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Nov 2013 · 2.0k
Another poem
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Let's write so many poems
we could stack'em to the sky
let's roll'em up and smoke'em
or just recite'em til we die

my head is full of poems
my shed is full of *****
my bed is full
of springs and wool
it's where I go to snooze

you got another poem
well submit it to the site
right now I'm fixing steak'umms
but I'll read them all tonite

so let's share another poem
let's dare another rhyme
let's declare that
there's none fairer
but beware of one of mine!

©2011 Lyn
Hi. This one was written a long time
ago on another site. So just to clarify.
I try not to read so many 'poems'
anymore. It's like looking for a
needle in a haystack. Exhausting
and depressing. And I don't
need any more help feeling that way.
Nov 2013 · 3.0k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Pugsley snugs
on ugly rugs
and smugly shrugs
at Beak
But Beaky's peaking
and tweakily tweaking
while squeakily speaking
to Pink
And Pinky thinks
they're rinky *****
with stinky sinks
and ***** winks
Then Twiggy giggles
and jiggly wiggles
her wiggly jiggles
at Mister Higgles
And Mister Hig-g-l
Wait a second
Who's Mister Higgles?
'Undercover CBPP,' says he
(Crazy Bad Poem Police)
'Okay, let's break it up!
Enough of this stupid poem
Let's go, let's break it up!
Stay off bad poems people,
this stuff'll rot your

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
Howdy doody
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I gave my friend a dime
to see his mother climb
a giant forest pine
in almost record time

she couldn't get back down
she jumped and hit the ground
we thought she broke her crown
she didn't make a sound

we thought that she was dead
until she moved her head
we put her in a bed
and called our Doctor Ted

he said that she was fine
but it's not right to climb
a giant forest pine
for just a lousy dime!

©1975 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.0k
Mean sixteen
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I'm so good
I'm so free
I'm a girl
don't look at me
I hate it here
all that I see
I wish you all
would die

I'm so bored
I steal for kicks
to get some dough
I trick some tricks
my boyfriend
sent me ***** pics
so gross I thought
I'd die

Peggy's preggie
so is Sue
those two are hoes
what else is new
I met a guy
they call him Blue
so hot I thought
I'd die

my parents are
a stupid joke
they're both so dumb
I wish they'd croak
I can't believe I'm
so **** broke
I hope you all
will die!

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.4k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
A locking click
the clear is hall
a clocking tick
is hear I all
a rocking drop
the near is fall
a blocking chop
I fear the saw

a pampy crapper
I nose my hold
a campy happer
I clothes my fold
a fighty scrapper
that big is bloke
a lighty snapper
I cig my smoke!

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.5k
My love's receiver
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I knew a lady trapper
who would trap out in the styx
she used to be a flapper
back in nineteen twenty-six

I met her in a diner
well not really just a bar
and I told her I'm a miner
as she puffed on her cigar

She said 'Gus your kinda ugly
and your breath stinks awful bad
but I been fussin with my fugly
so I'll tell you why I'm sad

See I love to hunt for ******
it's my passion I can't lie
but I left my love's receiver
cuz she won't eat ****** pie

Now I could have dried some jerky
guess I should have fried some pork
but my ****** tastes so perky
fugly wouldn't touch her fork

Gus I miss her I'm so lonely
she's my only, what a dish
I can't leave her over ******
so from now on tuna fish!"

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
No more rolls
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Eating rolls and slurping soup
where's the can I gotta
find a pencil make a list
of all the things that get me
mad as heck I'm in the pits
a girl walks by with giant
glasses on she looks so smart
until she says she's gotta
see her dentist Doctor Ted
he pulls her tooth she gives him
ten bucks now and with some luck
later on she'll let him
**** a lemon spit a seed
drink a beer and smoke some
we'd better go there's lots to do
but no more rolls I'm gonna spew!

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.4k
Poor Pete
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Pete is lying on a beanbag
underneath a cover white

hears a rumble from below him
wakes up with an awful fright

then a hand comes by and slaps him
grabs his head and holds on tight

poor Pete's always getting beat on
almost every single night!

