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Camron Elliott Oct 2015
Here I Slice My Wrist
But To Me, It's Like A Kiss
Vein Is What I Missed.
© Camron Elliott 2015
Camron Elliott Oct 2015
I can feel my heart shatter
When u act like nothing happened
Whenever it really does matter

Y turn your back on me now
When u said u felt that way
Just go as I get a towel

To wipe my face from the tears
As u laugh away with your peers
And I am here with all these fears

I told you all of these little things
But yet it didn't stop this pain
I am here wishing for fangs

To rip my heart out of my chest
As I am here choking the sobs away
I just wanted love but I failed this test

Now u see me here alone, quiet
But u save your breath with me
But I for one am not defiant

I stay away like you said
But I can't help but long for you
When I apparently misread

All those messages keep going on in my head
But I save them to myself
Until I am dead

Now I push people away
Cuz I'm too afraid of getting hurt
But it doesn't matter now, okay

I choose to either trust or not
But I choose not cuz of the mishaps
But it's not like I fought

For the chance to find out why
I couldn't understand your lies
But now I have to lie

To others who ask what's the matter
Cuz u were too embarrassed by the truth
But u ended our chatter

And I just sit here dumbfounded
By what u said to all those people
For which I thought we were bounded

Cuz of the way we talked to each other
So I was all happy for no reason
But why do I even bother

When I can just fall to the ground
But I have to try and empty my thoughts
Of you Cuz I need to go around

But I can't since u stand in my way
I can't say to others what happened
Since I am not okay
© Camron Elliott 2015
Camron Elliott Oct 2015
You turn to me for support
I give you my shoulder to lean on
My words that I say to you
Are of giving you love and hope
Telling you things get better
I turn to you for support
But all i get back is that
We were never together as friends
I wasn't truthful with you
But I gave you all my secrets.
Camron Elliott Sep 2015
I Empty My Heart Out To You
I Give My Life Meaning With Thoughts So Blue
I Can Feel In My Chest
Oceans Crushing The Test
Of Having Someone So Great Bring Me Alive
That Just Ends It All With A Single Reply
Camron Elliott Sep 2015
How Can You Tell Me That I Am Happy
When Be It As It May,
I Smile Every Day.
I Smile The Pain Away,
And Seizing The Day,
Even Here As I Lay,
It's The Pain I Feel, I Say.
Do Not Tell Me I Am Happy.
I haven't been on recently, and for that I am truly sorry.
Camron Elliott Jul 2015
Dark Thunderous Clouds
Storm Over Nature's Forest
With Kindness And Grace.
Camron Elliott Jul 2015
Hang me not
I will undo the knot.
Lay me in a cot
As I boil in a ***.
Teach me not to lie
When you cut my pie.
I have nothing but my tie
As I get high.
From telling you How Perfect You Are
Yet you talk me down and drive away in your car.
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