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Lerato rikky Aug 2021
When I pick up my
Pen to ink down
Those words too heavy
For me to express
I feel a little cramps
On my hands

When I tell myself
It's alright when
I'm down like an
Upright piano
Just so I can see you
From a distance you

Then and there I knew
The world wasn't
The place for we
To talk about love and happiness
And roses in the garden
That never existed in our time

When I tried to write
About the beauty of life
It comes with a phobia
That's unending no matter
How we trade our souls for longitivity
That we know we are not gonna live

© 𝓛𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓸
Lerato rikky Aug 2021
how can I forget so soon
behind bars there was a hand
which held me with tears in her eyes.
  Aug 2021 Lerato rikky
Ciel Noir
I dream about
the future
but I'm
only a wave
in an ocean of time

we do not know
the sky but
we are
one island in
an ocean of stars
Lerato rikky Jul 2021
Dear God,
I know I have been so far away
Without words to describe my ways
But I know you care about me
When I care not about you
That's the love I can't express
Even when I was your empress
But If it means anything
I think about you every day.

I know I'm bound to lose
My glory in your throne
But you still gave me a crown.
I know my sin is as big as
The mustard seed
But still you forgave them
Like they were nothing.

I wonder what kind of God
Are you that care for the one
Who doesn't care about you
Despite making you jealous
You still overlooked those jealousy
And found me when I was lost
Out in the crowd of sins and pains
You still found a way to
Put a smile on a saddle face

It has always been about you
Even when I tried being God
Of my own. I'm sorry for
All I had to put you through
For my sake.
Please forgive me for being
A God of my own
Cause I'm lost without you
And if it means anything
I miss you Dear God

Lerato rikky Jul 2021
I wonder how this words work
It says at first it wants you
And it says it don't want you.
It says it wants you forever
And the next minute it says
It wish you could vanish.

But the person means the world
To you.
But you say things that don't mean
The world to him??
Why is love full of questioning?
Lerato rikky Jul 2021
Giving my heart to you Was my
Greatest flaws
Swimming in your lies of love Was
The only
Unforgivable act I didn't forgive
Myself for!

Lerato rikky Jul 2021
How marvelous is her eyes to behold!
How wonderful are those white and brown
To behold with so much glamour
That tales folk story with just staring
Into the mist.

How gorgeous are thy eye's
That the sea turbulence
That troubles the sailors
Comes to still by just
This eyes of hers staring at it.

The Beauty of creation would
Always be a mystery to describe
Because creation itself is a mystery
To describe by just mere words of mankind.

So, I can't describe this eyes
For they are more than beauty itself
Not because I lack words to describe
Just because the God of beauty
Can't be describe by words formulated by mankind.

Your eyes are beautiful

© Lerato
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