Alex 4d
"You’re an amazing person and it would hurt us so bad if we lost you okay"
Words I needed the most
From someone who I thought wouldn't get close

But then I guess here we are
Well I think you saved my life
You're gonna know who you are
I think
Thanks again
Alex Mar 11
Please don't look at my face
I know you'll only think
I'm just another disgrace

One more person gone bad,
One who has given in and gone mad
Alex Feb 17
Even when I try
Things only get harder
I don't want to leave
But I don't want to stay for starters

I'm drowning in all these thoughts
All the "what if's" make me wonder to far
For what if one day there was no more
No pain
No thoughts
And then I wouldn't have to live in vain

I know I can't leave
For there's people I hold dear
Especially one
Who won't see they need more
More than an insecure, ignorant child
More than someone who's been tore
More than someone who's mentally sick
More than a tired annoying bitch

For now all I can do is drown
Until I can't frown  
Until I can be happy forever
Until I can win
Until I won't be concitered a sin
Alex Feb 17
Everyone wasn't born with the ability to write
Its all a process
And things will turn out alright

Not all handwriting looks the best
Some people have great ability to write
For some others it's a test
For some, they simply do not care
And have learned to have deal with their best

Although it can't all be the same
It is what it is and nothing is to blame
I think it's interesting we all learned the same way to write but have different fonts sort of. I'm amused by small things and I have no idea why.
Alex Feb 8
Come sit under the big tree
Full of light and life
Its light makes thee
So happy and bright

Many have fallen short
Lost their way
Most make it back, some don't
I'm far from the tree, getting nowhere, watching the world pass day by day

I've taught myself to find hope
Even far from the tree
For it's the little things
That make me ever so happy
Alex Feb 4
Is it so wrong?
I know this is cliché
But love is love, and it can be strong in every way

What is love?
Well dear,
Love can be anything
Even soft, quiet, and possibly quite queer

So, to one, to all
Love can be anything and trust me it is everywhere
But be careful, because in the end we can all fall

— The End —