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12.0k · Apr 2013
Designer Vagina
Micheal Wolf Apr 2013
A designer ******
A nip and a tuck
A trim of the curtains
A tightening up
A complementary adjustment
A tidying of bits
Matches the uplift
You had on your ****
So 6 months it took
To create the perfect ******
Only to find he's left you tonight
Watched a documentary were and I quote "I had my saddle bags lightened and my tints re aligned" only for her husband to leave her.
11.9k · Mar 2013
Wake up, Wake up
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Wake up wake up
I'm confused
Dad wake up
Don't come in dads asleep
Wake up dad please wake up
I'm frightened who are all these people
Wake up dad they want to come in
Dad I'm telling them off
Go away dad didn't say come in
Wake up wake up!!!
Let me go! Dad help me
Dad there taking me away
Dad wake up please
Dad where are you
I'm alone
Elderly man collapsed and died in his garden. His faithful dog wouldn't let the police near him.
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Phoenician to  Aramaic 950 BC the start of modern writting for others to see
Then Hebrew to  Moabite then Phrygian as well around 800 BC
The written word was now afoot, oh Ammonite as well

Then a split as often comes between one arab and another
Old North Arabian and Old South Arabian argue with each other
So moving west Etruscan came at 700 BC
Then Umbrian and North Picene you heard of them today?

As Lepontic and Tartessian tried to talk to others
Now we start to get a grip and influence the modern
From Lydian to Carian,  Thracian to Venetic
All around the 6th century BC people started jotting

Old Persian came and went Latins still around
Then South Picene and Messapian to Gaulish
Language now ruled the world and all the ways we wrote it

Mixe–Zoque some say isnt really true
But Oscan and Iberian followed on through
So Meroitic,  Faliscan at 300 BC came next
Then Volscian and Middle Indo-Aryan or Prakrit the Ashoka calls it
Then one thats still around Tamil you might know it

Christianity was on its way as Galatian was used
Pahlavi and Celtiberian al cald pre antiquity
Lets move on till after Christ and language moves full on

Bactrian and Proto-Norse in northen europe common
Cham and Mayan, Gothic and Ge'ez and accepted Arabic
Christs been dead 300 yrs and language starts to flourish

Primitive Irish now exists and an odd one called Ekoi
Try to remember though its still only the 4th century

Georgian now is used in a  church in Bethlehem
A bible is written  in Armenian
Kannada in Halmidi
West Germanic to that becomes  Old High German
English now for the first time starts to rear its head

Old English to Korean  Tocharian to  Old Irish
In parts of southern England they even speak Cornish  
Centuries before Pol *** there is now Cambodian
Others speaking Udi, Telugu and Tibetan
Now language is getting modern

Old Malay in the far east to Welsh in my back yard
It wasnt long before the world was writting many forms
Mandarin and English now are common place
A miriad of people and language in their states

So venture forth to foreign lands and visit as a guest
Take a pen and paper to help you on your quest
If you can cross your legs or draw a beer you really cant go wrong
Remember you dont speak their tongue its you not them thats dumb!!!
8.1k · Aug 2013
Anal bead asphyxiation
Micheal Wolf Aug 2013
Infuriated doesn't come close when listening to the words you spout
You are so special in every way I could feel the need, I had to say
If you don't go away I'll strangle you with your mum's **** beads
Now where that came from left me at a loss, but he shut up and buggered off.
Probably gone home to check what else his mum has hidden under her bed!
7.4k · Nov 2013
Transgender friends
Micheal Wolf Nov 2013
What a guy!
What a player!
On the field he was the slayer
The only son, the one to watch
The one who others tried to match
He had the looks and physique
A grades at school for all to see.

Now he pays a heavy price
Drinks Jack Daniels every night
For all his life he was pushed
To be valour dictorum in the year book

He had problems so deep inside
He didn't want footballers thighs
He wanted silk and lace with heels
Not the college football kit
If he could have what he dreamed
He'd be a cheerleader on that field

A as a boy late at night
He gave his mom a real fright
There he was in her clothes
His father beat him and killed his soul

Years went by and James was wed
So he wore his wife's clothes instead!
Till one day he bought his own
Shaved his legs and went out alone
He bumped into a group of jocks
Who beat him beacause he wore a frock

Now in the mirror he has scars
That match the hundreds still inside
For James outside to all of you
Was Jayne inside and then showed you

But now at 50 for him to late
To be reasigned and be just Jayne
Times have changed and so have views
If he wants to let him wear Jimmy Choos
So if any friends I have Called John
Wants to be simply Joanne
Let me know asap
We can celebrate with a drink.
Disgusted at a story I read about a tortured soul.
Humanity needs a good kick and not this way.
5.4k · Nov 2012
the naughty fairy
Micheal Wolf Nov 2012
She flits through my mind all day, making me smile.
She fills my dreams at night like no other could.
Her face chokes my breath, a part of me yearns her embrace the touch of her hand the scent of her body.
But she is a naughty fairy and leaves no track,
no trace,
no trail
Micheal Wolf May 2013
My dear Hope … I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor –that’s not my business – I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.

