6d · 17
Alex 6d
Don’t you just feel great when you don’t know what the future holds
Or who you are
Or when your life suddenly feels great but two seconds later it just crumbles to pieces again
Yea, I know how you feel
Oct 25 · 53
Alex Oct 25
Music, you take me somewhere I couldn’t dream of being
When I’m sitting in my boring class waiting to be called
Or when I’m sitting and being present in the moment
I guess you don’t know me
But at the same time you do
Oct 14 · 390
Alex Oct 14
I said wether my heart is broken or together it belongs to you

And it’s broken

I’m so sorry the pieces might cut your hands
I’m sorry I can’t take it back

Maybe it won’t be like this forever
I sure hope not
Hopefully it’ll be fixed later on
Or maybe I’ll take it back

I think I know how it’ll turn out
But if it’s not how I planed then I don’t know what’ll happen

Maybe I’ll take it back
Definitely not right now though

— The End —