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Jul 2020 · 65
From the Fires of Gehenna
Iremori Jul 2020
All of the ****** souls
Those who broke the sacred rule
All those who are fools

They fall to the pit
They feel regret as they grit
As they're slowly lit

They scream through the fire
They slowly sink through the mire
Of flesh, blood and bile

The endless torment
From the fires where you've been sent
You'll wish you repent

The eons you'll spend
For the things you broke and bent
Just to make amends
Jul 2020 · 61
Through the Stairs
Iremori Jul 2020
You ascend the stairs
One step at a time
For each step you make
You receive a dime

Blinded by greed
You skip a few
The more you get
The faster you flew

The higher you get
The smaller the foothold
You see the warnings
But still you ignored

You made one misstep
And started to fall
At last you've awoken
From your drunken stupor

Your bones broken
You've lost what you made
You never listened
To the things they've said

So now you've learned
To take it slow
Cause the slower you are
The farther you go
Jul 2020 · 114
Iremori Jul 2020
The smile on your face
They hide all your pain
And your achievements
They cover the stain

The phantoms of your past
That stay behind your back
Even with all your friends
No one knows you're stuck

Behind the bright lights
Behind all your fame
What stays everyday
Is only your pain

Because phantoms they stay
When the lights fade away
So you fight day by day
Just for reasons to stay
Jul 2020 · 49
River of Styx
Iremori Jul 2020
There you go again
Sailing against the stream
Of endless mistakes
And deafening screams

You sail your version
Of the river of Styx
Where words, reason
And discarded bodies mix

Your broken armor
And rusted swords
Your broken dreams
And unspoken words

Your heart became alloy
And your skin became steel
Your mind so twisted
Because of those that you killed

The versions of you
That you need to ****
The weakest ones
So you start to heal

You sail them again
For you have more to throw
Into oblivion
So no one else knows
Jul 2020 · 49
Broken Vessels
Iremori Jul 2020
Blinded by light
Deaf from the screams
Muted by silence
Tears fall in streams

Withered hearts
Broken souls
Twisted minds
Gaping holes

What's their future?
No one knows
They keep walking
With ****** soles

All the pain
And frustration
Eat their brain
And emotion

There is no redemption
From lives you've taken
Not even salvation
From hearts so broken

It's always futile
To look for what's gone
To save what's left
When there's already none
Jul 2020 · 46
Iron Walls
Iremori Jul 2020
You build your walls
With steel so thick
To keep you from others
From their lies and tricks

With the walls you put
Their voices die down
And you kept it up
Until you hear no sound

All that's left is you
Alone in the dark
You try to make fire
But you can't create spark

Your situation is dire
You slowly lose air
You scream for help
But no one can hear

So you just lie there
On the floor waiting
For the walls to break down
Or your unsightly ending
Jul 2020 · 36
Iremori Jul 2020
Broken down hearts
Missing pieces
Unfinished arts
Incomplete faces

Putting wrong pieces
Just to fill the hole
Cutting down parts
Just to feel whole

Shoved to places
Where they don't belong
Walking with others
But still feel alone

Misfits of society
Who're just strung along
People's lies and depravity
Slowly make them strong

Numb to everything
With a smile on they're face
They feel hate for everything
Even for their own ways
Jul 2020 · 44
Sunset Fevers
Iremori Jul 2020
The sun shines
As you wake up
Make the bed
Dress yourself up

Face the morning
With a smile on your face
Say hi to everyone
Just to brighten their days

But when the sun sets
You start to feel the toll
Your body feels sluggish
Your smile starts to fall

You feel feverish
You feel cold
You feel tired
You start to mold

You look for warmth
You hide under the covers
You close your eyes
Stay there till you recover

You open your eyes
You see the sun again
And then it starts
All over again
Jul 2020 · 52
Burning Blight
Iremori Jul 2020
The words they've said
They get stuck on your head
You start to wish you were dead
As you lie on you bed

The moment you wake up
You feel a sting
You tried to cover up
The blight on your skin

The blight then spreads
It burns your skin
You hold down your screams
And hide them deep within

The blight is a constant reminder
Of all your struggles
The catalyst to your anger
And all your failures

Your anger for others
And for all their words
For leading you to failure
And taking your laughter

