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Jul 2020
Don't you just feel the thrill
That's the only thing you'll feel
The thrill from the things you did
From all the things that you hid

The borderline of morality
The borderline of humility
And the borderline of humanity
Is much more fragile, you see

When you start to do atrocities
You lose your morality
Then your humility
And then your humanity

So when you lose them,
What do you become?
An empty shell who schemes
Or a monster with dreams

When you're on the borderline
It's so much easier to see
How fragile human lives can be
And the only real enemy is time

On the borderline, the only thing you see
Is Good and Bad, Despair and Acceptance
Life and Death, Giving Up and Perseverance
The only thing to do is choose who you want to be

Are you going to wallow in despair?
Or are you gonna accept that that's all you'll be?
Are you gonna be strong?
Or will you be a coward like me?

Being on the borderline
Is just like being at the edge of a cliff
It's very easy to choose
If you'll jump down or back up a bit
Written by
Iremori  20/M
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