We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone.

The way of life can be free and beautiful.

But we have lost the way.

Greed has poisoned men’s souls – has barricaded the world with hate; has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

We have developed speed but we have shut ourselves in: machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little: More than machinery we need humanity; More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me I say “Do not despair”.

The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress: the hate of men will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people, will return to the people and so long as men die [now] liberty will never perish…

Soldiers – don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you – who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel, who drill you, diet you, treat you as cattle, as cannon fodder.

Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts. You are not machines. You are not cattle. You are men. You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate – only the unloved hate. Only the unloved and the unnatural. Soldiers – don’t fight for slavery, fight for liberty.

In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written ” the kingdom of God is within man ” – not one man, nor a group of men – but in all men – in you, the people.

You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy let’s use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give you the future and old age and security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfil their promise, they never will. Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people. Now let us fight to fulfil that promise. Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness!

- written by Charlie Chaplin who called this speech his speech for Humanity and he felt this was the most important thing he did with his carreer was this speech.
I have been in awe of this since a Saturday afternoon as a child I saw it on tv. It took yrs to get made. Written before the **** party took over. He saw the future. Chaplain said he was a clown that made him greater than any political figure.  
I'll never write as he did, but he is one of my greatest inspirations.
5.2k · Jul 2013
Blue eyed seer
Micheal Wolf Jul 2013
Spirits may come spirits may go.
The only talk to those they know.
Those who have a lending ear and listen to the others here.
Usually grey haired old bags with 20 cats and 40 ****.
But Anna isn't quite the same she's not what visitors expect.
She greets each one with a smile.
But their eyes can't see they miss by miles!
Instead the look upon her chest, for what a smashing pair of *******.
I even think the spooks just come to take a peak at her ***.
Imagine that a ghost on top with an enormous supernatural ****!
Slid between her silky legs until she screams and begs and begs.
A medium she thought it was, in fact it was an XL ****.
A frenzy in the reading room as more arrive to see her moan.
It's like a wiken **** now, at 44 she's in her prime.
I wonder who will "come" next time.
The psychic circle all a gasp, are playing with their mortal tackle.
Who would have thought she wore a basque, underneath a witches tac.
Now its like a wanking club, spooks and mortals all a tug.
finally she howls with delight.
Another soul has seen the light!
So remember when you see her pass check her **** and little ***, imagine she's on top of you in stockings basque and heels to.
Though one thing you should bare in mind...

Unless your dead forget it mate!
A birthday request
5.0k · Aug 2012
I've never been to Paris
Micheal Wolf Aug 2012
I've never been to Paris in the spring summer or fall
Nor seen the Champs-Élysées blanketed in winters fresh snow
I've never seen it, Why? As I could never go alone

I seemed to miss the part where two lovers met and kissed or stood for 20 minuites in a passionate embrace
Then slowley walk together hand in hand in the rain, along the banks of the river of romance, the Siene

I'm not in the lovers photographs, beneath the Eiffel tower or the playful Quasimodo pose outside of Notre Dame
You won't see me in any of them, for I was never there, because while my lover travelled I stayed and built a home, a place we could call our own.

But bigger and better was never enough your greed for things was just to much then one day off you went as you didn't hear a word I'd said
To you by now I was simply staff and just like them I was sacked

But now alone I look at things and know what I can do
Change the way I look at life and why I never went with you
For Paris is for lovers and not just those who share the rent

So one day I'll go to Paris, even if I am alone
I shall walk the streets and see the sights that lovers call their own
Who knows If I'm the only one who needs to make that trip
Do others think of it the same in reverence and wish?
One day i'll go to gay Paris and a blank post card  I shall send
"From Paris" with a smiley face
"I learnt to love myself".....
A picture of the tower or a snap outside the Louvre
No senders address

