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migayle ocuaman Nov 2020
why the poppies?
for only they grow,
where no man can live...
and where no man has conquered,
only in no-mans land do they grow.
where many have withered and fall,
like markers with no names,
we know where they lay...
and where they have bled.
only a red poppies grow there,
among the fallen dead,
now as they rest an eternal slumber,
one can never dream or tell...
the horrors they encountered...
they who gave so much, shall never grow old...
they shall never be forgotten.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
We are not merely heroes
But sons of the flesh of Adam
We answer the call when needed
We feel pain and endure life
Till the grave absolves us from our sins
We carry on our duty with valor

© 2019
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
facing the early morning
we wish that wouldn't come
scared of what may bring upon
slumber brings such comforts
yet who else shall face it for you
scared i know but you are strong
its time to get up time to rise
to face the gleam of day
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Will you dance with me?
A sweet melody,
whispers of us two,
and the girl I knew.

Let me clasp you close to me,
as gentle as the breezes that breathes,
harmonic symphony that sparks,
cascading through the world.

Stumbling scattering embers,
blissful angel smiles and laughter,
blushing youth that blossom about,
captivated entwined hand in hand.

I spun you round and round,
you fell laughing to the ground,
I thought I could keep you near,
I never thought you'd leave here.

vivid blurs of such memories,
felt like distant lucid dreams,
wandering thoughts of merry months,
she sways away as did time does.

I went searching for you, far and wide,
I never thought that you had died,
I kept you alive in my heart,
so we'd never ever be apart.

Through the gardens that bloom,
peaceful plains and quiet rooms,
humming your serene songs,
distant thoughts hang so strong.

Today, I found you once again,
your hair blew in the summer's wind,
but alas to me, you weren't the same,
somehow you had broken the chain.

For Spring it sprang as Spring it does,
winter’s loss becomes summers gleam,
a song of old enchanting memories,
for life has a passion for living.

The ring I gave you, you held dear,
I can see it now, though I'm no seer,
I'll go looking for you once again,
even though our paths don't blend.

So dance in the future with me,
my sweet love,
and promise you'll wait for me,
for I'll be there, by and by,
and sing to you our lullaby.

I'm the sorcerer, you're the witch,
never thought that you could stitch,
together with a broken heart,
you'd found a boy who wasn't quite smart.

I want to be like you are that of one light,
to see your eyes looking back into mine,
in the sight of every eye underneath the moon,
promenading through the mid starry night,
acoustic harmony of a heart that beats of one.

timeless illusion that swirls in the mist,
underneath the milk light of moon,
all that was lost is now revealed,
beckoning hums of golden memories.

I fell for you, I took you in,
though the light in my castle was dim,
I could see the spell cast upon you,
oh my dear sweet, I love you.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
I hold you closer than I ever knew I could do
hoping this is not a mere dream or your silly ruse
I thought I’d recognize when love was true
just a foolish hopeless romantic who fell for you

Am I ready for love or maybe I'm just your friend
still thinking and doubting full of questions in the end
I wish it was real and I hope I'm not just an option
Should there be a difference, are there any instructions?

I hope you stick around, we can still figure this out
to help me clear all of our frightening doubt
please me help figure things out even if things go south
am I ignorant or was I fooled by the stories I knew

I thought the birds would sing and sparks would fly
in my mind I hope that this moment would pause in time
I held you hoping you'd never leave me and take flight
hope its true when you said I love you that special night
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Oh woe is knowing
As you try to say your genius no one listens.
As you talk to others they never understand.
You can't socialize because your all alone in your interests.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

Your in a crowd, surrounded by people yet alone.
No cares, no one pays mind, they all roll their eyes.
They don't want to wake up.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

Alienated from your, society, culture, and religion.
All they do is their normal.
nothing they do is normal, **** their normal.
Their normal is stupid, ignorant, and will bring destruction to them all.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

You feel like an alien from a faraway star.
Yet still human.
They constantly say that you are weird, strange, incoherent.
But that because they haven't broke out of their deep box, with no escape it seems to them.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

You with a mind of enterprise you try everything you can to save them.
But it all doesn't work.
For they all will never listen.
Then they try to blame their problems on you.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

The scapegoat has come, the end is nigh.
They call you a witch, enemy of the state, criminal, and worshiper of the devil.

