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I hurt
I cry
I bleed inside
Swept away from their foolish pride
I’m lost here in the dust

I stay indoors
the cold swept floors
These lies I hoard
The gap between us

Earth around
Changing sounds
Yet I’m here on the ground
With the same thing

It’s my world down here
My words
My tears
Forever bending
Dear God,
I don’t know how to give out my heart anymore...
I’m in pain.

It’s march 12th, 2018
Please send help...
A narrow shape
Lost fate
A rowing away of yesterday

Dark Eyes
Pull away, goodbye
I can only believe it’ll be ok
Row away
I’m in this
Weird loop I can’t get Out of
Weird thing I can’t get out of

Over and Over hearing the same melody
It’s groundhogs day ; so steadily steady

This weird loop I can’t get out of
Weird thing I can’t get out of

I said that already
Gray walls and gray beds
Sun could smile
But it’s dead

Wind could talk
But it’s to quiet

Heart could feel
Yet it just beats instead

Mind and memories
Drowning out the things around
Eyes they close, to not feel so bound

The brush I raise
Out of these cold hands of mine
Paint as you please Lindsey
Paint the things you like

Why don’t you paint the sun a golden yellow shining on you
And paint the sky a nice shade of blue

With a line of orange, purple and pink
Along to the bottom of the dark, glassy sea
Paint what you see

I open my eyes to find a room full of color
The wind from my window and the sun from the sky
find one another

A hand on my heart
Something I once tried to hide
A brand new start
I found hope inside
Vitals beat
Enlarging my capacity
Awaken to a new thought in me
To stand stronger today

I am stronger today

What happened in the past is yesterday
Does it matter? Yes
Did it make a change? I guess  
But does it leave me in distress?

To lift the elephant; so to speak
So my heart has lifted much greater things
But I’m alive and thankful that I can breath

I am a stronger woman today

What happened n the past is yesterday
Does it matter? Yes
Did it make a change? I guess
But does it leave me in distress?

Not today...
Take control of me
I’m learning to know my enemies
And I’m scared to walk where I can’t see
I’m learning, and it’s you I need

Please, take control and fuse
These arms, these hands, next to you
These vitals try to stay unglued
But I’m alive most
When I choose you

In the middle
I need a leader now
To run in your arms
If you just tell me how

Take control of me and see
I’ll be the person you called me to be
If you are the light inside that caused me to breath
I can Run with you, hand in hand
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