From Paris
With Love
4.8k · Feb 2013
A naughty thought
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
A twitch
A tingle
A feeling in the water
A ladies moment
A naughty emotion
A thrill of a thought
A thrill at the thought
A wistful proclavity
A moment of disorder
A body confused
A blip in the day
A welcome diversion
A moment to saver
4.6k · Jun 2014
Visual first aid
Micheal Wolf Jun 2014
Broad filling the doorway he stood,
A statement. Defining intent,  and with absolute restraint. To her it was all. To him she believed nothing. The candle lit only at one end. Her end. Her imagination.
He walked to her and as with all Mondays placed the mail on her desk and asked for a signature. Her heart skipped a beat. "IT WAS GONE!" The wedding ring gone. She held herself together as though her very life dependent upon it. She said thank you. She would wait till Monday to verify her intelligence. Before she staked her claim.
4.5k · Mar 2015
Micheal Wolf Mar 2015
We need more pirates
A few Robin hoods
Not forgetting Ghandis
And others who give a F###
The worlds in the *******
Religions half to blame
The rest is down to the ruling class
1700s again.
ATOS are the healers, Lib Dems are all confused.
UKIP are crazy and Labour's coloured blue!
So let's have some pirates some men stuffed full of ***.
Do a Guy Faulks and this time
4.1k · Apr 2013
Emeritus Cock
Micheal Wolf Apr 2013
Can there be any doubt in a mind that knows
In thoughts aloof beyond our scope
Professorial peaks and highs
Paused words and thoughts sublime
Intellect that's a world away
From you and I day to day
Well that's you who ponders and petulates
It's more like ****** and Norman Bates
Because dear proff you're a total ****
A higher education ****
Emeritus wizard oh high priest of thought
Who reads the Times, what else of course!
You graze upon its every word
Like a runny smelly sloppy ****
So there you have it professor ****
A tribute to you the legal ****
No better than any other man
You worthless piece of human spam
A tribute to a total *******
4.1k · Mar 2013
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Happiness is what?
Three point five kids and a mortgage
That won't last as the boundaries change
Instead of happiness look at the little pockets of happy
Oh they pass you each day
Make them your purpose
Accomplish that and you have happiness
4.0k · Jan 2016
The differences
Micheal Wolf Jan 2016
We miss the differences.
Not because we don't notice,
more because we become too accustomed to them.
We don't notice the nights getting darker till we feel the chill of Autumn.
We notice spring when the low morning sun blinds us, not when flowers bud.
We see our childs first steps, yet fail to notice a grandparents last.
It is as though the important things trade places with the essentials as life overwhelms us, we miss transitions as we age.
We so often don't see when someone who was simply **** becomes beautiful, when we should scream it out loud before love becomes lost.
What we once admired we often despise and yet have no measure of when one emotion became the other, it probably didn't have too, we missed the change.
We loose touch, make new friends, we age but also become younger in so many ways. Lovers hearts, our hearts have the ability to do that, if we notice, yet we seldom do until we loose a friend and the news hits us hard.
For we simply miss the differences.
We just get eroded by lifes daily chores, Work eat sleep repeat.
So step back and look at the differences.
Look at what you have or what it is you need or need to change before it's to late to say it.
But don't miss a moment of it wondering what if? Should I have or I wish I had. Because even if you're wrong, it's right.
Hug your kids, your parents too and show someone how you feel. Even if it's just with a warm smile or just being there. Or something daft
It may be the only smile they see today, or the difference in their life that keeps them going today.
I once bought a welshman a little dragon in an egg. He collected dragons. He was so excited by it, it was like he was a little child for a few minuites. That's how I will remember him. The child like smile. Those are the memories we make.
So be the difference not the differences. No matter how small, to someone it could be all
To Blue. RIP Dragon.
3.9k · Mar 2013
Goodnight imaginary scarf
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Indulge me for I'm sat looking at a scarf
As I transport rather splendid G and T
To its final destination
Not mine I hasten to add, my scarf that is not the gin
Purple not my colour you see
I had issue with burgundy as a child, frightful memories
I digress but it was left behind like a signature
Not intentionally just in a sweet forgetfulness
I can't pick it up, crazy as it sounds
I mean if I did it would be real not imagery
The moment lost, but no real moment as I can't feel it
Do you understand ? Perhaps not
I have admittedly been reminded of its presence
I imagine it's scent, no I imagine her scent
Her presence in the room, her smile lifts me
I mean it's just a scarf I mean it can't exist can it?
Do we leave a little of ourselves behind?
Emotion like lost property
I don't know, I honestly don't
Is there a course for metaphysical disorientation and the re repatriation of lost purple scarfs?
I guess not. I'd probably fail in any case.
It will still be here tomorrow. In plain sight, just hidden from my reality
Goodnight scarf.
3.9k · Dec 2012
Four cough
Micheal Wolf Dec 2012
Cough cough cough cough
And now I get it
A subtle play upon words
A sarcastic delivery
Only those privy heard
I shall be giving four tomorrow
In under breath tribute
Just to lighten the day
Cough cough cough cough
To those who deserve
Micheal Wolf Jul 2013
The curves and folds the sensual skin
That invites the tongue to slide right in
The taste it changes as the more fired she gets
The madness makes her writhe and sweat
The body shakes the legs contract
My lover arches her slender back
Then as if a storm had come and passed
She sinks into the bed and sighs
Then breathes deep and closes her eyes
3.9k · Sep 2013
Big man
Micheal Wolf Sep 2013
Friend and brother
Father and grand father
Great grandfather husband and lover
To all who he knew he was someone
A godfather who cared
A husband who nursed
A man who was for all seasons
At 92 your god came for you
And I hope you meet up with Joan