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 3.2k
Pretty little stone
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Dripping wet emotions
with defensive underwear
tripping ghetto potions
an expensive teddybear

you're a wordy birdy whiddler
of some truth I wouldn't know
and I'm a hurdy gurdy fiddler
of some sooth I shouldn't show

you alight a quiet yearning
you aflame my frozen soul
feels so right the night so burning
but I don't claim my chosen goal

in the blissless listless morning
I begin again to go
you're a kissless mistress scorning
any kin my sin will sow

and the end my friend is calling
my life petty all alone
will she tend and end my falling
or be a pretty little stone

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.8k
Sister Sue
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Sister Sue the ****** nun
stole the tithes and bought a gun
walked into the convent's choir
screamed you ****** and opened fire

and all her life she prayed and prayed
that she'd be standing center stage
Amazing Grace is what she chose
to solo while the chorus rose

but they wouldn't let Sister Sue
sing in sunday school
no they wouldn't let her hum a hymn
or even mime a few
they said God is our director
and He thinks you **** too
so they wouldn't let Sister Sue
sing in sunday school

Sister Sue the ****** nun

©1987 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.9k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I remember them
they were nestled like spoons
warm in their web
like one soft cocoon

their lust was my terror
as I clung to my beer
and laughed at them saying
you alive under there?

windy blue days
a blanket and trees
a cliff by the ocean
we walked by in degrees
looking and thinking
we've disturbed their *******
a moment of bliss
that they're undertaking

but their bodies were statues
cuz they were aware
of young cannibals lurking
you alive under there?

©1988 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 601
The dog
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
The dog he came and bit my ear
and now I think I cannot hear
every time I think of it
I do not like my getting bit
it finally healed and is not sore
I hope he will not bite no more

the dog he grew and got real big
and all I see him do is dig
he digs and digs and finds a bone
after he eats he'll start to groan
he'll groan and groan all day and night
I did not think that this was right

so I got some medicine to fix him up
and then I put it in a cup
I put the cup onto the ground
he drank and now he's safe and sound
he finally woke and is not sore
I do not think he'll dig no more

©1974 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 824
What happens
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
'What happens to bad poets when they die?'
'Aye, tis a good question,' says the sotted
brute wavin his hand whilst spittle flyin
with most syllables.
'I yam told bad poets stew in alphabet soup,
and get eaten by old grannies for all eternity.'
'I eard that one, but seems a waste of good soup.'
'Aye, and why de grannies get involved, it's a
misog, misog, a ting against women I'll bet.'
'Well then, what might you think?' says the innkeeper
to the quiet sod at the end of the bar.
'Eh..I should think they go with the good ones,
cuz I'd be ****** if I can tell the difference.'
'Aye,' says all, 'aye.'

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.7k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
My darling dear I love you
oh honey I've got it bad
but no more maybe baby
cuz I know that makes you mad

let's sit upon the sofa seat
I have something to say
I bought some bread, a loaf a wheat
that expired yesterday

and it makes me feel so needed
when you tell me what to do
your instructions have been heeded
please don't scream luv, I hear you

doll, your bossiness endears me
and your rudeness I deserve
and I love the way
you squint and say
what you looking at you perv

dearest pumpkin, let me say this
from the moment that we met
I have hungered for our first kiss
have you decided on that yet?

cuz your perfume wakes my senses
it alerts me when your near
sweets, I have no more defenses
just my quick reflexive fear!

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 767
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
The dry land of youth
is on the horizon now
and the winds of time
and waves of regret
still carry me further away
this vast cold ocean
is so dark, and too deep
for one such as me
and I know the port
I kept searching for
was abandoned long ago
so what choice is left
with my sunburnt skin
but to give up this raft
and fall in

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 772
another day
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
There's a tipping point
that some will share
who knows who goes
who's going there
a tipping point
her voice is gone
there's no one left
to sing her song
a tipping point
he's lost his ground
and all that's left
is one more sound
a tipping point
but who can say
why they couldn't live
another day

©2010 Lyn
Hi. I remember this one was
written the day after my
dad died from suicide.
Nov 2013 · 671
At one
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
At one with love
he'd never known
a missing glove
he'd never own
no God above
just life on loan
at one with love

at one with life
he'd never played
a loving wife
that never stayed
a pocket-knife
without a blade
at one with life
he made

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 627
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
All faces seen
seem cold and mean
yet still I watch
with thoughts unclean
all weather hearts
all shame pristine
my sorrow starts
the day's routine

and sadness builds
to cloud my eyes
til hope it yields
and all but dies
my battered shell
retreats with whys
into this hell
I authorize

