If bullets bounce off Superman's chest, why does he duck when the bad guy runs out of bullets and throws the gun at him?
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