Goodbye uncle Titch
3.8k · Aug 2013
Micheal Wolf Aug 2013
Sitting upon a wobbly fence while people die in a foreign place
Watching and waiting for another to act while spouting rhetorical political chat
Passing blame from one to another as thousands die as the gas clouds smother
So as a world we learnt nothing today as genocide happens again
Auchwitz and Belson we acted to late but promised to learn from man's dark days
So why aren't we doing a **** thing today
3.7k · Jan 2019
Another fool in fancy dress
Micheal Wolf Jan 2019
Off she went all dressed up to meet the guy she swiped left upon.
Five feet 10 his profile said but that's where all the lies began!
In she walked in her killer heels, eyes wide and bright to look for him.
But not a sign of him to see had he stood her up? How dare he!
Then at the bar worst for wear she saw his face and balding head.
How had he aged so much, so soon from the photos that made her swoon.
Well the truth aired and shots were fired, Napoleon's descendant had clearly lied!
The CEO of a successful business would be up at 5 for the newspaper deliveries.
His holiday home was a caravan, in the **** of Wales where no one went.
His hair had gone south long ago and his belly was chasing it now as well.
But in all of this, had she lied? Was she 48 or 55?
Had those lips been rendered too? With botox and the wrinkles smoothed.
At 48 or 55 that dress had some riples inside.
The parts Spanx can't control, where age and love handles roll.
She stayed they drank. Then drank again and laughed and talked of other things.
They danced made shapes for all to see like watching a form of epilepsy.
They left at one her shoes in hand,  holes in her tights, lipstick smeared upon his cheek and a room to find to seal the deal.
Promises made to meet again and drink and dance and meet their friends.
Next week he was sat at the very same bar, watching the door for her enterance!
She? Oh no, nowhere to be seen. Across the town at another scene. This time an accountant, chartered too!
But we all know it isn't true.
Fairytale endings nowhere to be seen. Just nights of ****** and living the dream.
All in all is this all that they want? Repeating the cycle over again.
With another fool in fancy dress?
Viewed from the bottom of an empty glass.
3.7k · Aug 2013
One day in 1963
Micheal Wolf Aug 2013
Today in 1963 A father of four had a dream
A dream that followed from the horrors of war
Where his race had fought and died for the emancipation of Europe to let freedom ring
They had seen the extermination of the Jews, Negros and homosexuals they believed in a better world
Yet returning to find segregation still rife
Southern politicians still believing them slaves and a sub class
He told them to rise from the valleys of segregation and they came and peacefully protested
He said the government had failed to cash a promissory cheque, he was right. Lincoln's dream was not the freedom promised.
They marched silently past the National Guard, with dignity and were hosed by the fire department
Yet the fire within their hearts burned stronger
Change came after his death and slowly

Fifty years on Dr King is gone yet his dream is as vivid today as it was then
His dream of judging by character not by colour has been replaced by those who now judge by religion.
Once again the injustice, interposition and Nullification
Once again the world is at a crossroads
Creeds now walk alone others rejoice in killing
The concept of all created equal is no longer a dream for all
In places it is reality, in other lands their only dream
As we now sit on the edge of reason poised to once again bomb another creed we are once again looking for a solution
We have a ***** US president, Female heads of state, multi cultural countries in peace and yet we **** over gods creed and belief
I would remind them of his words...

As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead. We cannot turn back. There are those who are asking the devotes of civil rights "When will you be satisfied?" We can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities.

Now read those words Obama, Cameron, Putin and your peers. March ahead for men women and children have no highway home or lodging in Syria. They have little cover and no food and little water. I don't claim the solution is easy but Is military action by bombs from above your best option?
The coming days will tell.
It seems the Kings, Kennedy's and those who believed peace and harmony was an option are now in the minority in power.

To close with his words.

And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every hamlet, every state every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of gods children, black men white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old ***** spiritual,
" Free at last! Free at last. GOD ALMIGHTY, we are free at last.

Now add Muslim, Arab, Sunni and any other measure of colour and creed.

