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Jun 6
Who’re holding it ?
How are they holding it?
Why are they doing such ?
Maybe to break world records
He can hold breath ten minutes
Shall I go for ten and one ?
Eminem ; breathless ; HELL yeah-a
Rap god and Godzilla-a

Some holding breath before making decisions
And most of em holding to not to cry
After their wrong decisions
(Two strangers)x2
Friends and best friends
In love but holding breath
She’s waiting if he proposes first
And he ; doing the same

Today is his result day
He is holding his breath
Bowing in front of god
Saying this time give me B+
Atheist before
But in fear realized god

Alia father is going to give her surprise
She is holding breath
Is that make-up box , iphone or scent made up of wine ?

Neighbor uncle working in field
Holding the breath
Hoping sun will be shielded
By the cloud and will rain

People in the street
Holding the breath
Hoping it won’t rain
Until they reach home

All are holding
I am not holding for him
He is not holding for her
She is not doing such for em
But all doin’ the same !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal
Written by
Ishudhi Dahal  18/M/Nepal
   Debra in Silence
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