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Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
to the silent
raindrops ever so
gently falling chaotically.  
Numbing as they touch my skin.
They are timeless, ordinarily unique.
I am amazed at how relaxing and calming
these tiny spherical drops of water are. Refreshing.
The best way to wake. Splish splashing to the ground.
Simply falling from the sky. Different shades of blue.
Rainbows and sunsets of many colors hiding behind
clouds of grey. Thunder & lightening tend to almost
always follow. So sit and listen to the sounds
and breath in all the smells of fresh
raindrops, falling.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
A breath of fresh air.
You my friend are as fresh as it gets.
You are to kind.
Sweet and without knowing ****.
Did I mention handsome.
Not going to lie;
I love watching you walk away.
I dream of you often.
Think about things I probably shouldn’t.
Wonder if anything has changed, feelings.
Have they changed?
Cause babe I’m ready for an adventure.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
It has been so long.
Way to long..
Dreams aren’t working anymore.
The feeling is fading.
Now I am wishing, hoping.
To be kissed unexpectedly.
Hold my hand.
Let’s write secret letters back and forth.
Hug me.
Kiss me.
Surprise me.
Kiss me when I least expect it.
Make it personal, private.
Be vulnerable.
I want to melt in your arms.
I want to remember.
Remember the feeling of your lips on mine.
You are something I never expected.
Kiss like you mean it.
Let me into your world.

Kiss me!
Julieann Jonson Feb 2019
I sit staring
impatiently waiting.
For something,
My mind is bare.
No words on my page.
As doodles fill the emptiness.
Still nothing...
No rhyme or reason.
No secrets to spill.
My thoughts usually overflowing onto the page.
Today it feels as if my mind is not my own.
An imposter has taken over,
stolen my thoughts.
My brain is motionless,
my hands lifeless.
Unable to imagine.
White and blue lines.
No letters, words.
Not even a scribble.
All that I have are these blank pages.
Julieann Jonson Feb 2019
I am not okay.

And that’s okay.
Julieann Jonson Feb 2019
Be kind.

Laugh a little.

Make someone smile.

Remember where you came from.

Never forget yourself.

Animals are basically people.

Life is tough.

You are here for a reason.

Time will tell.

Never give up.
Julieann Jonson Jan 2019
I remember.

I remember everything.
Every little detail.
I was young, to young.
I was just a child.
Why would you do something like this to a child.

I remember.

It was February 9th, about a week after my birthday.
I remember watching cartoons in my brothers room.
I was eating an apple, a green apple.
Sitting in a red fold up lawn chair for kids.
I faintly remember the smell of your cologne.
You told me we were playing a game.

I remember.

I fell for your game.
Get on the bed you say, let’s play!
I remember you taking off my clothes.
Blue jean shorts and grey T-shirt.
The way your hands touched my skin.
Your breath on my body.

I remember.

I know now the things you did below my waist.
You left when my parents got home from work.
The day went on like normal.
My mum gave me a bath, put me in my pajamas.
We were in the living room watching television.
I had asked for a banana.

I remember.

I told my mum what you did to me.
About the game we played.
Sitting in a room full of grownups I don’t know.
Answering questions that I don’t want to.
Being without my parents.
Feeling guilty and ashamed.

I remember.

Even now 19 years later.
I remember all of those things.
I can’t forget those things.
I want to forget those things.
You did this to me.
I will always remember.

I’ll remember.

I am a victim.
I am a fighter.
I will survive.
I will remember you.
I will never fall for those games.
It has been 19 years.

19 years...
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