May you and whoever your god, country or colour may be. Live in freedom and respect others.
Kings words are as valid today as ever. I use them with respect and claim no ownership.
May we learn.
3.6k · Feb 2013
The answer? To the message
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
The Answer?
Karman. Blessings and peace of your god be upon you
Wa 'alaykum s-salamu  wa l-lahi wa barakatuh
I have a gifted copy of The Glorious Our'an"  Given to me by a Somalia imam from the local Mosque. A great guy. It is a true not perceptive translation  by Abdul Majid Daryabadi you may know the text. The Islamic Foundation Sponsored and published it. I have read it and it's commentary. So that I guess removes the misguided presumption of a lack of knowledge or respect for your faith. You don't have to follow a faith to appreciate it. He has also done a rather good commentary on the King James version of the bible. From an Islamic view that may be a good read for the future. As to the Bible I was born to a Strict Irish catholic family attended bible and catechism classes. My aunt is a Missionary Nun and another close friend a Priest. I have also read Hindu and other eastern texts the Marabahatra is a fascinating read.
Theology is something of a hobby. I'm currently reading the book of Mormon it's creation somewhat similar to the Quran prophets being spoken to by god etc. I won't give my academic qualifications suffice to say 11 years at universitys and 3 colleges kept me busy. I now work in the criminal justice system in a diverse multi cultural area. So it is your God Allah is your true religion not mine nor is Christianity. It would be hypocritical to revere a god I don't hold faith to.
None the less I respect and appreciate and see parallels. For instance Isaiah 3: 16-18 is a similar contrast to the oppression to women's chosen sexuality as shown by Sarah .sl-Nur  : 31 in your holy book.
I read it I appreciate it yet find it moral distasteful in its application in both the Quran and Bible.
I'd ask at this point have you read other texts Kamran?  Or does your sect of Islam prohibit it? You see knowledge isn't power it is enlightenment.  I think some Zealots both Muslim and Christian are more frightened of girl with a pen and an education, than a kid with a gun. I digress.
As to spelling the Quran has three variants in the accepted English / ISO Latin format. Primarily from the 5th century, although Anglo Saxo influence was stamped out by monks by the 7th. This lead to interpretation not translation. Later translations from Arabic texts to English suffer incompatibility as oddly does Mandarin Chinese which is woefully difficult to translate to from Arabic. It is a little late now but many language scholars believe English suffers having 12 letters that didn't make the grade as it where. OU  combined being one of them. That following Q gives a more fluid pronouncing of the Word Qouran.  Yet it is accepted as Quran and it's accents and flections sadly missed by the western key board. Then we have Koran which again tries to help the western voice pronounce it. This the third most common spelling is seated in the  Germanic influences of futhark gothic Romo Greek Latin dare I say modern languages.The texts of the old testament suffer the same fate. These translated from Sifrei Torah an ancient Hebrew bastardised descendant of aramaic a distant relative of ancient Arabic languages.    

So Karman it wasn't spelt deliberately to offend you. Having to explain context to every word presented to you, clearly shows you can write in English and I presume I hope given your presented intellect other languages. Yet it is easy to interpret a single word wrongly and not with ignorance or malice. You also have a great understanding of your faith a true believer yet a tunnel vision as to others and acceptance not belief of their faith.
Buddha said ( if you accept his existence, not his teachings etc)  "WE ARE SHAPED BY OUR THOUGHTS; WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK"  
So not accepting others is allowing the mind to be a thief of knowledge and an incarnate evil.
****** was a Christian. Are all Christians Jew murderers, homosexual and Islam persecutors.
Clearly not some are as my friend I believe you are enlightened and saw a satirical response as an insult to your God and looked deeper for a meaning of aggression that clearly isn't there.
Your Holy  Quran is holy to a follower.

A lovely Islamic quote on faith and follower is

"There is a difference between knowledge and faith. Satan had knowledge Satan knew Allah, better than you or I but Satan didn't have faith"

As-salam alaykum
3.5k · Mar 2014
Anna has left
Micheal Wolf Mar 2014
Anna entered the room like a butterfly, gossamer to all.
Her face told a different story. One of sadness and hurt.

She wore only the finest silks and seamed cuban stockings.
All eyes latched upon her and followed  every step. But no real man ever approached her.
No saviour could get near.

She wore none of her finery, the choice all his.
A trophy bride,
sold like raw meat in her childhood.
It was normal in her village, her adolescence stolen from her.

Anna's delicate neck held an overbearing sapphire necklace. It was overkill in every way.
All for show, all chosen by him, all for him.

He entered with his cronies as though owning the club.
The way he thought he owned her.
Thought indeed, for there is always a price in ownership.

Hours past champagne and fake laughter abounded.
Then she stood up.
Immediately challenged!
She wished to go and powder her nose.
Naturally escorted, god forbid she made outside contact.

But she was not watched within. Minutes passed then... The scream.
She had left, Anna had escaped him.
The anger on his face !
He had no control, lost face in front of them all.
For Anna, oh beautiful Anna lay sylph like wrapped like a cloud in her white dress, its silk floating in a pool of her life blood.