All the sheep follow the wolves.

What is the ultimate irony is.
They are the agents of the devil, for what is ******, but sin.
And so they set you on the altar, tie you down and.

Sacrifice to the wolves.

And so they howl in unison and that is the last thing you hear.
Not your mothers comforting voice, but the sheep and the wolves howling til your last breath.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
A set of children
The galaxy extends
Garden of imagination
Bridging the gap
Beckoning breeze
That melts the snow
Roller skating past the moon
As we try to evolve
Surreal dreams fill the air
A reverie of endeavor
Black rainbow hues
That paints a broken mirror
Sailing and gliding
At the edge of my sanity
migayle ocuaman Aug 2019
"The guns thundered endlessly,
Pitting holes all over the ground;
Yet that was a few years ago
And now this grassy hill utters no sound

"That is akin to the terror
That once sounded here long ago
As soldiers on both sides
Died in trying to defeat the foe.

"Yet in this grassy, peaceful land
Where red poppies dance in the breeze,
Once, men were cruelly butchered
So that other nations might be free.

"Upon this green hill
Where birds twitter in the trees,
Once cacophony reigned
And there was never a moment of peace.

"Then the ground shook
With the rumbles of artillery
While men charged again and again
Only to be slaughtered brutally.

"This place, then, was not green
But an ugly, muddy color
While men's blood poured out
As in their death throes they suffered.

"Pain! Death! And all for what?
What reason is there in this gory?
Many of them might have asked,
Gone from them dreams of glory

"As they only tried to stay alive
In this hell-wrought ruin
That in their worse dreams never imagined
Could be this terrible destruction.

"Silence, here, it never was
Nor was peace to be found
In this place accursed by all
Where endlessly was heard the sounds

"Of men dying, bleeding in agony
As the gun thundered incessantly
And their victims' screams rent the air,
A hellish combination frightening.

"Now, there is no noise
That is akin to the terror raged then
As they fought and died
To set free captive nations.

"Here, the sun shines warmly
And the poppies dance in the breeze
As no sound disturbs the sacred silence
Save the birds up in the trees.

"If you look out, you will see
There, on the plain where so many died,
Which is now grown over with grass
Thousands of white crosses lie;

"The only thing remaining
As a reminder of what happened here
Where men fought and died
In endless agony of fear.

"Yet if one is very still,
One can hear them crying out;
In the silence of their deaths,
One might still hear them shout:

"'Have we died unsung, unhonoured?
Our graves here lie unnumbered.
Did we give our all, our lives even,
For a fruitless war fought in vain?'

"Though wars may come again,
And it is certain they will,
No, they did not die in vain.
We shall always remember this sacred hill

"That marks their final resting place,
A peaceful cemetery
Instead of a war-torn plain.
That all will remember eternally."
migayle ocuaman May 2019
I shall be the instrument...
The lord shall be your notes...
The people shall be the body and soul to play its righteous tune...
And may it be heard that peace and order has prevail...
And so will the heavenly kingdom shall be unveiled...
migayle ocuaman May 2019
The feeling of pain
The feeling of fear
The feeling of falling
And never reaching the end,
I'm still falling
I'm still here
I'm still alive
I have no fear..
I allow death to take my soul
In trauma of death isn't it all obvious....death
Isn't what I wanna fear....
I don't feel
I don't think
I don't know
When it will end
Still falling
Still fearing
Still crying
Because I never felt good enough for you
Enough to breath
Enough to live....
I'm still falling
And I don't know when I will hit the ground....
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Christ took a spear to the breast
You can take one too remember that
When they crucify you.
We walk upon this land
He walk on water and turned it to wine  
Yet we know not what what we do
Remember that when they crucify you.

And the sea parts,
And the clouds make way,
And the land trembles,
And the thunder roars loud
As to the lightning clashes
Its the most horrific story that we've heard to date.

His death, painted on a child's face.
Anointed like David and those before him
And those restless eyes,
Who tears have baptized them
My fathers watching over me.

