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Mar 24 · 49
Dolores Mar 24
Oh Spring,
when rain falls from clear skies
disguised surprise,

Feb 29 · 93
Dolores Feb 29
I'm swinging it away
I'm giving You a hint,
I'm buying her a dark green mug,
Sugar-coated fairy plum.

Crystal drops roll down her face,
I give her presents,
A pile of things,
Shiny, sparkly, golden rings,

I buy her ships to sail away
So she could leave me any day.
All those days she chose to stay,
Every night I hear her pray.
Feb 1 · 81
Dolores Feb 1
Over Your body the clouds go
High, high and icily
And a little flat, as if they

Floated on a glass that was invisible.
Unlike swans,
Having no reflections;

Unlike You,
With no strings attached.
All cool, all blue. Unlike You

You, there on Your back,
Eyes to the sky.
The spider-man have caught You.

Winding and twining their petty fetters,
Their bribes-
So many silks.

How they hate You.
They conserve in the valley of Your fingers, they are inchworms.
They would have You sleep in their cabinets,

This toe, and that toe, a relic.
Step off!
Step off seven leagues, like those distances

That revolve in Crivelli, untouchable.
Let this eye be an eagle
The shadow of this lip, an abyss.

~ Sylvia Plath
My favorite from the one and only Sylvia Plath❁
Nov 2023 · 270
People pleaser
Dolores Nov 2023
I **** fire with fire,
I drown water in liquid,
Bounded by my ties are earthly,
My father is a whirlwind.
Sep 2023 · 820
Kitchen floor
Dolores Sep 2023
He used to hide things for me
In the microwave
Or under a pile of serviette
In a metal room
Where I hid to eat
I ran away from all the heat
To talk about familiarities

He used to give things to me
On long working days
Chocolate ice cream,
Mixed with kindness
Served with dreams
Talks past midnights
Evening shifts

And when you were gone
My Mom told me,
That some things fade
And life moves on
Feelings shift
New plans will form
And loosing someone will keep you silent

But the things you gave me will always be kept.

Jun 2023 · 293
Phthalo blue
Dolores Jun 2023
Phthalo blue
You know I loved you

When the stars came out
And you painted them,

And when they disappeared
You left with them.
Feb 2023 · 411
Run to Becky
Dolores Feb 2023
I run from Becky,
She won't follow,
Lost to Jesus,
I live in sorrow.

I dwell in pain,
I shed some tears,
Change for the better,
But I'm still afraid

That I'll have to
Live without her,
Haven't seen her
Since last November,

I try to forget,
The things she shared,
The pain she left,
The way we met.

I think of her
And let her go
If you read this Becky,
I love you so

In this ache,
That I put myself in
I decided,
I run to Becky.
Feb 2023 · 126
Stream by River
Dolores Feb 2023
Put your head under water
So you can hear the sound
The water makes,
When your feet lose the ground
Places where I'm bound.
Dolores Dec 2022
This is going to be hard,
She turned to me and said, in the dark,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I can’t go home, and it hurts to stay,
I wake every day just to pretend and play
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I feel trapped by some people who love me,
And those who I love, hurt me,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I feel ashamed, for I can’t cope with pressure
But how could I live, if I cannot stress her?
And now my hands smell like Christopher.

I hold onto things which I should let go of,
Memories, letters, pink palms and photos,
And now my hands smell like Christopher.
Nov 2022 · 282
Dolores Nov 2022
Violet wait,
Violet move on,
It’s not yours to keep
Was never yours to take.

Violet stay,
Violet run far,
The stars are not aligned
Don’t search for signs, Divines

Violet tears,
Violet you’re tough
With time you’ll have,
No scars on your heart.
Nov 2022 · 173
Dolores Nov 2022
I’m so happy that the rain had stopped,
My hands got so tired of holding the umbrella.

While I should have just let the rain come.
Nov 2022 · 129
Dolores Nov 2022
I walk those streets with cobblestones
I stop by your house,
I count the windows
Lights on
I remember the doors, the numbers
Third on the left
Clothes on dryers
It’s such a mess you apologize,
Your help caught me by surprise

Knowing you is comfort
I can’t fill up spaces left by people
How I cut those strings if I get too close
In conversations my mind froze,
But not with you
You get my thoughts,
I remember our late night walk
Tiny room, our midnight talk
Two people who fell apart.
Nov 2022 · 126
Try to capture
Dolores Nov 2022
It used to be a Sunday,
Now it is a Monday,
The colors had changed too,
From orange to green,
The numbers from two to four,
Lost One on the go,
He fled as well,
Now twice the pain,
Soccer ball under the table,
No one there to play with it.