She had left, she was free.
Now her face was different, white, ashen but at peace.
Anna had left.
Short tale based upon escaping slavery as a *** trade bride.
3.3k · Apr 2015
Micheal Wolf Apr 2015
Sometimes what you want, isn't good for you.
What you desire is a dream.
What you need escapes reality.
All what you are left with is imagination.
3.3k · Oct 2012
Micheal Wolf Oct 2012
Sometimes feel like screaming out Loud.
Well if a child can shurly I can too.
I don't need the stress you put me through.
Rhetoric digs to other folk, you hurt people, to you a joke.
You have no heart the devil took your soul and your brain isnt there at all.
You must sit at night and try to think of ways to hurt those you meet the next day
Well karma comes to all one day and to you it's dose will come what may.
I hope I'm there to see that day and see your soul fade away
3.3k · Oct 2013
Ruby Ruby Ruby
Micheal Wolf Oct 2013
That can't be you !
It's not your name
Oh Ruby it is
I'm just the same
I use a different name to write
So don't tell anyone you know my name
So shhh and pretend and play the game
I write just to have some fun
Like Eva with her trumpet ***
So happy birthday for haloween
Save me some cake
And don't be mean
Or Eva may do a trump again!!
For a funny and cheeky little girl called Ruby!
3.2k · Nov 2012
Oh sleep where art thou!
Micheal Wolf Nov 2012
Running on empty tiered for sleep my brain is fried my limbs now creak.
I went to bed or so I thought to get some kip and recharge my bones.
Well that wasn't how it ended up and my mind was racing with well "just stuff".
The stuff you just cant explain a film! What was the actors name?
A song, a tune stuck in my head another hour of wasted bed.
Then to try and top others all, the ghost of a child throwing a ball prolongs the nite in another's hall.
No dreams no peace, I'm withered now the body aches but won't shut down.
Tomorrow I guess it's panda eyes and heavy lids, I could cry !
I just want sleep it all to stop and please dear brain
3.1k · Aug 2018
Save Ourselves
Micheal Wolf Aug 2018
We tried to be better with each new cause.
But while we tried to save the whale, we polluted its home.
We tried to save the tiger but its home was used for lumber.
The orangutans deminished for Palm oil and crops.
Now the globe is warming and the oceans rise.
They're full of plastic and everything is dying.
So now we have only ourselves to blame for plastics, Monsanto and wild hurricanes.
The next great cause will be because of effect.
No one to save mankind, as he killed everything else.
3.1k · Nov 2013
Micheal Wolf Nov 2013
I read an account of a small girl today
"Crunching beneath her feet
Like a thousand stars twinkling in the faint light of Potsdamer Platz
Father holding her hand so tightly it hurt
Sick children chased over broken glass
The Jewish children's hospital ransacked
While staff beaten for tending to the unworthy sick"
You can feel the fear in her words
The darkest November
Hatered had now found a new form, a face, a sign
The *******.
Men paraded and followed ******
Revered like a demi god
They worshiped an ideal.
It seems now implausible that one mans belief and struggle that he apportioned to a race could be bastardised into a purge of races that divided mankind and almost ended it
From that night to this there have been many acts that again raise that spectre.
Sarejavo Iraq to mention but a few.
Tonight Jews Gentiles and others will shine peaceful lights at Potsdamer Platz.
What have we learnt in 75 yrs
The world watched the **** machine grow
The world did not act

What do we now watch
Who are we now failing...
2.9k · Mar 2013
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Cohesion that which binds
Division that which separates
Love that which builds
Anger that which destroys
Emotion ?
Micheal Wolf Jan 2015
For so long I watched people fall into darkness.
Like the stars that shone so bright in my life.
Put out by others darkness the beauty removed, the light extinguished.
I was one of those stars, gone.
I couldn't shine as so many dark clouds hung over me.
We are all the same.
All we are is the dust from stars, nothing more... or are we.
I wallowed in darkness of depression like a weather front obscured me.
Dark clouds others left.
But sometimes I would see a star shine in the night sky I just had to wait for the clouds to clear.
I would hang onto its light like my very life depended upon it.
The wind simply blew them...away.
That was it!!
They hadn't stopped shining, nor had I.
We just couldn't be seen for all the dark clouds in life.
It was like a eureka moment.
What if each day I did one act to clear someones clouds.
Try and blow them away a little bit.
Do that and someone sees them shine.
Ask nothing in return save this..
When you can however small, blow someone elses clouds away if you can.
So I began.
Sometimes it was something big to move a cloud.
More often just something they couldn't do themselves but massive to them.
I mean we are just the stuff of stardust, just energy so why not use it?
Could it be that simple?
One cloud at a time pushing them out of the way.
Little clouds mostly and occassional big cloud and the odd storm.
But.. it worked.
Putting the stars back in the sky one deed at a time.
Here's the point.
My life is full of stars again.
People who shine because helping them clear their clouds gave me back that.
Try it
Just one little thing to remember..
If you help one star shine
you brighten your own sky..
Their clouds may be your clouds too!
You may not get it right every time.
One day at a time
One cloud at a time
But try x
2.8k · Nov 2013
Finger painting
Micheal Wolf Nov 2013
Finger paint my life,
as I painted as a child
Trees now bigger and intricate in style
Do you think that's were we went wrong
To much detail, branches and leaves

Oh Finger paint my life

I could finger paint triangles
Mum knew they were trees?
Aeroplanes had smiles
and way to many wings

Oh  finger paint your life

Cats and dogs looked like horses and sheep
But Dad knew what I painted
And all that it ment
So get out the paint and start again
Focus on basic and not over complex

Oh Fingerpaint your life

It isn't the details,  the finicky bits
Not how many branches with leaves at their tips
Look to the simple, look deep inside
Then paint with your fingers
A triangle at a time

Fingerpaint your life woo woo oo
Finger paint your life
2.8k · Mar 2013
I'm asparagus!
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
I'm Spartacus
Well I'm asparagus according to predictive text
The leader of the Christian slaves a vegetable?
Don't you love technology
2.8k · Feb 2014
Hi I'm Caroline
Micheal Wolf Feb 2014
I sat chatting to Alison of what I can't recall.
Why she was here I had no idea at all.
Ian laughed and made a reference to Cruella De Ville, a pet name for my ex that makes him giggle still.

