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It’s time to **** the webinar..
I think I'm gonna throw up
In a world of haves and have-nots
Was where we always ended up.
People are always asking me, 'how're you?
But I don't think that they really want to know..
Let me ask you instead, 'you really want to know how am I without you???'
Wasting time,
In trying to rhyme,
Useless words,
Ain’t no crime..
I feel good when I do that,
Because you are my dopamine..
I was stalking when you weren’t talking,
Now that you’re talking, I ain’t stalking.
Now we’re back to our harmless chatting..
But if you really wanna know if I was or am still stalking?
I’ll tell you that I ain’t a stalker but a poet,
Who believes in feeling and then writing..
And let the words do the talking..
That’s how I survived the last three years when you were not replying..
And while you say you’re being stalked,
All I am doing is the following:
Making sense of your words and mocking
And trying to remain calm while replying.
Wish you’d do it too sometime,
Then we can can meet up and start talking..
As I lay awake at half past one in the night,
Staring at my smartphone emitting a bright light,
I can’t seem to think, the words are slow in coming,
The bright light is piercing and penetrating.

The smartphone is not so smart, after all..
It doesn’t have :
The warmth of your voice ,
The softness of your lips ,
The tenderness of your touch..
The magic of your gaze,
Which sets my eyes ablaze...

But the million dollars question is..
With a phone not so smart, I’m afraid ..
How do I connect to the ‘Disconnected’ ?
And disconnect from this clutter in my head ?
Try to think about sleep instead ..
And not about what you had said:

You’re not my medicine, you’re my muse,
If you still don’t get it, all this is of no use.
I’m already imagining us
Spending the evening on a lovely cruise...
Sleep eludes me, evades me, escapes my eye
I can’t fall asleep, however hard I may try
I feel so helpless, I can almost cry
There’s nothing more miserable than the feeling that you’re alive when you so badly want to die...
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