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Iremori Jul 2020
All of the ****** souls
Those who broke the sacred rule
All those who are fools

They fall to the pit
They feel regret as they grit
As they're slowly lit

They scream through the fire
They slowly sink through the mire
Of flesh, blood and bile

The endless torment
From the fires where you've been sent
You'll wish you repent

The eons you'll spend
For the things you broke and bent
Just to make amends
Iremori Jul 2020
You ascend the stairs
One step at a time
For each step you make
You receive a dime

Blinded by greed
You skip a few
The more you get
The faster you flew

The higher you get
The smaller the foothold
You see the warnings
But still you ignored

You made one misstep
And started to fall
At last you've awoken
From your drunken stupor

Your bones broken
You've lost what you made
You never listened
To the things they've said

So now you've learned
To take it slow
Cause the slower you are
The farther you go
Iremori Jul 2020
The smile on your face
They hide all your pain
And your achievements
They cover the stain

The phantoms of your past
That stay behind your back
Even with all your friends
No one knows you're stuck

Behind the bright lights
Behind all your fame
What stays everyday
Is only your pain

Because phantoms they stay
When the lights fade away
So you fight day by day
Just for reasons to stay
Iremori Jul 2020
There you go again
Sailing against the stream
Of endless mistakes
And deafening screams

You sail your version
Of the river of Styx
Where words, reason
And discarded bodies mix

Your broken armor
And rusted swords
Your broken dreams
And unspoken words

Your heart became alloy
And your skin became steel
Your mind so twisted
Because of those that you killed

The versions of you
That you need to ****
The weakest ones
So you start to heal

You sail them again
For you have more to throw
Into oblivion
So no one else knows
Iremori Jul 2020
Blinded by light
Deaf from the screams
Muted by silence
Tears fall in streams

Withered hearts
Broken souls
Twisted minds
Gaping holes

What's their future?
No one knows
They keep walking
With ****** soles

All the pain
And frustration
Eat their brain
And emotion

There is no redemption
From lives you've taken
Not even salvation
From hearts so broken

It's always futile
To look for what's gone
To save what's left
When there's already none
Iremori Jul 2020
You build your walls
With steel so thick
To keep you from others
From their lies and tricks

With the walls you put
Their voices die down
And you kept it up
Until you hear no sound

All that's left is you
Alone in the dark
You try to make fire
But you can't create spark

Your situation is dire
You slowly lose air
You scream for help
But no one can hear

So you just lie there
On the floor waiting
For the walls to break down
Or your unsightly ending
Iremori Jul 2020
Broken down hearts
Missing pieces
Unfinished arts
Incomplete faces

Putting wrong pieces
Just to fill the hole
Cutting down parts
Just to feel whole

Shoved to places
Where they don't belong
Walking with others
But still feel alone

Misfits of society
Who're just strung along
People's lies and depravity
Slowly make them strong

Numb to everything
With a smile on they're face
They feel hate for everything
Even for their own ways
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