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Jan 2017 · 481
My lassie of Southern Sea
You came riding
the last wave of summer breeze
You stay enduring
the blast of winter freeze

I see in your eyes
bright spray scouring
afternoon sands dancing
straw hat roaming
cobblestones glowing
golden dusts filling air
tropical breath teasing hair

I feel on your lips
fruit punch spilling
pool pub splashing
yarn arbor wrapping
blushed evening
coconut trees clipping shades
aged seawalls humming dreams

So long, scrolls, taps and dots
for the rest of my days
my feet beside hers
treading sapphire waves
For JR
Jan 2017 · 278
One Last Crusade
Turn around n carry on
Yet reckoning that
this very moment
together with the traces of your touch
on my cheeks
Moist breeze
the metro, tracks, tunnel
strangers all around
florescent lights flying by
burning meteor's bane alike
stations dotted along lines and curves
cities across lands and sea
speechless yet sleepless
scattered and shattered
recombine into one single piece of print
swiftly fades into another last night
buried by flipping pages in a calendar
dashing towards the ringing bell of new year
beneath a vaguely familiar sunset ambience
where I kiss you again.
for JR
Jan 2017 · 182
Earth to Sun
You gazed into my eyes
like aeons look upon the earth
We shared our breath
like there won't be another sunrise

Nothing is worth to die for
if I were to
Burn under your fingertips
Drown between your lips
Suffocate within your embrace
Melt upon your *******

For I am bond to an orbit around you
for you are my sun
For JR
Nov 2016 · 473
Midnight fall
Wind and frost carves
Countlessly, silently
Meander along the timber
String together
Pearls of November
Echo the waves
of mercury atlas
and the pavements
of silver reflections
Mirror sparkles and streams
of shivering lights afar

A whistle of a train leaving station
A stillframe of illunimation
A scent of deep autumn
A taste of earth burn
A burst of desire
A touch of you
For JR
Wish if I were Minerva's owl,
riding dusk departure off my toe.
By Hegel's drifted thoughts a halt,
amid sparkles of ideas in awe.
Riding this ever-ascending firework show,
as high as seven heavens go.
Endowed with flame from Sol,
diving and burning through the thousands of my foe.
I'm Icarus who cheated old.
Omnes moriuntur.
Aug 2016 · 626
N' it's a rainy day
O, where'd you stray
Long since our passed ay
When we were dandy n' gay
Before the old oak tree
Dreaming of breeze
warm sunshine ray
and rolling hay
But now this is where I stay
And it's a rainy day.
For HH.
I need not necessarily
your flesh to multiply
but your brains to think rigorously, strategically
artfully a way
to tear down your Tower of Babel
painstakingly and indifferently built
from the bones and blood
of a few amongst your kind
now as my mercenaries be enslaved
suffer from undiagnosable symptom called
On clock but not grid they gather
be summoned
by the cry of their ancestors' resentment
spill unto this Earth I breed
unto your downfall I feed
For I come in greater numbers
I am Legion
Recorded by geological strata, a highly advanced civilization was annihilated by a pandemic virus in a form failed to be predicted by its victims, turning healthy intelligent individuals to murderous ones who have the capacity to cover up their crimes, which allows them to slay many before being executed by their social system or their peer victims.
(2 interesting facts can be discovered from this translation of the testimony left by the virus "mastermind": 1. Its self consciousness exists in every and none of its copies, no matter the population. 2. it has no concept of time.)
May 2015 · 1.8k
Unintentional deeds
This tiny ark of our civilizations
has been spilling all around radio waves
which might feed or **** some of our neighbours
It's not impossible that radio wave might be nutritious or lethal to some alien life forms.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Horses tap the Earth restless
Breath strikes chilly out of morning air
Stomach twists, jaw shakes
blood suffocates
Desperate as we ride
blurry as horizon fades
Your wings swallow up the blood-soaked sky

Here i am
with all the years not deserve
surrounded by your messengers
singing songs for all the very worst wishes
that how come i still alive

It is the memory not the time
roaming about every night
on every faces in my sight
faces familiar once, never later
question forever
Why i granted your spare

Not spare but re-descending this moment
wrapped in armor, pierced by spear
horses tap the Earth and roar the air
hands wielding swords, eyes forward
Charging with head held high
Oh my dearest i embrace
your eternity, your darkness
in this manner not desert another time
Jul 2014 · 948
Night Walk
Silence and noise of the night
like a far, far away sigh
whistle of a train
leaving station

Flickering windows of families
thousands of them
waving, drifting
in galaxy of concrete and glass
pushing, shoving
striving for the honor
to peep on her

Under the light warm
of old road lamp
fragments of sunshine
scatter and cover
this asphalt river

