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Hugo Pierce Mar 2022
Only now can I say for certain
I am buried alive
How long have I been here
Festering under this dark decrepit soil
Will my body add to your density
I suppose it's only a matter of time
Escape is a futile endeavor
No clear route to the surface
Am I ascending to my salvation
Or digging deeper into despair
There are no bubbles to follow
No sounds to be heard
Nothing but darkness
Hugo Pierce Mar 2022
I disconnected from the network.
It's the most connected I have ever been.
10 points if you can work out the title.
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
I am not doing it:
                               For you
                               For them
                               For status
                               For wealth
                               For fame
                               For proof
                               For attention

I am doing it for:
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
Women whom sing sad songs beautifully.
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
You are right
I am right
We are wrong
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
If it's not what we tell you
it's not the truth
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