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Emmett Sep 2021
I am ready for anything...
Except death
Why not death?
Death is the one place where an “I” cannot reside
Emmett Jan 2021
What’s sleep for you?
A warm tender embrace with arms held wide? Or a octagon where winner is the one who vanquishes the other?
Emmett Jan 2021
A typing computer
with fingers on the other side

Fingers that are telling me
all the love they don’t have
Emmett Jan 2021
the way you used to hold me in your arms
you accepted for me
and so much more
but that's not how it's gonna be

I accepted you
accept me
you just go and exempt me
Emmett Jan 2021
I am

The angle of life
the demon of death

The blind man
sees me walking across the street

Me, a legless dance
that skips to the beat of a deaf composer

She reads a white page
She asks why it sings

I am the paradox
of all things

I am a god a goddess the light the dark
The striving the thriving when we are apart

Me and I we reach for each other
each caught up, promised one to another

I have the drive to strive to be alive to live a life worth living.
One of glory of peace of a nice warm fleece
A sock laid down by the fire

I have the drive to thrive and dive into the hive of my mind.
A place where life resides and death awaits
behind the line, beneath the fence, beyond the gate
Emmett Jan 2021
I Doubt?
Am I really the one that's doing the doubting
I look up and down and all around and yet all I see is this abyss
of pain and fear and envy and worry
Am I really doing the doubting or is this just another matrix?

I Think?
Am I really the one that's doing the doubting
Sometimes I look out into my mind and it's clear as day
But then there's now when everything thing seems as a wall with no window
These days everything seems to fade away
Emmett Jan 2021
Love divorces one person from another

At first, you think you loved the person
then you realize you loved the love

Love breaks
Love tears down
Love destroys a heart and leaves it on the ground

Love separates the two --
the person loved and the other

When the loved is gone
There remains only you
and the battlefield of hearts

I wouldn't give that battle up for anything
it was a privilege to be broken by you
it was an honor to love and die
it was my joy to be the one you called late at night.
never again
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