©2013 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 622
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Swollen besotted cloudy eyes
it's no surprize
you've forgotten lies
and after all
it's what you're drinking for

well their shallow voices hurt my ears
awake my fears but no more tears
I'll just go to the store, once more
with riddled past my past is present
see they're all Kings and I'm a peasent
and I can't be pleasent, anymore
it's what I'm drinking for

and she's not me no
she's so free so
atleast it seems

so I go low and wander slow
no one to tow along
and the race is won
with the setting sun
I'm right where we belong

with silent screams
and faded dreams
til there's no more war

it's what  we're drinking for

©2002 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 6.6k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Bubbles big and bubbles small
I wish that I could pop them all
their pious lies would finally fall
how nice without their bubbles

he thinks all day of things to say
like it's your fault cuz you don't pray
new shoes new shirt for judgment day
he's ready in his bubble

and she's right there with hateful glare
to tell you that the rod won't spare
the only way to get God's care
and live inside His bubble

but me I see I'll never be
among the 'good' among the 'free'
I'm lost in sin tossed out to sea
outside their giant bubble

bubbles big and bubbles small
I wish that I could pop them all

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.0k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
amiss asunder
that is me
no sacred care
no destiny
how dare
I plunder
this wonder
that I see
when I'm under
its decree

they live for whence
a special dream
a chain-link fence
kids baseball team
their little one
will run and scream
the wonder
that he'll be
when he's under
their decree

and getting old
the growing fear
that all her gold
will disappear
the nights so cold
her days despair
no wonder
she can't see
when she's under
gold's decree

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 560
for sound
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Quiet is loud
tho not as bad as she seems
so don't be so proud
you're not alone in your screams

see quiet's not quiet
no she'll get loud if you let her
and no quiet day
will ever let you forget her

so let there be sound
when you can't find a way
to make her quiet calm down
just let sound have his way

dear take pleasure in sound
let him sing it's okay
let him scream all around
no more quiet today

cuz sound is just sound
just his way to be heard
a sotted voice in the night
or a tree with one bird
are singing

for sound

©2002 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 815
for Wintertime
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
When the leaves start to shake
I can't wait, for Wintertime
is on the way
it's cold air in my hair
and I can't wait
it's feeling so cold outside
and I can't wait to see
your face, your grace
warm places no
they just don't understand

cuz it's so cold, it's so
much to behold
when it's Wintertime
it's so cold, it's so
much to behold
when it's Wintertime

When the leaves start to shake
I can't wait

©1990 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
I'd find
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I think of her
and how useless
love is
or it may just be
some battle in me
that can't stop
still living
a dream
whatever it is
if someone
could take a broom
and sweep away
all the nonsense
the bad thoughts
til today
all the creeds
and misdeeds
all the needs
I betray
and whatever else
that fills
my tired mind
there would
still be her
to comfort
I'd find

©2012 Lyn
Hi. I remember writing this
one one night on the kitchen
table using a candle because
the electricity had gone out
during a storm. I like its
Nov 2013 · 3.3k
life's false claim
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Speak loud
then keep quiet
be humbly proud
at the peaceful riot
shoot to live
then sadly play
selfishly give
then haughtily stay
you're boringly fun
and anxiously still
not ready but done
as you bandage you ****
so strangely normal
and terribly good
just dirt poor formal
on plastic wood

so mic your meal
then call a cab
pop a pill
conceal the scab
your heels are old
your dress is new
your eyes are bold
your friends are few
you've seen it all
but know it's true
you've raised a wall
so they can't see you
for what it's worth
you're not to blame
to death from birth
it's life's false claim

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 843
oh well
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
She's an old car
doesn't move now at all
and the grass grows up tall
all around her

but if given love
like in that movie Christine
her eyes would glow bright
and her skin would grow clean
and she'd roar thru the night
down some road never been
if only given love

and he's an old star
no warmth he's providing
and his children are dying
all around him

but if given love
like when he was made
he would glow warm and bright
he would not be afraid
and he'd give so much light
he'd give life once again
if only given love

but those who have love
never give it for free
to old cars or old stars
or old poets like me

oh well

©2003 Lyn
Hi. my favorite of mine. as simple
as it is this one did not come easy,
there were many drafts and lines
written slowly during a very bad
hangover I remember.
Nov 2013 · 584
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
His paintings let him feel
his busy brush would heal
a passion all alone
died wishing he were home

imagine love so deep
to create what we'd reap
the beauty that he'd bare
only wanting eyes to care

with dazzling colors, dreams, despair
he'd paint so bright, so much, so rare
I feel, I see, the majesty
of life, his brush would share

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 658
Pictures of you
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I can't just write a poem
I shan't just cite a rhyme
but a friend tells me I owe'm
so I'll tend one just this time

cause he thinks his mind forgets him
and it stinks he cannot view
and my words will just upset him
I afford him nothing new

to just take what you've got
and thank God that your not
anyone else but you
atleast that's what I do

so if you can't quite make out Sharon
and you don't remember who
just look up to the stars
and remember you're ours
we've got so many pictures of you

