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Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
Those drops of rain,
kissing the lips of the earth.
Fragrant smell, scattered all around,
after a long time ago, my smile is there.

But, it prevailed commendably,
it was also imprisoned in the walls of glass.
Now, doesn't take a long time to smile anymore,
just a fair price to be settled with the way to pass.
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
for the love:)
life is so cruel…,
to the love:)
death is so humble...!
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
In the missing journey,
Who should be searched?
On the ******* ways,
Death should be scratched.
Hi, I'm still at the end of the day, but I'm on my schedule for tomorrow…🧎🏻
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Is this the end?
It place, just for a compliment, wherein I was going to lose my own emotions, my mind under the ages of the queries to be burned out.
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
only one hope is there,

Let the caravans
of these words,
just stop.

In the end,
of like this.

Stop breathing,
with any passive,
a single heartbeat,
as my simply wish.
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Such a round, I will often knock,
When I leave myself, in a dark-clock.
May Be, these passing days, will take a similar turn,
Will ****** me away, to mix up with soil, after the burn...
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
From the streets-dust of the village,
to rites of the big-cities have existed.

Then why do you confuse me with your questions?
and why do you cut the wings of my golden dreams?

Maybe, you don't know:)
"It is too difficult, to know, You can't win,
still, for a fight, repair Your broken legs."
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