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Mirror Jul 16
A helpless cry of total surrender to the Almighty!
A prayer:  Come to the rescue of a lesser mortal who was promised his protection in the name of surrender.
A series of thanks and complains.
My innocent childish threats to you Almighty,
If you do not heed to my request or prayers,
I shall change my god.
I already have no faith in love, I have seen this world in bizarre musings. I have one hope left and that is the hope of making it beautiful, if not outside then at least from within.
If not for others then at least for my self.
Mirror Jul 15
From the outside I am really a very silent person minding my own business but even in that silence, the 4 chambers of my mind work in synchronisation to detail the world outside. I am an observer. A silent, secretive and callous observer of every single detail which is around me.
She was the detail I missed deciphering. It was not that I didn't try but there was opacity in her thoughts. What ever be the verbiage, she remains an unsolved puzzle. She always will.
Her strange silhouettes are those which remain with me. I got a new pair of jeans and I observed that they smell differently.
In my old clothes, your fragrance exists. The new clothes surely lack them. I decided that it can not be the case that I live without a part of you in me. So I washed the old and new clothes together and now the 4 of us share your fragrance, you, myself, old and new clothes.
I have also not sold my bicycle which is cheap to the comparison of the one that I have now. It is only me who knows how expensive the old bicycle is.  Why?
That is because on this same cycle I had invoked in you a love for cycling. On this same cycle you and I have gone for long rides at 9 PM to grab some beers and drink together. Happily living the illusion of deserving a beer after much exercise.
I have changed the tyres of the old bicycle because they had worn out and it made my past look ugly.
On my face towards the left side of cerebral cortex, there is a profusion ( a very very very very very faint I must add) of a nerve and it makes the first alphabet of your name.
I guess, I have some one watching my efforts in keeping you alive in life. The result is that now physical body knows that as well what my mind always knew. You are one for me, today and ever after.
There can be no one who can invoke such monomaniacal stubbornness in me.
Thank You.
Post Scriptum: I do not edit my poems usually. If there is a typing error, please ignore.
Mirror Jul 15
The floral chants of nature
expressing themselves as terrestrial rainbows,
these are  hymns of peace and love.

These coniferous trees and their pointed leaves,
showing a tapering effect,
these signal the narrow end of our beautiful life.

These random stones scattered on dusty trails,
these are irregular in shape but in their irregularity is a regularity of irregularity,
these signal the chaos of life and the hidden order within.

These dusty roads and resulting muddiness upon a shower,
shows the shades of light brown and dark brown,
signalling the shades of the same person in sun and when in rain.

Here I am sitting by a stone,
staring at the gorge below,
One day I will be pushed through this gorge deep below, this is inevitable,
but before I am pushed, I must learn to fly.

This is the purpose of my life.
Mirror Jul 15
Let love be like affine geometry.
Affine geometry is where mathematical properties are preserved by parallel projection from one plane to another. These planes are our complexities residing in our individualism, together we will survive this mutualism.  
Let it be symbiotic and not symbolic.
Let the odds be even, even if you have to zero in on the odds.
Let the triangles of emotions be isosceles ( having 2 sides of equal length), the base will adjust.
Let the circle of emotions be  complete, let it end gracefully if it has to. Let it reach its starting point and let it be a full circle.
You be a semi - circle, I will be another. Together we will complete the circle.
From the centre, the axis of life will pass, sometimes the inclination will change, it will bend, life will adjust somehow but we will prevail.
Let the patterns of your life camouflage mine.
Let the eccentricities of your randomness be a little more constant and the variables of human nature will adjust.
Let us both try to solve this equation.
Let us try to prove it to be = and not less than < or >.
Let us both be one equation, equally split in parts and   meaning less without being equal.
Let us be rational and not irrational. Let us be reciprocative and not repetitive. Let us be simple but not complex or even simpler.
Let us be Mathematics.

— The End —