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LONDIN Dec 2021
His lips designed
to sweeten my poor name,
I find him gone
as quickly as he came.
Could it be that he, dear he
Takes pleasure in my pain.
LONDIN Dec 2021
He sends ripples though me.
He’s a good man, or so it seemed.
I must wean off the idea
That he is for me.
LONDIN Dec 2021
I reason with myself
to no avail.
I know
he is no good.
As long as he’s involved
I will run from my lesson,
I will find another excuse.
I will not
ever ever learn.
LONDIN Dec 2021
I believe you and I
don’t need to be more
then just this moment.
but you and I know
      this moment could steal a lifetime
LONDIN Dec 2021
I'd rather regret something that I did do,
than something that I didn’t.
LONDIN Dec 2021
Last night I had a dream that felt so real I swear you had it too.
                                                             A glimpse of what could be.
               A glitch in the wires from a not too distant multiverse.
LONDIN Dec 2021
I know better than to overplay my hand,
                                 but suspense gets old.

“I want you to ruin me.”
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