Their words led you astray
They played with your mind
Your courage broke away
You left your pride behind

The blight gets worse
You question your worth
Then you start crumbling
And lose faith in everything

Sadness hidden under smiles
Last wills hidden under files
Poisons hidden with medicine
You tried to keep everything in

You then descend the gallows
To run from everything that follows
You see the welcoming shadows
That wait down below

Then you stopped
Realized it's not worth it
But now you're stuck
There's no way around it

You lost your light
You're stuck in the dark
You cleansed the blight
But it left a mark
Jul 2020 · 29
Iremori Jul 2020
I've always been stuck
In a world without change
My time has stopped
I'm tied with locks and chains

The chains that come from my love
And the locks that come from my pain
My love for someone I'll never have
And pain for the love I'll never gain

Please help me, I want to change
Find the key to remove my chains
I need to start to walk again
Before I lose everything

So help me please
Would you be so kind?
Please give me reason
To change my mind

So I can walk again
Leave everything behind
So I can stop looking
For the things I'll never find
Jul 2020 · 36
Endless Masquerade
Iremori Jul 2020
Everyday you wake up
You put on your neat clothes
For all the bruises and scars
That you need to cover up

All the hurt inside
That you always try to hide
It always shows on your face
All the regrets and sadness that you've faced

So before you go through the door
You put on your mask
For the show's about to start
As you open the door once more

With your cheerful mask
The endless masquerade will begin
As you try to fool yourself
And everyone else all over again
Jul 2020 · 34
Diving Deep
Iremori Jul 2020
Every day you dive in
How deep will you go
Because the deeper you go
The harder it is to breath in

The deeper you go
There's a risk of losing air
The deeper you go
There's a risk of losing yourself

So how deep will you go?
How deep in your mind will you go?
To find things you never knew
To discover new things inside you

Will you take the risk
And dive deeper than before?
Or will you stay where you've been
And be satisfied with what you know?
Jul 2020 · 39
Iremori Jul 2020
Everyone lies
From kids to adults
Most of them lie
And some do until they die

Some lie for others
Some lie for themselves
Some lie for amusement
So which one are you?

Would you lie for your friends
To save them from themselves
Or to save them from others
And sacrifice yourself?

Would you lie to yourself
To make you feel better
So you'll stay yourself
Even at the cost of others?

Would you lie to amuse yourself
To watch others fight among themselves
Because of something you did yourself
Just because you hate everyone else?

One of these is probably you
And I'm one of them too
So again let me ask you
Which one are you?
Jul 2020 · 782
Iremori Jul 2020
Don't you just feel the thrill
That's the only thing you'll feel
The thrill from the things you did
From all the things that you hid

The borderline of morality
The borderline of humility
And the borderline of humanity
Is much more fragile, you see

When you start to do atrocities
You lose your morality
Then your humility
And then your humanity

So when you lose them,
What do you become?
An empty shell who schemes
Or a monster with dreams

When you're on the borderline
It's so much easier to see
How fragile human lives can be
And the only real enemy is time

On the borderline, the only thing you see
Is Good and Bad, Despair and Acceptance
Life and Death, Giving Up and Perseverance
The only thing to do is choose who you want to be

Are you going to wallow in despair?
Or are you gonna accept that that's all you'll be?
Are you gonna be strong?
Or will you be a coward like me?

Being on the borderline
Is just like being at the edge of a cliff
It's very easy to choose
If you'll jump down or back up a bit
Jul 2020 · 33
Iremori Jul 2020
Roaring fire
Doused with water
All that's left
Are fading embers

Clinging to life
As they slowly falter
But then dies down
Like all the others

Such is passion
And your heart's desire
It slowly dies down
With those cold onlookers

So what's left of doused passion
And hearts with no desire?
They start to tread
The cold and lonely winters
Jul 2020 · 39
How Much Farther
Iremori Jul 2020
You walk for miles
But it's not enough
You do it for smiles
But you only get a scoff

How much farther
Do you have to go
To gain honor
And a face to show

Taking detours
Only make it worse
You lose your path
You forget your worth

How much farther
Do you have to go
To make your life fuller
And redeem your soul

No matter how far
They will never know
So just hide your scar
Don't let it show

They only see success
Some may not, but I digress
Just keep your smile
And go along for a while