No arranged seats,
On old, gray sofas,
I won't hear your stories,
Your empty seats in every room,
All the things I can't ask you,
Thinking if you wonder too,
On lonely nights when it's so cold,
If she ever loved me too?
I think I was just there to listen,
Murdered by the wisest killer.

Your voice in my head,
Me doing nothing,
And waiting, always late,
When it came to timing,
It doesn't matter now,
As you'll be gone,
And you won't come back,
You don't even love me back,
And it's been too long,
For me to not move on.

But I'll keep the picture,
It's in my drawer,
My friends tell me I'm such a dreamer,
For thinking we'll be fine again,
But I know we'll never meet again,
So I get to hide my secret,
You were such a dear friend,
Your words so sweet,
When I felt so down,
I wish I could've called you mine.
Nov 2022 · 263
Dolores Nov 2022
He is so gray
Cold steel pain,
He drinks wine when it rains,

And when it rains too much
He drinks too much

And he forces his love upon me,
It's because I listen
I'm not lovely,

His eyes are blue
They look so dead,
And when he gets mad
He turns all red,

He talks to me with words so sweet,
Other times they cut so deep,
I really thought that you should know
I've gained much pain by loving you.
Oct 2022 · 360
Pink was her sky
Dolores Oct 2022
Pink was her sky,
It shines all around,
It warms up a cold heart,
She takes me on long walks,

Pink was her cheek,
Painted by breeze,
The colors surround her,
She lives in a dream,

Pink was her smile,
Which She never hides,
Wayward by nature,
Still everyone praise her.
Oct 2022 · 108
Dolores Oct 2022
It’s two past midnight and I sit in my orange place,
The tiniest that I call home,
I share a bathroom.
In this little town, it’s not my own
But that is the beauty in it
That I got to share it with you
Even if at times I didn’t even know.
I walked those streets all alone
And I still do
But now in a different way
Since now you are gone
For good
And I can let go
I have to let go
Oct 2022 · 363
Dolores Oct 2022
And I bathe the Moon in the Stars,
She keeps my secrets and travels far,
As She looks up, Her eyes light up,
Pours Her Stars into my heart.
Oct 2022 · 76
Dolores Oct 2022
I’ll pretend that it’s not there
The shirt I chose for the dinner
I turn away when I see the tower
Like on my night walks if I see a spider

I plug my ears if I hear guitars
Because I know it’s not you singing,
I know it’s not you in the church
In silence, with me, sitting

Flowers, dresses, vivid colors,
Happiness surrounds you,
Roses exchanged they’re still my favorites
And Sunflowers are all about you.

I have lost a lot of things
Sometimes they just disappear
And no one warns me or says goodbye
They just leave, but some turn around.
Sep 2022 · 109
Not today
Dolores Sep 2022
We’re so not alike
But with you I feel so alive
Like I have chances, choices
But to you I think I’ve never told this

That you turned around
When I watched you leave
Your coffee mug that you let me keep
Give me time to let me heal.

Memories left to relive,
And now when I need to walk those streets
I get overwhelmed by all those feels
Of emptiness, my salty tears.

One day you'll be coming back
And I'll be here, stay if I can
And gather all we left behind
Sources of a different kind.
Sep 2022 · 163
Dolores Sep 2022
I looked around
You were standing there,
He is not like anyone
I've ever seen I swear

Everything I love is in you
When you speak
Your words feel so true
Your world seems so blue

Even though it dressed you in brown
Even though it gave you no clouds
Only drought and sand in wind
Tiny planes, walls with hieroglyphics,

It also gave you space to thrive
I'm sure you were the golden child
And you gave your all, never waste a night
***** of fire burns your life.
Sep 2022 · 53
I stole Her from You
Dolores Sep 2022
I still stop by that street at night
And stare into the abyss
I left a part of my past there
In shadows, secrets I reminisce

The cat you gave me
He died last year
I lost you too
Although, you are still quite near

It's all the things
I won't get back
All the words
That I left unsaid

And you still remember
The day that I was born
The date I hate
When I stole Her from You

Just imagine the life
You could have lived
Drummers, dancers, motors
She could have gotten all of it

