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Nov 2013
I knew a lady trapper
who would trap out in the styx
she used to be a flapper
back in nineteen twenty-six

I met her in a diner
well not really just a bar
and I told her I'm a miner
as she puffed on her cigar

She said 'Gus your kinda ugly
and your breath stinks awful bad
but I been fussin with my fugly
so I'll tell you why I'm sad

See I love to hunt for ******
it's my passion I can't lie
but I left my love's receiver
cuz she won't eat ****** pie

Now I could have dried some jerky
guess I should have fried some pork
but my ****** tastes so perky
fugly wouldn't touch her fork

Gus I miss her I'm so lonely
she's my only, what a dish
I can't leave her over ******
so from now on tuna fish!"

©2011 Lyn
Written by
Lyn Senz  M/ohio b.26dec1963
(M/ohio b.26dec1963)   
   Mina OS
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