And we the people hack each other down,
As we have done to our brother Abel
Have we not tired of the mark of Cain
have we forgotten we were brothers
Have we forgotten we breathe and bleed the same
I still hear the horrid hellish sounds

Voices that spread love and peace fall on deaf ears
Till innocent blood has spilled too much
Shall we heed or glare till it happens near
How much more should we slaughter
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
Dear good sir,

I have the honor to address
And cite my grievance and stress
I am very slow to anger
Yet I demand your answer
Careful how you proceed
At times I am Intemperate indeed  
Slandering my name with disrespect
Apologize I shall accept with no reject
Or prepare for both of us will bleed
I have not been so cowardly or shy
On how I act in the public eye
In the field, face-to-face by dawn
Choose good sir fist, swords or guns drawn

your humble colleague,
M. Mendiola
migayle ocuaman May 2019
If I were to disappear if they come for me in the night
Will anyone know what i did when the sun shined bright
Though i once lived breathe and stand
To fight for justice with a close fist in defiance
Shall i raise my voice and cry out against silence
Even if i was taken by those within the shadow
Truth be told  i was foolishly brave to resist
No one would know my final thoughts
Yet I am sure i will be missed
Though I fear my time has come to end
I wish to linger more in peace to settle
Though they would only destroy the vessel
For this ideals that I hold will fly and spread
If I were to disappear into the night
Light a candle in by my bed
For i will have no grave in my stead
migayle ocuaman May 2019
I had, I had !
An enjoyable childhood,
If not that blissful,
But wishful and cheerful.
Playing, roaming around,
Not in the playground,
For we don't have open fields
In towns, where we're sealed
To be with books even in noon
Like a worm in its cocoon.

I had, I had!
An enjoyable childhood
Amidst focus of doing good
In study, by our parents.
Lucky our parents, not getting
To witness our clothes,
While playing,
Splattered and tattered
Unlucky, my mother
Who got shattered
To see her own clothes scattered,
In the action.

I had, I had!
An enjoyable childhood
Having business
With every arrival of festivals
Delight, excite, joy, happiness
Were,in those events, the Suitable Adjectives
Wish of lengthening
The duration of holidays, festivals,
Were our Inertia.
Whilst youth spring rising up,
Tensions would follow up,
As uncompleted homework
And projects and works
Would pile up.

I had, I had!
A childhood, once,
Little, now alone in hand, I was
But for a long time ,
Depressed by fear of death,
An unavoidable fate
That would separate me
from my mother to 'Thee'

And to me, at that time
Growing up & becoming a man
Was landing myself
In the middle of a vast ocean
Full of responsibilities, duties
With no time to enjoy
And acquiring the life skills
Was Climbing the Infinite sky
So vast and wide,
And the shore of this ocean
Was the life's partner 'Death'
Who would take us all away
None of us would remain
Few of keepsakes maintained
Only the white clouds
Of varied shapes
In the azure sky
Would stay
Watching the things happened
Watching things happening
Watching that will happen.
migayle ocuaman Jun 2019
migayle ocuaman Jun 2020
pass not this evergreen fields,
underneath a forgotten hallow graves,
where tombstones now crumble and rot,
where stones once ethched our mortal names.

faded by time, scratched by the wind
withered by the seasons and teared by the rain,
bygone is this God's acre where nature reclaims,
once a solemn memorial now a blooming eden.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
dulce suave me enseñame a valor
Busco saber mi mariposa hermosa
que tu amor sea verdadero
tan verdadero como usted colorea la vista
puedo planear con usted
a través de los campos suaves
donde las rosas florecen verdaderas
donde sus maravillosos colores por última vez revelado
migayle ocuaman May 2019
We never demand it nor can we deny it
Oh the things we know and the the things we don't
Even politicians love and hate themselves
It might be heaven and it might be hell
Crocodile eyes and pigs full of lies
Oh the things they do and the things say
Just for a quick cash vote that comes from our tax everyday
Can't say i hate it neither can i love it
We stand for the right
But sit out of sight
A paradox that ends and begins and starts over once again
A record that is crooked but we still dance to its wicked tunes
As we twist and dance to our blinded doom
Faces changes but they still remain the same
Now lets do the devils dancing game
As we go ignorantly mindlessly insane
migayle ocuaman May 2019
I move I breathe and I think
Therefore I know that I exist
Yet I stumble upon your field I sink
Insensible to your eyes blurred like mist...