Then she entered, seemingly frantic, papers dropped floating like feathers. Her hair trailed as though chasing to catch her as she raced through the world.
But no man could catch her as there was no race she was not even there but visiting the same.

She spoke loudly, her words echoed of Edgar Allen Poe. Deep and mysterious, soft in reference to my very thoughts.
She seemed familiar, yet not, oh how could that be?
Real and not there, I thought I had met her.
But probably not yet?

She opened a book and said listen to me she spoke so softley I just agreed.
I can't remember a word that she said only Alisons laughter and Ians nodding head.
They sat next to us but faded away I was losing reality but needed to stay!

The librarian rebuked them and I turned away, then I realised it was Caroline who was sat at the desk.
She turned and smiled and started to say
Hi I'm....
Before she could speak I said "Caroline"
I know
She smiled and leaned towards me, then I woke
The dream blown to infinity.
The library gone.
Utter nonsense dream where I knew some people not others and made no sense. Vivid as day in every detail haunts me at night.
2.8k · Jan 2013
Drunken tourettes
Micheal Wolf Jan 2013
Profanity  profanity there's nothing like profanity
A cheeky T@@@ a silly cow we just can't stop them coming out
A quick F@@@ off, a ***** yourself
Improves the mood like nothing else
But wait!
It's really better still when alcohol helps the thrill
A sentence made of  many c@@@ and f@@@s
That grammar simply can't construct !
But you my friend have drunk tourettes
You swear and curse amongst the best
The more you drink the more you cuss
You really are a social plus!
In front of kids and grannys too
You just cant stop your verbal puke
I've learnt words in groups I can't describe
Your mouth shouts out in awe and pride
You simply are an ignorant pig
Who needs carbolic in your grid!
2.8k · Feb 2013
Sweet Charlotte Louise
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Dark skies now roll overhead
The sunlight disappears as the day ends
My thoughts now go back six years
To a night in maternity awaiting your birth
The fear when the midwife said it was going wrong
The joy when later I held you in my arms
You and Emily Rose will never read my prose
That's ok because those who do
Know your daddy loves you
And that's enough
2.7k · Mar 2013
Chairman Butthead
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
North Korea I imagine has lots of nice people
All crammed into cold little houses
Fearful of what chairman **** head does next
All hoping that if war starts its over quickly
Just those at the top that perpetuate the lies
A country broken deep inside
Brainwashed and weary, no food or fuel
Governed by an overweight fool
2.7k · Feb 2013
How to sow a life
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Take egg, invite *****
Mix for five minutes to two hours
Dependant on assistant
Feed at about body temperature
After 9 months or a little sooner if needed
Your childling will be ready to *** out
Decorate in nice new clothes and feed
After 5 years place in greenhouse with others
Come back in about 12 years
It will be totally unrecognizable to what you started with
Now dependant upon cross pollination in greenhouse environment
You may have unwanted seedlings of its own popping up!!!
So choice of greenhouse at an early stage is essential
If that doesn't present a blight they are now hardy enough to plant out!!!
2.7k · Mar 2013
Lucy in the park with TB
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Picture yourself unemployed, your life now in bin bags
With no home, no car and no roof over you
No food no boots no one to hold onto
You children don't recognise you

Whilst high on a hillside the political powers dine upon luxury food
Sipping their champers drinking your money
And looking down upon you

Using your money to fund and support all of their business intrests
Taken your life away, nothing left today

Lucy in the park with TB
Lucy in the park with TB
Lucy in the park with TB
ohh OOh Poor Lucy

Morning has come and her fingers now blue her face is dark and won't move
Her daughter can't wake her she cries "oh mummy"the coalition have killed you..
The government killed here with policy cuts and media lies each day
Cameron and Clegg Lining their  pockets as more more people die
Lucys now gone on a boat to the heavens
the ferryman took her away took her today

Lucy died in the park with TB
Lucy in the park with TB
Lucy in the park with TB
Poor Lucy
Oh wow
An un complementary ballad to the coalition government
2.6k · Feb 2013
Pop goes the priesthood
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Half a pound of christening rice
Half a pound of incense
Don't leave me alone with anyone's kids
Pop goes the priesthood

It's ok they'll never tell
The bishop he's been at it as well
But now the press are going to tell!
Pop goes the priesthood