And now she has untidy rooms
Where are all the colors, lovely books?
Just impatience and 'Hurry up!'s
'Why didn’t you fix them up's

Want to run but it’s only walls
And time doesn’t heal
You’ve tried that one
Too responsible for a runaway car.
Sep 2022 · 66
Mourn her
Dolores Sep 2022
Oh how you love her
It’s how planets move around,
So effortlessly

Oh how you mourn her
It’s how you miss memories,
So painfully

Oh how you see her
It’s how colors are painted,
So vividly

Oh how you leave her
It’s how leaves change shades,
So suddenly

Oh how you talk about her
It’s how words are born,
Through poetry.
Sep 2022 · 293
I wrote this for You
Dolores Sep 2022
This desire
For someone to love us
To care about us
And for us to take care of them,
If I have someone I can talk to,
And when they ask me questions,
The same topics and interests
Is there anything more fulfilling than that?
Could that be the point of life?
Could that be the purpose of living?
Or the bane of our existence?
Aug 2022 · 103
Dolores Aug 2022
I won't forget how it started,
Us looking for faith,
Coming from you all the words,
I was too afraid to say,

I won't forget how it went on,
Same old gray couch,
Touching elbows,
Never too close

And it's such jubilation
With flying, pointing arrows,
Late night talks, your hundred tales,
You left me in an empty maze

Sunday church,
The cheat card games,
As I think back now,
It feels unreal

So I drink my tea,
Let You laugh at me,
And on one summer Sunday eve,
I turn around to watch you leave.
Aug 2022 · 222
Dolores Aug 2022
You talk about attraction
But I only heard subtraction,
It's me leaving a building
It's you fleeing a country,

Still I count my numbers
If they are repeating,
Showing up
In various places,

I pay attention for a while
Before I lose my faith
In reading signs,
You know the feeling when magic dies.

But I paint you the sky
If you ask me for a cloud,
Tender is the Night,
Your lightning striking through the Sky.

The one that I painted,
So I can only blame me,
For me leaving a building,
And hating you for fleeing,

For being in love
With someone else
And when I was ready to tell you that,
You told me you were coming back.

And just like that, you are gone again.
Aug 2022 · 117
Dolores Aug 2022
I am like a lonely tree,
In an open field,
Roots don't touch.
Jul 2022 · 95
Dolores Jul 2022
I got new keys
Now it’s three of them
Like the letters in your name my friend

Three places to go
Among only one is home
Until I shall live in hope

Of finding home
And finding you
And finding out now what is true.
Jul 2022 · 99
All that Space
Dolores Jul 2022
I feel like I've been here for years
I feel like I've been here for decades
I feel like I've been here for centuries
I feel like I've been here for millenniums
I feel like I've been here for eons
Jun 2022 · 161
Dolores Jun 2022
I love those days,
When we don't part ways,
Every chord you play,
The things in words I can't explain,
When it comes to you.
"But it's often the bitter things, that I've seen
That compliment the ending."
May 2022 · 205
Dolores May 2022
If You could paint me,
You would paint me blue.
Apr 2022 · 472
Dolores Apr 2022
Wine and cake
You're in the garden
I watch you drink
You are from my head

Very pretty,
Girls must like you
With puppy love,
They admire you

Good with words,
True gentleman,
Sweet like honey,
Made by wasps.
Apr 2022 · 514
Head in Clouds
Dolores Apr 2022
It took me a while
But I realized
I can still walk the line
While looking at the sky.
Apr 2022 · 159
Make me believe
Dolores Apr 2022
Where do I go from here?
It's about the question,
Not the location.
Mar 2022 · 171
Dolores Mar 2022
My love is winter skies,
Ice cold cheeks,
Rainy days and frozen tears

It's a series of sad songs,
The most melancholic,
But I don't mind it not being frolic

It's loosing, finding, keeping hope
Old park benches,
Not staying close

Like the future
That never comes
It's the kind that only haunts.
Mar 2022 · 223
Light night
Dolores Mar 2022
Are there ever clear skies when the Moon wants to hide?
Or does she have control over the Clouds?
Feb 2022 · 414
Dolores Feb 2022
He is a nature guy,
Fish, cuts roses,
Spending his time,
Building houses

Or run a country,
Whatever you wish for,
He would survive anyway,
Such hindsight or fore?