A verdant poplar tree sprouting
swaying, dancing
on top of the morning
For LY
Jul 2014 · 919
Hair Clip
A section sliced from morning rainbow
Arbitrarily roam over silver waterfall
Merge into long river running through
Vast plain, lake and tree of wisdom
****** the very ancestors of ours to fall
Whilst appearing like colorful strips enclosing
A gift box full of banners collected from astral
Waiting to decorate a gallery hall
Scaling the distance between earth and space
Shooting jet trails to every shore
Aside this vertical, asphalt sea
Glowing like night sky
Pouring down into my eye

Oh, baby,
It's a butterfly.
For LY
Jun 2014 · 472
Can you hear me
Tracing parallel lines of fate
this upcoming moment
weaves fabrics of mutual experiences
as we carry on
our separate ways

A voice
of thousands of voices
my voice
tangles the clusters of my thoughts
strangles my cognition
twists my vision

Can you hear it

Across thousands of miles I found
In jungle of uncertainty
a grove of serenity
Amid dessert of desperation
an oasis of satisfaction

Who you are
is everything I've been striving for

When the sun goes dim
And the sky rains fire

I will be here
Walking beside you
like spindrift tracing ocean waves
Put my arms around you
like canyon embracing blast from the plain

the city grids of dusts
the canopy of ashes

We suffocate
into each other
Rise, and roam
beyond the vastest atmosphere
conquest, and dwell
above lands and seas

Feed me, as my heart
falls in bitter hunger
Caress me, as my flesh
burns in blazing desire

Deep down the abyss of the inner me
A voice shouting restlessly

I need you
I need you

Can you hear me
For LY
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
Remember him
The crape myrtle in front of his parents house
together with several strains of palmatum acer
whose twigs had been broken by his childhood-favorite ball
still somehow grew up with him
The swing carried his tender laughter
lifted by the white oak once bearded his tiny footprints
Will they remember him

The toy car he had used as a skateboard
sitting in a dust-covered corner of the attic
accompanied by a broken water gun
carrying his innocent dreams
The afternoon sunlight covering the empty dinning table
as gentle as it was on his face dozens of snowfalls ago
Will they remember him

The basketball used to hop around him
witnessed numerous of his rejoicing moments
now being wiped as new, inflated every once a while
sitting on the bookshelf
aside the medals and badges
internally telling the stories of honor and courage
in a voice we may never hear with our ears
Will they remember him

The swallows making nest under the eaves
of his old apartment
whose injured ancestor years ago had been carefully held in his hands
cured, fed, and set free
The quiet hybrid dog who has met many generations of this swallow family
after being rescued by him from a trash can
Will they remember him

The scarf he had worn for many winters
now tightly hugging the neck of this shepherd boy
The compass he received as twelfth birthday gift
now treasured in an orphan's pocket
guarding every gunfire-lightened, terrified night
Will they remember him

The helmet and bulletproof vest
on which painted camouflage has been worn and fading
tasted his sweat in many places of the world
The dogtag polished by his burly chest
The cloudless sky reflected from his wide-opened eyes
The sands and stones
witnessed thousands of years of human self-redemption
now lying under him
dyed by the dark scarlet bursting out from his motionless body

**They will remember him.
Aug 2013 · 835
Galactic Collision
Dance                                             For
   with                                             our                                            Despite
  me.     ­                                    gorgeous                                      this
              ­                               curtain                                    expeditious
Despite   ­                             call,                               ­                     expansion
vast                         ­                    For the                     which
void                                       prelude                     separates us apart
between                            of a brighter
     us                                 prospect             Let you lift the veils of  my
                                                          ­    kaleidoscopic nebulae     and touch
                                                           my blazing heart lies underneath
Splash of                                              in the way i caress yours     while the
  Shining crystal                              two of them melt down, fuse together
                                                        ­            unleash hives of fireflies
             Amongst the crowd
                           of  endlessly                                                    ­  our course
                                        straying strangers                       come across
Would i care
       pouring lifetime collection                                                       ­  Garnet
   of my astro       toss all of them    extravagantly
     billions of millions of them                                                    Diamond
     in exchange        of crossing
         your wings with mine                      Amythest
                              ­                                          Aquamarine
                       Lit up                                                               ­    Fire Opal
            the magnificent                                   our
  symphany                                                     curtain call
                                                            ­       and the prelude           Drawing
                                                 of an upcoming                            curves of
                           brighter prospect                                          new horizon
Dance with me
Aug 2013 · 889
For years i searched for the key to my chest of treasures.
With it in my grasp i'm now wondering where's my chest?
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Fair Lady
What bothers you tonight my lady?
A pale look, and your charming

Hide behind shattered silhouettes,
and the veil of thin moisture,
still passively tempt my mind,
allure my heart.

