Alex 4d

When I never feel anything
When I don’t want to be
When I question too much
I think the reason why I can’t figure out what I am
Is because
I don’t want to be
–But no ones letting me fade away
What if I don’t want to live another day
And then again what if I do
If I do
Will they finally stop shedding light on me
I hope so
I hope not
No clue no clue
Alex 5d
ideas flow
never good enough

My children my children
Do not stop yourself from an idea
You could possibly save others with that idea
Don’t doubt what you can do
I’m a cheesy person calm down okay
Alex Jun 2
I guess i did break my promise,
..not sorry?
I guess i like crying alone
Alex May 20
The soft beat of music and the sounds of your markers on paper
As you make something wonderful
Out of blank spaces and lines

You color my world but you don't even know it
I can't wait to see what you do further down the line
And I hope you'll still be there
Just like you are now

But for now thanks
I love you
It's bad
Alex May 19
What a coaster of ups and downs
Sort of boring
But ever so beautiful
A true work of art
I cry every time I watch that movie
:/ it's unfair
Alex May 16
Drip drip drop
Rain on my rooftop

Pitter pitter patter
It's blocking out all the clatter

Pit pat patter
Maybe I do really matter
It was raining last night and I like rain so I wrote this
Alex May 16
Heart to heart
And eyes to eyes
I think I've given my own self a wonderful surprise
Face to face
As two hearts race
Could this really be true..?
I think I'm in love with you
Weird and sappy Ik Ik
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