Some day they'll see
That you've gone so far
And how ashamed they'll be
To know who you really are
Jul 2020 · 24
The Beast Called Love
Iremori Jul 2020
I have come to inform everyone of you
From this gazette that I'll read to you
It's a tale about a beast called Love
And the fruit that only a few man have

They say fruit is thick and fleshy
And its smooth and shiny
They say its so beautiful that eating it may be a waste
But it is the sweetest thing you'll ever taste
The tree that holds the fruit

Is garlanded with flowers
These flowers grow larger than a foot
And their vines as tall as towers

It's never out of season
It's always there for the picking
But there's a reason
That only a few men come looking

It is guarded by a beast
So twisted and grotesque
That even one of the best
Will be put to the test

Fangs as sharp as swords
Claws as long as knives
And a bite or a wound
Is enough to ***** out your life

A touch on its skin is even worse
You may think it's fine but it is not
It's enough to make your skin rot
It's akin to a curse

Its breath is a lethal poison
And one that's very hard to cure
And the pain is mostly the reason
Why it's very hard to endure

Its blood is acid
It can turn metal into goo
And if you're not careful
It'll turn you into one too

Even the flowers wither beneath its feet
And the hearts it touches stops its beat
Such is the creature that they call Love
Guarding the treasure that only a few will have

This is what it means to live by the knife
To obtain something you shouldn't have
So are you willing to risk your life
Just to obtain the fruit of love?
Jul 2020 · 35
Iremori Jul 2020
When it's whole
It's beautiful for the eyes to see
Without blemish
It's as pure as it can be

Some cover it with used gazettes
To preserve its beauty
They put it on their homes and shelves
Just because it looks pretty

But when it cracks
It loses its value
So you paint them with colors
Just to make it look new

Glass is fragile
Just like you and me
We're pure and innocent
But we have our own fragility

When we break
We put our pieces back again
Making grotesque art works
Just to get back up again

We put garlands
Where they don't belong
Just to gain acceptance
And so we can tag along

But I say
You've done enough
Just stay here
And we can have a laugh

As you put your pieces
Back from where they belong
Leave the cracks and marks
As they really are

Don't cover up
All your scars
Those make up
Who you are

You're beautiful inside
I know you were
You should keep your facade
Just be who you really are
Jul 2020 · 26
Blinking Lights
Iremori Jul 2020
There are a lot of things
That I want to see
That I want to do
That I want to be

I want to see
Sheeps grazing on vast plains
Lie on the grass
And feel the air on my skin

I want to cross
Stone bridges that run
Over clear waters
Under the sun

I want to watch
A field of flowers sway
Under a pleasant breeze
On a sunny day

I want to climb
Mountains so steep
And marvel on the view
As I reach its summit

I want to build
Tents in a meadow
And tell stories
As the campfire glows

I want to travel
The scorching deserts
Watching the pyramids
Made by people's efforts

I want to sail
The vast open seas
As the captain of my ship
And enjoy the sea breeze

I always wanted
To see these sights
But all I can see
Are blinking lights

Blinking lights of planes
As they cruise the night sky
Blending with stars
As they slowly fly by

Blinking lights of cars
As they go through the streets
Going home from work
Or to travel or eat

Blinking lights on the phone
From unread messages
That wait there patiently
Until someone notices

And blinking lights of stars
As we bathe in starlight
We dance on the rooftop
Until close to midnight

I can hear faint breaths
As you sleep on my lap
And on times like this
I just wish the world stopped

My hand on your hair
Caressing so gently
Admiring your face
As you sleep heavily

These thoughts came flowing in
Glancing through the window
Watching the blinking lights
These thoughts slowly followed

There are a lot of things
That I want to do
But I'd always rather
Stay here with you
Jul 2020 · 24
Ashes and Cinders
Iremori Jul 2020
They feed you to the fire
They burn you to the bone
When your situation is dire
All you get is scorn

They set you ablaze
Fill you with pain
They laugh as you burn
And you try to be sane

Your skin turns to ashes
Your body become cinders
The cinder slowly breaks
The ashes become fetters

You feel pain
As you try to talk
And gets worse
As you try to walk

But you bear them with a smile
As you try to be subtle
You always keep on walking
As your legs start to crumble

— The End —