Art is his religion,
He walks away alone,
In the mist,
But he is never on his own

Dance moves,
Empty living room,
I didn't write him,
To be blue

I wish I had met you before,
Now I think it's too late,
You know I had this problem,
Always with timing.
"Hindsight. It's like foresight without a future"-G.M.
Feb 2022 · 115
Stick around
Dolores Feb 2022
I seek my worth in others
Live on "sorry to bothers"
And find my world in books
As reality won't let me close

I deprive myself
Of things that I don't have
And for you I think
I cannot prove less

I observe, I'm like a house plant
And the worst thing is,
I never start,
I just say I can't

And sometimes all I feel is fear
For me, nothing is ever clear
And I could shed a thousand tear,
I'm always gone to be right here.
Feb 2022 · 452
The Laughing Man
Dolores Feb 2022
The Laughing Man,
I call you that,
A mix of orange, light brown led,

You don't like us,
You frighten me,
Alone, young, it's so lonely,

And as I watched you,
Beer in hand, big, smiley face,
I knew you were a severe case,

I might know your story,
Left behind,
I won't ever see you cry,

Then keep your distance,
Laughing Man,
Show them that you never care,

You are fine and life is cool,
But I won't ever be your fool,
I see past pretended grins,
Empty stares and uptight chins.
Feb 2022 · 82
Dolores Feb 2022
If You are blue, I must be yellow
I'm much more mellow

Forget-me-not brilliance
It's my favorite shade,
The sunflower is mine in a way,

You're the clear, blue sky
The honey in the lion,
Something sweet from strong, not sour,

Color of a bitter fruit,
The way You paint a starry night,
Sorry for keeping You in disguise,

I realize now, that I'm lost and blue,
But Your shades,
They all shine through.
Jan 2022 · 279
Went now Gone
Dolores Jan 2022
Blue                      kept
Bridge                  locked
   ­ Gray            came   
Jan 2022 · 363
Dolores Jan 2022
He didn't tell me to keep it,
But I know a secret when I hear one.
Jan 2022 · 883
Heal me
Dolores Jan 2022
Where do you go?
You just died
I could see it
Like a thousand times

One step ahead
Fond of planning
Like the sharpest knife
Always stabbing

Bury your secrets
Under the birdbath
In your backyard
Through the red path

And I won't look for signs
My eyes wide shut
Still find yourself
Among prison walls
Jan 2022 · 111
Dolores Jan 2022
Useless dreams
You can't sleep
Look at you
Blues so deep

In your nightmares
You see faces,
Blood red traces
Unsolved cases

Dead white flowers from a cab
You always end up in a trap
Reckless, brave you fear to feel
I hope he helps you to feel seen.
Jan 2022 · 124
Stream-like path~
Dolores Jan 2022
Sometimes a path of snow looks like a stream
And my heart aches as it's such a lovely scene
Not planted flowers blooming in crimson
Colors, feelings of warmer seasons
Just the pale snow without footprints
So bright making my eyes squint
I refuse to pass, I leave it untouched
As wild things are often unmarked
And when summer comes I wonder back
But you always stay my stream-like path.
Jan 2022 · 122
Who do you know?
Dolores Jan 2022
Where should I go?
You are all I know
Maybe I should stop
Talking to the void.
Dec 2021 · 96
Vice Versa
Dolores Dec 2021
I won't meet what I feel
I can't speak what I think
I'm tired of searching for You in the smallest details

I'm tired of Your name
It's all over the place
I can't live without seeing Your face

I'm lost in my lines
My papers into pieces
Traps and not releases

I can fall for You again
Whenever You want me to
Hoping You will love me too.
Dec 2021 · 235
She is *electric*
Dolores Dec 2021
Sad, sad, sadness never happy
Hard for you to be this pretty
Cry away your pain in bathrooms
Secrets, perfumes, red "I love you"s

Dancing, silence, head back
Sparkling rivers I call teartracks
Smoke from your own cigarette
Some people you call hiraeth

Smile that hides a hundred stories,
Never tempted by blaze of glories
You write songs to forget cheaters
Lovers, leavers, secret keepers.
Dec 2021 · 256
Dolores Dec 2021
I'm drawn to words,
Tell me something beautiful.
Dec 2021 · 132
Dolores Dec 2021
You pull me the curtain,
                        So I can see the lights
One of them turned red,
                       The other one went out
But I can still remember,
                       The way they used to look
And how they used to feel,
                       Some senses I can keep
Since I'm numb and only fear.
Dec 2021 · 520
Dolores Dec 2021
Why the color Blue,
Every time I fall in love?
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