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.0k
Scared and cold
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I keep waiting for news
that my body will tell
you've been paying your dues
but we still have to sell
please, there's life yet to use
sorry, next stop is hell
I keep waiting for news
to dispel

I don't want to go there
where so many have gone
just pretend I'm not here
and let's just carry on
I'll be quiet I swear
sorry, time's overdrawn
but I don't want to go there

I don't want to get sick
I don't want to look old
there's no buckets to kick
there's no streets paved with gold
look you skeletal *****
take your scythe hit the road
cuz I don't wanna die sick
scared and cold!

©2013 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.2k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
The candlelight
flicks soft and low
you live too fast
give in to slow

cold hands held tight
the fight would go
released her grasp
gave in to slow

he wakes at night
bad dreams in tow
still blames the past
gave in too slow

a weary sight
the tired soul
time couldn't last
gave in to slow

God made it right
with one soft blow
an endless task
gives in to slow

©2012 Lyn
Hi. The inspiration for this one came from the time it takes to wash dishes. Now you know. :-)
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
While the dozens of lights
change their colors
and the pigeons coo and
stalk the courtyard
across the way
is a corner store
where idlers stand sharing
a paper bag, and troubles
then a helicopter owns the sky
but no one seems to care, but him
then some chatty women hurriedly
pass below leaving perfume trails
and crew workers discuss
what to do next while sipping coffee
and an old woman goes about
picking up bits of trash
and the cars rush around
to points unknown
and as the morning sun
beats down upon him
sweating, he overlooks it all
then sighs
and closes his eyes

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 491
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
The stores fill themselves
loaded with every want
anyone ever had
I walk thru to buy cat food
for my dogs
here come the mirrors
and I can't help myself
even tho my looks have faded
there's still enough of me left
to be friends with
then a kindly voice says hello
from where I'm not quite sure
then little debbies call my name
but I pass them anyway
there's so much I need
but this lonely store
loaded with every want
anyone ever had
offers me nothing
I grab my cat food and go

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
The heater purrs
its motor whirrs
the sound comforts
news channels flicker
their obscene obsessions
basking in the vast
of political chess
and my dogs rest
giving sanity and love
for a dollar a day
and my dreams
are practiced
for the boredom
of consciousness
to succumb
which it will
as the heater purrs

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.0k
to change
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
She camps out inside
and tramps in all night
with her trove by her side
on the stove there's a light
and she claims she can't hide
blaming no one in sight
and I know when she's lied
it's when she says she's alright

there's a hole in the door
she can peek thru
and a bowl on the floor
for the leak to

give its drops from the ceiling
from the roof they won't patch
from the cops she's concealing
all the proof from her batch
still I can't stop from feeling
she'd be a pretty good catch
if she'd only be willing

to change

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 691
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I cross my path at dawn
and see my feet go on
just tracks of cats
and tracks of me
a time elasped
seen unity
I'm not a cat
don't wanna be
but wish I knew
just who had made
those tracks

a worrier a wanderer
a warrior a ponderer
a hurrier a squanderer
or a freak inside
a dream

tracks tell no lies
all alibis
but the tracks I see
say I wander free
tho I wonder
will I ever be

my burning brain
is going dim
the tracks just feign
how sure I am
but that's okay
the cats would splain
the tracks say
where you been

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 394
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
May you and I
find you and me
may I may we
find what we need

can you and I
let you and me
can I can we
let us be free

will you and I
love you and me
will I will we
love what we see

dear you and I
have you and me
dear I dare we

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
four harmon court
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
With my ear pressed I stammer
I hear elves in this seat
from some workshop they hammer
their work never complete

and the stick that I searched for
scrapes the mud from my shoes
then I sigh at the back door
and swing open the blues

and the TV is blaring
and the dinner is cold
and they look without caring
boy just do what your told

so I climb to my bed
well not mine just on loan
and with hurt in my head
fall asleep in their home

©2013 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 497
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Run thru the slum's doorway
a painful lesson was had
not to anger his dad

hide in the closet and stay
it was safe it was dim
just the old clothes and him

back in school he pretends it's okay
but the shame of his home
made him feel so alone

another scar that won't heal
another life to be hid
and I can't help but feel
a little bad for that kid


