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migayle ocuaman May 2021
You are not merely art,
you are so much more,
you are beauty,
that was never known,
by it’s own creator.
migayle ocuaman May 2021
If one must love a rose,
you must love it wholly,
from its blossoms and thorns,
for love itself is not a easy thing.
migayle ocuaman May 2021
among the world I have a name
that drifts among the unknown
what I do and what I've done
is weaved among my fellows
who are just like me, until death
we will remain nameless in history
migayle ocuaman May 2021
if all souls are beautiful and warm
why does mine feel a coldness
to which cracks and shards
rip my being in painful forms
migayle ocuaman May 2021
I know nothing with any certainty
but the sight of the stars makes me dream
even that makes me believe in eternity
migayle ocuaman May 2021
I am afraid I won't have much time
so if it's alright to stare long into the sky
where even my ill fated mind may find solace
within its cracks that shows a bit of Elysium
migayle ocuaman Jan 2021
dead stars have no ghost
only to those who bear its memory
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