I doubt that you'll even know me
Just a muted thinker that passes by
Skeptical like my body and soul can be
Knowing I'll just watch you fly
migayle ocuaman May 2019
When the world around you crumbles,
When life finally turns to death,
When reality slowly tumbles,
And you take your final breath,

When your memory succumbs to insanity,
When sadness fades to mirth,
When you cast off your own humanity,
Madness is more than your life is worth.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
how can the moon still shine being so alone
how can the midnight sky be starry bright
how can nature be silent and peaceful in tone
how can the breeze whisper so cold every night
how can the stars fall sprinkle its sparks of delight
how can the world be so peaceful on its own
how can only few see such harmonious sight
how can i sleep when faced with the nights unknown
how can some rare nights bring out the natures solemn
migayle ocuaman May 2019
childish minds that still linger
peaceful times where hope rings
they still live like flaming tinder
wandering eyes that look to the light
cherish this simple things
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Be mindful of the cough
Be mindful of the fever,
Dry your little tears,
Be silent, little children
For though you may be cold
And though you all may die
Do not fear, the end is near
Be happy the pain will fade,
Rest young one, Do not cry!

Disease that linger carried,
The death of a young child,
The death of a mother,
The place was quiet

Frozen are the remains that lay
Shattered broken mangled
Twisted limbs among the floor
As the rain falls over the them
The streets were left bare
The shops were cleared
The pestilence that shifts
By all that croaked or sneezed
Spreading like a gust of fire
Life be tortured till expired
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Cheers to the youth whom are so Merry, so glee,
they are at the gardens of the blessed saints,
where they know not of the sorrow and painful fees,
that man has sinned like dark horrid disease.

laughter and hymns have been offered,
whilst men from the ***** think backwards,
I see no hate upon his grand rapture,
but the wolves will come to disrupt and fracture.

for we shall seek fit in the coming of the new Israel,
opening the gates of Eden and welcomed by the angels,
let us live like saints who left their earthly materials,
for the youthful children shall gather around the faithful.

as the youth ascends to the heavenly bodies above,
away from the chaos and discord of the ***** below,
for he has Shepherd his flock out of pure love,
let man see his faults before he is brought low.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
There you are standing so beautifully
quietly humming a song to to the breeze
as i lay gazing till i fall soundly asleep
Feels like a scene from distant dream
just a melancholy moon kiss by the beams

Here you are standing by the edge dangerously
Dancing with the stars on the lines of infinity
all these lost past youthful memories
singing all these nostalgic strange melodies
watching you as if i may fall into eternity

Here I am within my room dazing away
looks back to you still awed by such grace
standing upon a pedestal you made for me
here you are asking me to join you in this dream
sweet smiles you offer me as though i should be free

here we are now waltzing gently to the symphonies
within our own little space, our own found galaxy
Waiting for our fate, our final eternal destiny
to which i wish to never waken cause this is ecstasy
but i know this only a dream a surreal ambivalent dream
migayle ocuaman May 2019
They spoke of honor, faith, and pride
My dear friend may it, my brother
This conflict has bleached its shine
Resilient we both are resolute to the end
Though we stand in opposite ground
Though our colors standard stand different

By breath of the breeze they flutter
To the land they impale our mother
This land now broken that cries to unite
We are all its gallant sons and daughters
Undaunted when called to the task
No matter the price and labor it shall be paid

Though our guns face in defense
Yet always in clashing tragic conflict
Aggressors and traitors, claimed foe we yell
Though a lie we know hidden well
In both we serve to protect our mother
To each we understand and know
That someday we too would falter and fall

What are we both fighting for?
What do all this shameless struggle be
Two brothers now tossed and torn
Two brothers dressed in different tattered garb
Anointed stains of red and black
As we both cry and feel the sharp bitter agony

