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Lynn Engen Aug 2020
Those blue eyes that **** me in me every time I stare into them and that **** me in like currents.

Looking at those ocean eyes before you kiss me causes waves of butterflies to over come my body with how much I think about you every day with those ocean eyes.

I think of those ocean eyes when I will walk down the aisle one day to say I do to my sweet ocean eyed angel.

You take my breath away.

everything belongs to you darling of mine.
Lynn Engen Jul 2020
Waves that take over my life just when your resurfacing from being underwater too long the water starts to sting your lungs.
And for a couple of seconds I panic but I keep being pulled in the current.

Part of me wants to fight the current but its too strong and then I just feel so worn out from fighting for so long I give into the current and its harsh and cruel intentions for my well being.

I just sink and feel my lungs collapsing from the pressure of it all.
So why do you ask that I gave up because the pressure of not being able to fight back has effected me so I gave in.
  Dec 2017 Lynn Engen
Depression is were you want to be alone,
But at the same time you dont want to be lonely.
Depression is where everything is going right,
But you're still sad.
Depression is wanting to go out,
But at the same time not wanting to socialize.
Depression is feeling trapped,
Trapped in your own mind
and no one understands.
Depression is having scars on your thighs and arms,
Scars from the battle you fought.
Depression is having sleepless nights,
Depression is shouting for help,
But no one hears you.
Depression is fighting demons deep
inside you.
Depression is not something to laugh at,                                    
So grow up if you think depression is just an act,
Depression is something serious.

— The End —