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Like catterpiller does
Making noise in chaos
Like some bugs
No , i am not carrying a heavy log
Feels like hailstones on my head
Leaned freely in the bed
But ears still red
Days passed not touched book
Not even read
Hope my knowledge till now
Will Not fade
Highlighted things are now shaded
I don’t know without reason -
I tend to misbehave
As if hailstone hit me
I am converted to two pieces
As if
Lungs, intestine and heart are separated
My mind knows nothing
Finger lingers and mumbles tho
As if I am dead
Can breath
‘ In and out ‘ ‘In and out’
But Hailstones storm hit !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
I am an eraser
You can call be rubber too
Don’t worry
I rub pencil marks
Not feelings
My life is decreasing
Slowly and gradually
I am vanishing
The more you make mistake
The more pain I face
Whether its artist
Who forgets to highlight pupil of eye
When pupil write right instead of write
The more you buffer
The more I suffer
You sometime write
Practice as Practise
Advice as advise
Principal as principle
Except as expect
And I easily accept
To rub and be rugged
Even if I am half dead
I can erase with my edges
Most important to you
Earlier or later
I am your mighty eraser !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
They say ugly
I say beautiful
Because those fool
who are like pencil neck
Saying we follow brotherhood
Making the ring
But are Racist and appealing
comparision between wood and paper
Like Brandy whisky jams and liquor
Tom( a white fellow) needs black Iphone
wants black sheet in his bed
But he hates
That black girl Anna
But listens song of Rihana
Puts headphones
Singing ‘’
Being Aryan
I respect all
Whether they are mongol
or the are Baptist
But not racist
Stop racism and instead of ‘ I ‘ and ‘ My ‘
Start saying ‘ we ‘ and ‘ ours ‘
Just do nothing
Follow the flow of Martin Luther King Junior
And feel the change !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Who’re holding it ?
How are they holding it?
Why are they doing such ?
Maybe to break world records
He can hold breath ten minutes
Shall I go for ten and one ?
Eminem ; breathless ; HELL yeah-a
Rap god and Godzilla-a

Some holding breath before making decisions
And most of em holding to not to cry
After their wrong decisions
(Two strangers)x2
Friends and best friends
In love but holding breath
She’s waiting if he proposes first
And he ; doing the same

Today is his result day
He is holding his breath
Bowing in front of god
Saying this time give me B+
Atheist before
But in fear realized god

Alia father is going to give her surprise
She is holding breath
Is that make-up box , iphone or scent made up of wine ?

Neighbor uncle working in field
Holding the breath
Hoping sun will be shielded
By the cloud and will rain

People in the street
Holding the breath
Hoping it won’t rain
Until they reach home

All are holding
I am not holding for him
He is not holding for her
She is not doing such for em
But all doin’ the same !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Addiction in anything
Starts with a sip
Coming back home
His car horn doing ‘ beep beep ‘
That’s not the real him
Who’s pressing horns
Inner him newly born
After the  sip he had taken
Started with a sip on November
Now no member remember
Him as a normal
Coz speaks truth but informal

A sip and puff
to liters and cones

He’s so lucky ; said by sheep friend
Who’s stranger before the sip
Heads casino
Earns ten thousand bucks today
One thousand made ten
Thoughts everything will x10
One house ten
Ten house equals bungalow
One Volkswagen ten
Ten equals Audi
After that what happened
Nither other know nor he wants to
Aiming for big tender
Now he’s bartender
In the bar
Where he took his first sip
I slipped due to sip !
Ishudhi Dahal May 25
Have you ever thought ?
How ?
How am I surviving
Despite you holdin’ me on neck
Oh man !
Now take some break
Push the brakes
Yes , My ink bout to complete
You refilling me again ?
Hey dear
I am mighty Natraj
Hauser uncle ready for hustle burn
Linc and cello aunt ready for turn
Who can understand my pain?
Why am I your favorite pen ?
Can’t see **** stucked in my tail?
Hey , I am bout to ****
Requesting you
Not lemme ring the bell
Targeting your nose, ready to make you fail
By my smell
Huh ?
You refilling me again ?  :-(
Ishudhi Dahal May 25
There’s a new reality show out
My excitation touches a certain height
And suddenly
I am off , says the light
You are welcome , gazes the darkness
Unluckiness approaches peak
mind says let’s have fun
Friends and love are on (online)
No internet coz light’s gone
Checks balance on my phone
Cheapest data is of ten
But i don’t know why my balance nine dot nine
Now no work what to do
Steps in imagination
Sitting straight as if doin’ meditation
Backbone bowed and pen as arrow
Deep ignored pain
On bone marrow
Lucky in love but god is treating
As if I am a vain
Same like rainbow after rain
My happiness is after pain !
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