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Jun 24 · 25
You were my guide
Emmett Jun 24
You were supposed to be my guide.
I was the one to tuck you into bed tonight.
I was the one who watched the sunset turn to day.
That night you kissed my lips I knew we’d be okay.
I thought I’d spend my nights with you we’d cuddle all the time.
I thought that within your love i would reside.

I used to be the one you called till five.
We used to sing songs of stars and walks at night.
Now you’re gone I don’t know how to stay alive.
I used to ask why you cried at night.
I was always willing to drive to your side
I don’t know how to say goodbye.

I remember the nights you hold me tight.
In your arms.
I reach my arm around your back.
You said I’m cold don’t hold back.
That night I kissed your lips.
Then I left you in my mind.

Tears filling the gaps I couldn’t reside.
You say your fine with how you are.
I’m fine with me and myself and I.
What about how we used to be?
I remember when we FaceTimed until three.
And then I'd sleep.

You’d laugh and say just go to bed.
I’d say I’m tired but please bother me.
No one is rather break my heart.
But you.
And you’ve done it too.

You say "I’ll never leave your side."
Now you’ve gone and done it too.
Even though it was a one time deal.
It’s hard enough to lose you.
I can’t imagine what I’d do if you found someone else for you.

I don’t think I could ever go back to the way that we used laugh. The way I used to hold you in my arms.
I’d think back and see how you broke my heart.
I would never trust again.
Not to do it all again.

I know it’s not just you who deceived.
Your parents and society.
I would have never stopped loving you.
If you wanted me to.

Now you’re a different person in my mind.
I loved the something, something inside.
You used to be the one I held so tight.
Now another friend waves goodbye.

Cause it’s not like you changed your face your name or the way you walk.
But when I see your face you’ve changed from the someone I used to hold.
I thought I’d never fall in love.

There’s no more love to hold my heart.
No more love to hold me when I cry.
No more love to kiss me late at night.
No more love to warm my freezing mind.
Goodbye my love.
Goodbye my life.
I’ll live on.
Live on without you.
But I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone to replace.
Jun 1 · 21
Emmett Jun 1
It struck me like a vacuum
Out of the love that surrounded me
it ****** it all away


I REMEMBERED how your breath felt against

I REMEMBERED how your lips tasted of chap stick (I was never quite sure of what kind)

I REMEMBERED the ice cream swirl of epiphanies brought about by your laugh.

I REMEMBERED "how lucky am I to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard"

I REMEMBERED crying in your arms

I REMEMBERED how we would stay up until ungodly hours speaking of life

I REMEMBERED how you showed me that I could feel.
That there wasn't just gray but rather a beautiful, wonderful, colorful swirl of pain and joy and kindness all around us.

I REMEMBERED the joking scoldings when I fell asleep

I REMEMBERED being able to complement you. When I could so "no!!! You don't look weird!!! You look gorgeous!". Then you would awkwardly try to push the complement away

I REMEMBERED how we used to talk. I was always knowing you better

Now: we are stagnant
Now: I am gray
Now: I am crying

The vacuum of remembrance
the only vacuum that gives to take away
May 23 · 44
Joy is not foolish
Emmett May 23
We fool ourselves with the small things
But joy is never foolish
Emmett May 19
I sink deep
Out my tears leap

You slumped on the floor
With bottle by the door

Your sobs unheard, masked by the pain
A single glass window between you and the sane

I ask if you drank the pain,
swallowed the death,
lived a life,
cut the flesh,
drew the blood,
or... can I help you out of the ******* down mud

Life happens for you
Death comes no matter what you do

So, take the time you need
Process, but don't plead

Take a moment
Stand on your feet
See that wasn't hard
Just one small feat

Feel your legs
Touch your chest
Dance a bit
Try your best

After all, if you do
That's all anyone can ask of you

Now take a step
Then another
Keep on stepping
Live your life for no other

You see: a splotch of failure, a bucket of pain,
A scotch of contentment, and a clump of gain

Life is all of these, but it depends
On an ocean of life, a mountain of friends

So, when you lay in bed at night
With the knife pressed to your windpipe
When hope of life seems foregone
Drop the knife and carry on
Just so you all are aware I wrote this as an able bodied person and if stepping has to be a metaphor for you that is okay.
May 15 · 294
Emmett May 15
Writing my soul out
Writing my tears out
Writing my thoughts out
Writing my emotions out

It won’t go out

I want my heart out
My pain out
It all to stop  
To be numb

But I can’t so I lie in bed
Unmoving except to write it out

I write my soul out
I write my tears out...
And so it begins
Emmett May 1
Everyone except me accepts
me for who I am
I need to exempt myself
from the exemplary
Don’t focus on exempting me
Just focus on excepting me for me
Apr 28 · 39
Except me... accept me
Emmett Apr 28
Everyone meets...
except me

Everyone laughs...
except me

Everyone loves...
except me

Everyone everything...
except me
Apr 28 · 90
First love
Emmett Apr 28
What is love
I'm not sure

I said I yearned
You said let's adjourn

We've never met in court since
Apr 28 · 16
A Metaphor for a Mind
Emmett Apr 28
Plunge beneath the surface
sink yourself deeper

Your lungs give ut
you need to breath

The current flexes its fingers
tighter around you

You **** in
You breathe out
The tide comes in
The life goes out
Apr 26 · 27
Emmett Apr 26
who’s to say that your own existence
is all that exists
and we’re making up this reality for your own sanity
Apr 26 · 17
Save a life
Emmett Apr 26
Howdy doodie doo?
How are you?
What are you thinking?
What can I do?
Apr 26 · 23
Emmett Apr 26
except me.
Accept me.
Apr 20 · 40
Emmett Apr 20
I don’t know the words to say
Each time I open up my mind pushes me away
It’s there’s a lock down in my mind
My thoughts are left there always to reside
Apr 16 · 43
death to everyone else
Emmett Apr 16
Your life happens to you
Your death happens to everyone else
Apr 16 · 26
Act Like It
Emmett Apr 16
You see, muscle, muscle is created by repeating lifting things that have been designed to weigh us down, so when your shoulder is feeling heavy, stand up straight, lift your chin, hell, call it exercise.

