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You came riding
the last wave of summer breeze
You stay enduring
the blast of winter freeze

I see in your eyes
bright spray scouring
afternoon sands dancing
straw hat roaming
cobblestones glowing
golden dusts filling air
tropical breath teasing hair

I feel on your lips
fruit punch spilling
pool pub splashing
yarn arbor wrapping
blushed evening
coconut trees clipping shades
aged seawalls humming dreams

So long, scrolls, taps and dots
for the rest of my days
my feet beside hers
treading sapphire waves
For JR
Turn around n carry on
Yet reckoning that
this very moment
together with the traces of your touch
on my cheeks
Moist breeze
the metro, tracks, tunnel
strangers all around
florescent lights flying by
burning meteor's bane alike
stations dotted along lines and curves
cities across lands and sea
speechless yet sleepless
scattered and shattered
recombine into one single piece of print
swiftly fades into another last night
buried by flipping pages in a calendar
dashing towards the ringing bell of new year
beneath a vaguely familiar sunset ambience
where I kiss you again.
for JR
You gazed into my eyes
like aeons look upon the earth
We shared our breath
like there won't be another sunrise

Nothing is worth to die for
if I were to
Burn under your fingertips
Drown between your lips
Suffocate within your embrace
Melt upon your *******

For I am bond to an orbit around you
for you are my sun
For JR
Wind and frost carves
Countlessly, silently
Meander along the timber
String together
Pearls of November
Echo the waves
of mercury atlas
and the pavements
of silver reflections
Mirror sparkles and streams
of shivering lights afar

A whistle of a train leaving station
A stillframe of illunimation
A scent of deep autumn
A taste of earth burn
A burst of desire
A touch of you
For JR
In the cool stillness the desert awakens
night barely lingers, with dreams now afar
in the chill before the dawn
comes the fading of stars
blue before the sun
with birdsong
a new day
is sung
a little thought after watching the Perseids a couple of nights ago and then the coming of dawn.
Wish if I were Minerva's owl,
riding dusk departure off my toe.
By Hegel's drifted thoughts a halt,
amid sparkles of ideas in awe.
Riding this ever-ascending firework show,
as high as seven heavens go.
Endowed with flame from Sol,
diving and burning through the thousands of my foe.
I'm Icarus who cheated old.
Omnes moriuntur.
O, where'd you stray
Long since our passed ay
When we were dandy n' gay
Before the old oak tree
Dreaming of breeze
warm sunshine ray
and rolling hay
But now this is where I stay
And it's a rainy day.
For HH.
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