But with all this said and done
I salute you so my dear brother
As I salute my fallen mangled own
I bow and kneel in fatigue and torment
Knowing we have shown great valor
Shattered flesh that once had lived

We all have endured equally
In this harsh vigorous tainted field
You had fought hard as I
With tears that flow I try to hold
I carry both burdens my own and yours
Buried together with same guarded honor

To hear the wailing sympathetic mourns
Melancholy hovers and fills the air with grief
You are Judas you are Lucifer you are Cain
Yet i have honored you and not slandered your body
Neither talked scorned or ill of your name
I have loved you though i have not known you

My dear brothers you all remain at rest in silence
Peace has arrived to rob your suffering away
I shall live and stand steward upon your tombs
Solemn will be the days when I lay down my arms
Patience that ages and fades in my drowning temple
You shall not be wayward lost for you are finally home

Sentinels of dreams, vanguard of centuries
Your acts be given as providence resides upon us
Watch over us all my dear fallen brothers and sisters
Intervene through your spirits that echoes eternally
Hail to the provider the giver of life to whom we trust
As we march and conquer this murky transparent soul
migayle ocuaman May 2019
What if there was never a next time
Then where would you take this rhyme
What if that night was the last chance
Now depressed you wish "you took his offer to dance"

Because life is unpredictable and nothing is true
But when it's your time you can't avoid when you're due
But don't be afraid every day is your last.
Just next time go in for a hug, don't pull away so fast.
migayle ocuaman May 2020
a mesmerizing radiance that made me wonder
seeing the same twilight sky makes me think
our hearts are seeing the same unlikely glow too
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Seeds of man that shall one day grow,
Let it blossom once more the flowers of youth,
The spring of enlightened breeze that blow,
Through the garden of hope, fertilized by truth,
Upon a land that has been set a blaze,
A nation that burns bright as hell fire,
The sufferings of this people for years and days,
For the system that cares nothing but selfish desire,
Yet the common man may not come to see,
To feel the fresh air of liberties breeze,
Time will pass again to the land in chains,
exposing the wolves that have reign,
till then we strive forward as our fathers did,
opening our eyes from the lies we've seen,
until the sun rises high we shall be rid,
the cancer of societies dark veil of evil sins,
Once we have been cleansed by waters of truth,
We shall once again bare the fruits of our labor,
Whereas are bond is strongly entwined as root,
we shall grow together strong for we have been delivered.
migayle ocuaman May 2019
To be honest
I can't believe we actually exist sometimes
Look around you
Our history is so tainted with blood and lies
such unforgiving sin that we forget so easily by
We have enslaved each and one another
all in the name of being better than the other

It's pure madness
We've fought against each other
Killing our own race, our own brother
Without a second to spare

It's scares me sometimes and honestly
If the planet could only speak
It would want us all to listen
Listen to it as it pleas us to work together
To end this cycle of pain and suffering
Before we all disappear entirely

the sad thing is the universe above us
with all the stars and galaxies won't even notice at all
if we suddenly disappear into the darkness of the abyss
We our a tiny smudge hidden in the universes mist
That in all of universal history we are closer to the fall

I even battle with my own existence and realize
that it's just utter MADNESS...
migayle ocuaman May 2019
The voice of true men stand in stifle
Through the flash and thunderous roar of guns
Their steel shined arms be the charm of rifles
Bleeding onward charging hordes that rush

True lionhearted brothers took to the field
Who undaunted as they answered the call
Sons and guards of liberty who never yield
Tall and wavering yet strong as a stonewall

Mustered men in hasty unfazed motion
Colors leading high touch by the light
Rising spirits filled with helm of devotion
Through the battle torn horrid sight

Plunge to the purging blaze of battle
Battle cries that ring loud through the abyss
The strength of mortal men's stalwart fate
As the rifle crack and the bullet hiss

Boys filled pale with fright and panic flight
Where the butchered slaughter swells
Avenging swords clash in mid-fight
Frenzied fierce glory as stout martyrs fell

Blurred haze of men in agonizing struggle
Wave of entangled brazen bodies
Wailing and mourning they rustle over
blazing fire that rages that never cease