No! we're all in the dock
For where we stuck are private parts
The Pope has had to take the wrap
Pop goes the priesthood!!
A topical piece
2.6k · Mar 2013
Vulnerable Adult
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Vulnerable adult just what does it mean
Elderly left wanting or Adolescent special needs
Those without heating or those without food
Or because they are homeless no place to go
A woman alone on a dark night in the city
A guy in Paddington turning tricks
Vulnerable adult well it's me and you
Three days from anarchy no water no food
Scared of old age and what we will do
Our pensions are butchered our taxes are high
We are the vulnerable adults yes me and you
Goodbye merry England it's taken from you
2.5k · Nov 2013
Normandy on sea
Micheal Wolf Nov 2013
So desolate, I walked onward
An expanse of sand running mile after mile
In the distance the sound of thunder
Then as if a mirage at sea a village of ramshackle homes
Single story on a sandbank all with gardens of the strangest design
A flea farm,  gooseberry bushes and butterflies in net cages
Children playing, the voices of grandparents
The sea now lapping at my heels and between their twisted porches, where on earth could I be
In reality?
For I no longer walked the earth
The thunder was the howitzers shelling the beach
The vilage, that of my childhood
For my mind in its last throws had given me a thought of memory,  that of childhood and family that of loving not war
The sea and sand being of beauty
Now limbless, face down on a Normandy beach drowning.
Then darkness
2.5k · Dec 2013
loving the neighbour
Micheal Wolf Dec 2013
Love thy neighbour,  so the Bible says
But dont covet his wife it will get you in strife!
Don't look at her body when she calls
Ignore her curves and her beconing calls
Your wife suggested you helped her out
Does she really now what its about?

That day you called when he was out
It wasn't those tools it was all about
All so innocent till she touched your chest
It went downhill and then to bed
A frantic tryst one afternoon
Cries off passion and moans were heard
Then hubby came home and saw you there
The game was up amongst other things
Two marriages ruined and a family split
All for the sake of a bit of "it"

For the wife had watched and often seen
The postman or the huge marine
She had plans all her own
And saw the means to make them so
Sow the seed and watch it grow
A perfect plan to get divorced
All she needed to pull it off
Was for them to be caught
A perfect plot

She hadn't planned on the neighbours anger
When he saw another bang her
So both barells he loosed into them
And sent upstate for ****** two
Far more than her plan had ever required
And now no alimony as hubby died!!

So love thy neighbour is all well and good
Just don't get caught if your stupid enough!
2.4k · Feb 2013
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Can I rename you
You have lurked since Friday
Spoiling the fun
Now there's a day
Not enough of them
Well bacon butty time
That will raise a smile
And my cholesterol
Sod my diet
2.4k · Sep 2012
The Defence
Micheal Wolf Sep 2012
It was an accident! We didt mean to it, well it just happened. The cold steel rhetoric of the kitchen knife cutting into his ribs deep to the hilt. The same way his ***** had accidentally slipped into her best friend. The only accident was her coming home before he came and she went. The rest, the bed, the bend over the kitchen knife. A'll planned my Lord.
2.3k · Aug 2013
The Democracy of the dollar
Micheal Wolf Aug 2013
Living in a world run by bankers
You could be forgiven and think their wankers!
Politicians are now morally bankrupt
Yet voted in by all of us
A shambles the world stage thus becomes
When wars for oil are fought and won
For who holds the reigns in this new age?
A world of fear and religious rage
The media would have you believe that everyone's our  enemy
All fed the same by those in power, brainwashed TV every hour
No lesson yet have we ever learnt our fate seems sealed and we shall burn
2.3k · Feb 2013
A naughty kiss...
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
It'***** and miss the *******
We know It's there and needs a kiss
A gentle lick a temperate ****
A delicate flick with the tongue
Then more and more and firmer still
It pops up to show it's thrilled
Then hands you feel on your head pushing you deeper in her cleft
Faster still you thrill her more as she writhes and asks for more
Then finally as her body shakes you taste her as she slips away
2.2k · Jun 2014
Afraid of Architecture
Micheal Wolf Jun 2014
Steep steps and high walls
Uneven sidewalk and potholed roads
Missing tiles and leaking roof
All to be afraid of
Broken lamps and shadows hide
The fears that control our souls at night
Swinging like a fly screen door
Noises that make the senses cold
Afraid of stone
Afraid of wood
Broken glass and shutters thud
All it was it is no more
Architecture haunts your thoughts
2.2k · Aug 2013
Serendipity Day
Micheal Wolf Aug 2013
Serendipity Day
A happy accident
Or a fortunate mistake
One day in 365 but it's the day
Because there is only one Day
A day planned by others
Yet the Day didn't know
How can Day know of a day
Or a Day know of the coming night
Isn't that serenity in serendipity
Specifically, so they say:
The accident of finding something good or useful
While not specifically searching for it
Or perhaps when one was no longer searching
The word has been voted for !
In the ten English words hardest to translate
I get that now, for how do you not search to find
How do you loose yourself not looking
Then what do you do when it's found ?
Find what your not looking for
See what was never there?
Oh that will be the Day
A Day like no other day
Serendipity Day
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