©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 704
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Some throw them
together like *******
some misuse them
without concern
some play with them
like a box of toys
some use just enough
and discard the rest
some cherish them
awed by their complexity
some shy away
feeling inferior
some are experts
who know them well
and some abuse them
every chance they get
and me, I wonder who
that little boy was
that gave me so many

©2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 612
A better mom
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
A layered past
I know it's true
my mold was cast
inside of you
and I couldn't ask
no reason to
for a better mom

you played a hand
a pair of threes
and raised up with
a bad disease
you worked so hard
you tried to please
no there's not a better mom

you brought me food
when I was broke
and taught me good
that life's a joke
but we understood
life wears a cloak
no there's not a better mom

mom you're the best
I know it's true
you second guessed
all I would do
but I was blessed
for knowing you
no there's not a better mom

Judith Ann
March 3rd 1940 - February 1st 2012

©february 1st 2012 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Dearest Molly
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Dearest Molly left me Sunday
she'd been with me for so long
paid just twenty bucks to take her
walked her home so young and strong

always barked as I was leaving
broken lighter, stolen shoe
but she'd come each time I call her
Dearest Molly I miss you

1997 to febuary 24th, 2013

©2013 Lyn
I miss and love her always
Nov 2013 · 707
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Cap drove me away
down a freeway
and smiled at me
and said now we're free

I'm looking out at cars we pass
we're going too fast
it's a dream
then I look up at Cap
as if to say
then he slows down for me
at last

and little children everywhere
would swarm the man
let them swarm again
Cap your here
now your with me

©2000 Lyn
Clarence 'Cap' Senz
A truly kind and generous man
1910 - 1970
rest in peace grandpa
Nov 2013 · 431
the cold
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I see the cold
everywhere so cold
how can it be?
that there's no one
warm but me
and no one else can see
the cold, but me

and I thought of the bible
and what it said
how Noah could see
he lived with the dead
am I like Noah?
so alone and afraid
or am I more like
an angel who strayed
to spend his days
among the cold

©2000 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 488
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
don't look at the hate
the dead and the cold
their faces won't stop
their eyes steal your gold
there's nothing to see
no love's to behold
don't look at their hate

don't listen their words
they trick and confuse
they cut and they hurt
they lie and accuse
there's nothing to hear
no love's there to lose
don't listen their words

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 416
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I heard and turned
to look and see
saw nothing like
it used to be
the hate the cold
had taken hold

the hate the cold
was everywhere
ten billionfold
in every stare
no love no gold
just cold and bare
the hate the cold

the hate the cold
in every face
the young the old
in every race
no where to go
no hiding place
the hate the cold

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 632
in this town
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
In this town
the people glare
eyes filled with hate
hi's low and rare
a zombie state
cops poised to snare
this town is
my nightmare

so move away
bro hop a bus
no I must stay
there's three of us
and anyway
the towns don't change
their frowns don't

so love your life
if your like me
and let's just laugh
at what we see
those hateful eyes
let's let them be
let's just be glad
we're free

in this town

©2011 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 986
lay they lay
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Welcome to death
to what hides in that instant
when decision and courage meet

Welcome to pain
they wept for me
they tried to follow
and when I returned
I saw pain
dull pain
wretched pain
like bodies on fire
on a frozen lake
lay they lay
breathing death
while all the
world around them
mocks their agony

©1989 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 2.2k
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I listen to lies
that same old refrain
but I can't help I listen
again and again

when I look at the ground
or up at the sky
there's so much around
but never a lie

and I look in myself
if ever I try
whenever I do
there's never a lie

so I think it's just you
all you say all you do
are all lies.. lies

lies lies lies lies lies
lies lies lies
they're all lies.. lies

so what can I do
but just listen to you
and just smile and listen
to your lies

©2003 Lyn
Nov 2013 · 462
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I feel the evil
each car each house
in every stare
like every mouse
I must beware
the evil everywhere

the woman stern
with eyes that blaze
has no concern
beyond her gaze
her thoughts will yearn
for better days
to fund her spending ways

and man poisons
ground air and sea
the animals plants
fish and me
leaves everything
in misery
the evil I call

©2012 Lyn
I consider myself evil by association.
Hence We.
Nov 2013 · 507
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
See the love that you offer
has been bought and been paid for
and I won't get caught won't get played
more than I have to

see all my dreams go unanswered
and the shame's just an afterthought
and all those hills that I climb up
when I lay down please don't speak up
more than you have to

cuz I've held love beside me
let her dream let her sigh see
and she's dying inside me, right now

so I won't dream more than I have to
I'll just be quiet and wait
til I go home

©2003 Lyn
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