Till the grave of the valiant have fallen
May they rise to the Lord of Hosts
Till final judgement be given solemn
To we who endure give you your last toast
migayle ocuaman May 2019
Our generation will be known for nothing.
Never will anybody say,
We were the peak of mankind.
That is wrong, the truth is
Our generation was a failure.
Thinking that
We actually succeeded
Is a waste. And we know
Living only for money and power
Is the way to go.
Being loving, respectful, and kind
Is a dumb thing to do.
Forgetting about that time,
Will not be easy, but we will try.
Changing our world for the better
Is something we never did.
Giving up
Was how we handled our problems.
Working hard
Was a joke.
We knew that
People thought we couldn’t come back
That might be true,
Unless we turn things around
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
conflagration that light the evening sky
crackling smoldering moans and laughter
two flames that dances in a  wild swirl
embers that glows bright as the star
blazing burning in sweet sinful desire
such internal inferno that slowly grows
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
A white porcelain cup,
containing hot coffee,
warming your hands,
on a cold rainy day.

Staring out of the window,
with it's facade wet with rain drops.
Melancholy. Regret. Sadness.
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
lonely nights that still amaze me how the sky looks starry in a mystic mist
As I look above I see spirals and glittering light in the dark ashen sky
Such luminous sparks of tinder to which cascades above
Heavenly ocean seas of cosmos not seen as the sun rises
Constellations of angels that hold dreams and hopes
Such nights hinders bellowing smog and the rattling of men
I am a child of the night who blossom under the moons gentle rays
I wish for sleep but the calmness of the hour lures me in wondrous desire
I am but a child of the night who's love making is done where others sleeps
I wish you stay up like me to witness such calm majesty of pleasures
That rare solemn nights perceive different beauty  
Under the cover of shadows that blanket this land
Its enchanting peace that puts all worries to rest
I await those who linger idle in the late serene hours of the night
Twilight breeze that bring chills that sing as it howls
They whisper words that tickle our senses
It calls who ever listen to stare in reflection under the moonlit sky
To those burdened by the heart the night has stilled and hush its anguish
O night lovely than the dawn who hold my secrets as i lay at ease
Beckoning comforts to those you have chosen as your children
We who have visions upon our slumber have seek refuge and joy
One day we shall sail through the nights crystalline glimmering vast mist
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
I was taught to obey
The god I am to worship
To the tones of the hymn I sway
To spread lies on my kinship

I devoted my life
And became His messenger
Cared little of the strife
Of families and their avengers

Women and children died
To spread a religion
Their bodies beaten and tied
To beat them into a descision

I was His
As was everything
In this world I used to remiss
Quite a merry thing

I should be an example
Of ideas and beliefs
They should not trample
I should help in times of grief

Yet I cause them
As they spread far and wide
Infidels we called them
Because they ran away to hide

Yet He always beckons
And I come to his aid
I have killed thousand; I reckon
To their graves they were laid

I feel as if I must break free
Before the final nail on my coffin
To run away and flee
Before I corrupt more of my offspring
migayle ocuaman Mar 2020
The gentle moon shines its beams to you,
As the night sparkles, it compliments your hue,
Your eyes that wonder and shines like the cosmos,
If I had one wish to be true you're the one I want most,
Among the twilight angels you alone got me in a trance,
Each step you take looks like celestial phenomenal dance,
Your pristine subtle smile that every star glances and follows,
Oh lovely, if we do part awaiting for another long tomorrow,
I'll stay right here till then dreaming of you through sorrow.
migayle ocuaman Nov 2019
careful to not play with the flames of the candle that keeps you alight and warm,
careful not to be fooled by its sweet scent a rose can give with it sharpest thorns,
careful not to jump on the edge of a cliff to which the abyss urges you to do,
careful to make a promise that you could never keep for we both play lies and tricks,
careful to preach words of comfort just to make sins in the shadows.
migayle ocuaman Sep 2019
Though we are so far apart
I shall sleep by the gentle stream
And as I dream a lofty dream
I feel the soothing warmth
Knowing that I am in your arms
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
I'm scared of my demons.
To me they are heathens,
I feel them breathing,
Their cold hearts beating,
The horrible screeching,
Is nothing but my dreaming,

Yet they are fallen angels,
They fell from heavens grace,
We are no different from them,
They too have a story to tell.
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
Would you mind coming with me?
We'll take a walk down the road of my mind.
You can feel what I feel,
Would you be that kind?

