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José Jul 2017
Sleep well knowing that
things will work out in the end.
Just let it happen.

©  2017 José
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
José Jun 2017
The relationship
was a gun fight, I brought a
knife and got murdered.

©  2017 José
José Jun 2017
Flesh turns to stone and
she fakes the way she holds you,
fall for empty words.

©  2017 José
José Jun 2017
A great tragedy
is two lovers becoming
strangers once again.

©  2017 José
José Jun 2017
I still feel your hands
on my face, your memories
flowing through my veins.

©  2017 José
José Jun 2017
I wake up from fevered dreams,
filled with woe and empathy.

How am I to get any rest,
when you haunt me in my sheets?

Everything feels bleak,
nothing's ever as it seems.

I count all and every single sheep,
but I still can't ******' sleep.

Those times where I regret waking from slumber,
because dreams appear better than waking life.

Lived, died, bled,
for all words left unsaid.

How could you say you need space - right to my face,
and then walk away?

©  2017 José
José Jun 2017
Just for one night,
could you forget about him?

Take my hand,
follow me into the night,

have not a worry,
for everything'll be alright.

Let me hold you close,
press your cheek against my nose,

travel a million miles away,
in any direction - come what may.

Anywhere, anywhere but here,
I'll be fine - so long as you're near.

Home is anywhere you are,
stay with me, don't wander off far.

I will sing you to sleep,
or stay up with you to count sheep.

You'll always be my favorite what-if.

©  2017 José
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