Oh, my lady,
my lady.
I'm whispering,
calling your name inside me,
as if thus
i could satisfy my greed
to claim you as my own,
to keep everything about you
forever within.
But what is forever to me?

I'm merely a dayfly,
no better, no worse
than any other of my kind.
What can i do
to draw this fair lady's attention,
and maybe even
to win her favor?

She looks upon me,
looks upon this vast land and sea,
since millions of billions years
before the first of us
ever walked this earth.

Our times,
nothing but a peaceful and swift glimpse
in her serene eternity.

In this way you watch me,
in dew and mist and frost and dust
you watch me.
Watch my suffering,
my struggling,
my striving,
and inexplicable madness
in the name
of someone high above me.

Your everlasting peace drives me into lunatic,
i behave like human in daylight,
and animal
under your livid glow.
Your mercy and generous,
both a holy gift,
and a deadly poison.

How can i walk in the darkness,
without you casting sunshine upon my course?
How can i keep my direction,
without you following me through
the garden of forking paths?
Yet upon the soil of this courtesy,
grows the sprout of appreciation,
ejects the trunk of dependence,
spreads the twigs of desire and hunger,
the canopy of hatred.

This is how your charming made me
starve, thirst
and blind.
I look up to the atlas of clouds,
my stars are mercury and illusory.
i lost my course,
as every course leads to you.

In what possible way
can i end this story in serenity?
No matter how much i suffer,
how desperately i pray,
you feel not a slight touch.

Of course you should be indifferent.
What enormous harass would be
if you hear my prayers,
days in, days out;
and those of many others alike,
from deep ancient caves to far future dimensions,
generations kneel down
again and again
in front of your amazing grace?

Swigging from your elegance,
an incomparable pleasure,
yet a doomed tragedy.
In such a tragedy i carry on,
without a blink of eyes,
without a second of reflect,
like Icarus towards the sun,
a moth before a camp fire,
heartily breathing in your blazing felicity,
enjoying the pain
from burning.

What is life
without agony?
What is love
without persistence?
Having your shadows ironed in me
is more than satisfaction.

just enjoy this lifelong pursuing.

For HH.
My guardian angel, my moonlight, my home.
Feb 2013 · 792
Black Is
Black is
a never-ending book
a shivering in the dark
a cunning cloak
a depleted creek

Black is
an unexpected wonder
meaningless whisper
a dusted mirror
silenced anger

Black is
splash of drops of tear
chilling in the fear
worn gears
which witnessed too much drear

Black is
momentary quiet
long-lost connect
hastily hided secret
disillusioned crotchet

Black is a handful of mud
buries the past
upon unknown future
where the hope it entrust

Black is the one unfailing excuse for everything
Jan 2013 · 880
A Dolichorhynchops' Life
Borning as actinia blooming
Struggling, climbing, breathing
blast, mixed with deep blue
from both bottom and above

Covered by the ink of Ammonoids
Pointed by the shell of an Endoceras
Among coral reefs i chase my brothers
Under flickering star field escort my sisters

Hover amongst jaws and teeth
Flitter through tentacles and beaks
Draw lines and circles behind my tails
Trim cerulean in calming daylight beams

Peer with currents in the first beam of morning
Dwell in dark corner as the infinite indigo moaning
Watch death setting apart my kins
and years flowing by the tip of my fins

Yet cared nothing in every passing day
Still feeling strong as in my seventh ay
To the farthest side of the ocean i stray
Until age drag me to the bottom of the sea
Jan 2013 · 941
Let the vow fly
That rainy day
i left you in the rain
with a heart die
Let the vow fly

Ante hoc every night,
you were weeping
but I never asked why
Let the vow fly

Without you i went on the way
never seen you again since that day
Let the vow fly

Exotic sunshine bright
swaying shades tear the sky
let the vow fly

Throbs strips carry
turns into ashes and die
Let the vow fly

Quietly flowing away the ay
Standing in afternoon field i'm achy
Let the vow fly

Maybe another life
under the same sky
i will never let you pass by
holding your hands, till silver our hair
Let our vow fly
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Flying Arrow
Tick tack, tick tack...
As a second pointer making its tour,
I'm not this me any more.
Jan 2013 · 1.6k
A Dawdler's Day
Nothing but symbol
come and leave
or flash inside my pupil

Prettified, purified, sanctified,
once integrated,
now estranged.

Marching reluctantly,
Recalling expectantly,
Retreating helplessly.

Under sunlight burning,
behind shadows rotting,
meanwhile for both, I longing.
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Beauty of Trice
Life is an adventure
of a butterfly flying off and back on your shoulder.
Dec 2012 · 1.4k
Years later
Voice of individuals beating
like raindrops in a stormy day upon canopy green,

among which i wish,
could catch tantalizing yours
even if only a min.

— The End —