I'll take you to a place, Where the beautiful lights dance to the beats of these stars,
And as the waves of love touch our skin,
We'll feel the water curing our scars.

And back our way home, we'll pluck a black rose,
We'll keep it close to our eyes,
As a way for us to remember one day we'll all become memories,
And even the beautiful dies!
Would you come with me?
migayle ocuaman May 2020
she wrote sweet poems
she captures the light of day
and the coldness of the night
as her words waltz to her song
she claims she loves me
but in those script filled sea
she never once mentioned me
for those words once belong to me
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
What be made from flesh and bone?
Fallen ray like mindless drone.
Where body of built, be turned to rot,
By silent men of puppeteer's plot.
When to act and never from string?
To rise, and smell, the fragrance of spring.
How such life be was, to a stagnant of tale?
Blinded and used, manipulated and pale.
migayle ocuaman Aug 2020
in the sweetness of the morning air
and the light that touches the garden
i look at you as your calm smile
says all the words that need to be said
migayle ocuaman Sep 2019
tie yourself with a rope
life brings broken hope
always little open scope
such painful wounds I cope

Believe me when I say ‘You are alone’
I feel the shivering cold in my bone
Express your feelings within my own

Full of debt
Never properly slept
Always sadly wept
Wish I had something
Yet stolen treasures that once kept
I am unsuccessful, a failure... I am ******

You'll push me to continue the strife
While you'll steal the air i breath
And use it for your own little greed
You'll strangle and choke me till i'm white
Praying to persist for both your peace

You'll personally take me to my grave
Just you watch as i fade
You may say we're blood
But the thought just makes my blood boil

o sweet cold embrace of the abyss
lovely is your darkening kiss
you oblivion paradise always on my mind,
Body cold and stiff, now my pain I've left behind
eternal slumber I wait your sing call

I'm escaping all of the harm
And giving myself to you
so please accept me with open arms
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
I sit here alone,
Remembering the days that have gone....
Past words and feelings still
so fresh...
And suddenly from the darkness of my room I get the so much wanted cold embrace of Lady Death...
I leave this world behind with a heart full of joy...
I still can hear the birds and your heart beating next to mine...
I get flashbacks from when we were one...
Suddenly I wake up and find you sleeping peacefully in my arms and I think to myself
"It was just a dream...."
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
To the vanishing point.
To step over bounds.
To pass limits not thought possible.
To escape the wayward path of life.
That is what it means, to achieve dreams.

It is all beyond the Vanishing Point.
So set sail through the raging oceans.
hike that treacherous beaten path.
For all the greats have before.
Where the sky and land meet.
Where two sides are the same.
migayle ocuaman Aug 2019
winter won't last too long
till the snow melts and ice cracks
as the sun shines its warmth
and the trees bear leaves,
the flowers blooms once more,
and as the first birds return home
spring shall come quite soon
this cold will fade by its coming warmth
and as the season change so will you
migayle ocuaman Aug 2019
to the light that shines now lost
to the life that once lived at a cost
to the wine that sobers the heart
migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
In silence, in cold, she made her way through ice and snow.
Higher and higher she went,
Higher and higher until
She fell to one knee and could walk no further.

With a bitter cough into gloves as pure as the snow beneath her,
She saw the cost of her trek,
Her heart's blood,
A shock of crimson in her hands.

Chest aflame,
Cheeks burning with loss and regret,
She forgot why she had come.

The wind fell to a low whisper,
And she heard snatches of words she remembered,
Words from a world away,
Long-etched into the trappings of her soul.

She bit back the cries in her throat
As she looked down at the blood on her hands,
Warm and bright against the sullen snow,
Cost and comfort of her dying heart.

Chest aflame,
Cheeks burning with loss and regret,
She remembered the will of her mother,
The courage of her brothers and sisters,
All fallen.
All sleeping in silence as cold as the ice at her feet.
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