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Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Let's write so many poems
we could stack'em to the sky
let's roll'em up and smoke'em
or just recite'em til we die

my head is full of poems
my shed is full of *****
my bed is full
of springs and wool
it's where I go to snooze

you got another poem
well submit it to the site
right now I'm fixing steak'umms
but I'll read them all tonite

so let's share another poem
let's dare another rhyme
let's declare that
there's none fairer
but beware of one of mine!

©2011 Lyn
Hi. This one was written a long time
ago on another site. So just to clarify.
I try not to read so many 'poems'
anymore. It's like looking for a
needle in a haystack. Exhausting
and depressing. And I don't
need any more help feeling that way.
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Pugsley snugs
on ugly rugs
and smugly shrugs
at Beak
But Beaky's peaking
and tweakily tweaking
while squeakily speaking
to Pink
And Pinky thinks
they're rinky *****
with stinky sinks
and ***** winks
Then Twiggy giggles
and jiggly wiggles
her wiggly jiggles
at Mister Higgles
And Mister Hig-g-l
Wait a second
Who's Mister Higgles?
'Undercover CBPP,' says he
(Crazy Bad Poem Police)
'Okay, let's break it up!
Enough of this stupid poem
Let's go, let's break it up!
Stay off bad poems people,
this stuff'll rot your

©2011 Lyn
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I gave my friend a dime
to see his mother climb
a giant forest pine
in almost record time

she couldn't get back down
she jumped and hit the ground
we thought she broke her crown
she didn't make a sound

we thought that she was dead
until she moved her head
we put her in a bed
and called our Doctor Ted

he said that she was fine
but it's not right to climb
a giant forest pine
for just a lousy dime!

©1975 Lyn
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I'm so good
I'm so free
I'm a girl
don't look at me
I hate it here
all that I see
I wish you all
would die

I'm so bored
I steal for kicks
to get some dough
I trick some tricks
my boyfriend
sent me ***** pics
so gross I thought
I'd die

Peggy's preggie
so is Sue
those two are hoes
what else is new
I met a guy
they call him Blue
so hot I thought
I'd die

my parents are
a stupid joke
they're both so dumb
I wish they'd croak
I can't believe I'm
so **** broke
I hope you all
will die!

©2011 Lyn
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
A locking click
the clear is hall
a clocking tick
is hear I all
a rocking drop
the near is fall
a blocking chop
I fear the saw

a pampy crapper
I nose my hold
a campy happer
I clothes my fold
a fighty scrapper
that big is bloke
a lighty snapper
I cig my smoke!

©2011 Lyn
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
I knew a lady trapper
who would trap out in the styx
she used to be a flapper
back in nineteen twenty-six

I met her in a diner
well not really just a bar
and I told her I'm a miner
as she puffed on her cigar

She said 'Gus your kinda ugly
and your breath stinks awful bad
but I been fussin with my fugly
so I'll tell you why I'm sad

See I love to hunt for ******
it's my passion I can't lie
but I left my love's receiver
cuz she won't eat ****** pie

Now I could have dried some jerky
guess I should have fried some pork
but my ****** tastes so perky
fugly wouldn't touch her fork

Gus I miss her I'm so lonely
she's my only, what a dish
I can't leave her over ******
so from now on tuna fish!"

©2011 Lyn
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Eating rolls and slurping soup
where's the can I gotta
find a pencil make a list
of all the things that get me
mad as heck I'm in the pits
a girl walks by with giant
glasses on she looks so smart
until she says she's gotta
see her dentist Doctor Ted
he pulls her tooth she gives him
ten bucks now and with some luck
later on she'll let him
**** a lemon spit a seed
drink a beer and smoke some
we'd better go there's lots to do
but no more rolls I'm gonna spew!

©2011 Lyn
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