As I lay awake at half past one in the night,
Staring at my smartphone emitting a bright light,
I can’t seem to think, the words are slow in coming,
The bright light is piercing and penetrating.

The smartphone is not so smart, after all..
It doesn’t have :
The warmth of your voice ,
The softness of your lips ,
The tenderness of your touch..
The magic of your gaze,
Which sets my eyes ablaze...

But the million dollars question is..
With a phone not so smart, I’m afraid ..
How do I connect to the ‘Disconnected’ ?
And disconnect from this clutter in my head ?
Try to think about sleep instead ..
And not about what you had said:

You’re not my medicine, you’re my muse,
If you still don’t get it, all this is of no use.
I’m already imagining us
Spending the evening on a lovely cruise...
Sleep eludes me, evades me, escapes my eye
I can’t fall asleep, however hard I may try
I feel so helpless, I can almost cry
There’s nothing more miserable than the feeling that you’re alive when you so badly want to die...
My life ***** because
I fall asleep with great difficulty and
I fall in love easily..

I think my life would be better if
I fell asleep easily and
not fall in love so soon..

Then I ask you, “I feel I have fallen in love and I’m falling asleep easily; this’ good, isn’t it?” You look at me with a smile and you say, “no, it is because you’ve fallen sick and taking those pills...”

I really need to sleep :)
It's one am....

I lie awake next to you, thinking about 'you'
You just made love to me but I was thinking about 'you'
Wish 'you' thought about me least sometimes,
Then I'd be sleeping peacefully next to 'you' and dream about 'you'..

Life's so complicated!
It's simple but not easy,
I am romantic but not crazy.
I wish I had been a little choosy,
Then my life would have been nothing but rosy.
You must be thinking why am I sounding breezy,
Saying such lines which are cheesy,
And disturbing you when you are so busy.
You want to get some sleep and you're already dizzy.
To you, it might seem a little hazy,
But you don't want to come out as nosey,
And you want us to remain cozy,
One wrong move can be lousy.
So, you smile and say, "she's simple but it's not going to be easy!!!"
My Samyu, I send you this note,
My best wishes to keep you afloat,
Hear my feelings for you that I wrote.
Mummy's darling, papa's little girl,
licking an ice-cream with a vanilla swirl.

I was told by a little bird,
Yes, it is true, here's what I heard-
Samyu is so sweet, in a word,
Suave beyond description, a sight to behold.
And as you turn another year old,
I wish you warm sunshine and breeze which is cold.

Hope your birthday is a great one.
Filled with a whole bushel of fun.
Chocolates, cherries, and the glistening sun.
And I hope that you know,
Wherever you go,
There's someone who cares for you a great ton.

PS: I hope you have a beautiful life
When I miss you, I write,
I don't know what else to do.
This point may now seem obvious and trite,
Strange, how my life has begun anew.

Strange, how my life has begun anew,
but there is clearly something wrong with you.
I dunno what will it take for you to respond,
Mate, we are wasting some precious seconds.

Mate, we are clearly running out of time,
I wanna be yours and make you mine.
So, come with me in this evening divine,
Lets leave our footprints in the sands of time..
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