Remember that life is a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy.
Remember that you will survive.
Remember, things could be worse.
Remember, we have never ever given anything that we can’t handle.
When the world crumbles around you, you have to look at the wreckage, and then build a new one out of all the pieces that are still here.
Remember, you are still here.

The human heart beats approximately 4000 times per hour, and each pulse, each throb, each palpitation is a trophy, engraved with the words, You Are Still Alive.
You are still alive.
Act like it.
I absolutely loved this Rudy Francisco poem so I had to pay it forward
Apr 15 · 31
Loving stops
Emmett Apr 15
Life is a series of idles,
waiting for something to happen

Find someone who fills those stop-sign-breaks
with love
Apr 14 · 40
Emmett Apr 14
I plot
I ponder
Some days I simply persist

If time dilates when one moves at high speeds
Does it contract when one moves barely at all
A beautiful quote from a beautiful book
When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi
Apr 11 · 38
Emmett Apr 11
Wise men say
Only fools rush in

But there’s no way
To find what can’t be found
Apr 11 · 28
Stars gone
Emmett Apr 11
Twinkle twinkle little star
Within my heart you’ve hid so far

I dig deep but not to find
All the feelings I’ve felt and left behind

With you
Apr 8 · 38
What’s life for?
Emmett Apr 8
If you can find joy in a walk
Does IT ever really matter?
Apr 8 · 38
Emmett Apr 8
A tilled life of memories
That, once your gone,
You never get to enjoy
Apr 8 · 42
Emmett Apr 8
Some days feel like your own personal winter,
Devoid of love  

Then you walk outside
And the grass is warm
Apr 8 · 14
Someone Needed, Gone
Emmett Apr 8
It’s funny how you need someone
Then they leave...
You still need them

Then one day  
You’re walking by yourself
And realize you can smile without them
Apr 8 · 40
ur lovely
Emmett Apr 8
hi lovely (:
Let’s do some self care, yeah?
first, throw on your fav baggy jammies
yes, i have acne too, it’s okay (:
ur cute :)
now get comfy cozy and get some rest.
i love u.
This was a quote from one of my friends @laurenmcofferyyy
Apr 6 · 300
Crushed in flight
Emmett Apr 6
With you
I knew
All the lights and darks of tears

With you
I knew
The highest highs and lowest lows

With you
I knew
How another persons silence could be the greatest of comforts

Now your gone
No longer can I take comfort in your silence only Emmett’s silence

I’m my old self

Stuck on level ground
No longer able to sing melodies from the tops of mountains
No longer am I crushed beneath the weight of drowning tears

Is this good? Or did I lose myself in you?
Apr 6 · 72
Tough to live
Emmett Apr 6
Sometimes it’s tough

Tough to live
Tough to love
Tough to trust again
Tough to decide to make it to another day
Tough to make today a success

The time is now. Not sometime
Apr 6 · 39
To love
Emmett Apr 6
A heart pumped full.  
Laced with fear.
Slowly bleeding out.
Apr 5 · 23
In my mind
Emmett Apr 5
A loss
No matter how temporary
Is forever permanent
Held by a regretting mind
Apr 4 · 186
Emmett Apr 4
Goodbye I love you...
Goodbye love...
Apr 3 · 22
Emmett Apr 3

A good change
doesn’t always
feel that way

Love Emmett
Emmett Apr 3
Thank you sun
Thank you garden
Thank you friend and piano and breath
Thank you sister
And thank you laughter
And thank you trampoline

Thank you trees
Thank you blankets
Thank you books

Thank you Hello Poetry
And love
And the ability to try again tomorrow

Thank you for my ability to smile
Thank you tears
Thank you bracelet giver

Thank you punching bag
And karate
And gloves

Thank you knuckles
and hands
and feet

Thank you legs
Thank you feet
Thank you chairs

And especially
Thank you moon
Thank you clouds
Thank you stars
I can get lost in you and lose myself

Thank you life
I appreciate you
Apr 3 · 42
Goodbyes = not fun
Emmett Apr 3
Why do I cry at night
And when I’m in plight
You leave me out of sight

Why do I smile during the day
And when I see you we dance and play
But then I fall when you finally say g’day
Apr 3 · 40
Beautiful mind
Emmett Apr 3
Hey you!
Yes you with the creative beautiful mind!
You deserve the world plus one
So go get ‘em!

You’re enough
Apr 3 · 34
Darkness shatters
Emmett Apr 3
I saw a picture today. This is what it felt like:

Darkness shattering across my heart
Splinters left for me to pick up

Because each smile you give to someone else leaves me wondering if I was really enough

You roved the landscape of that darkness
But never with me

You left that broken glass for me to clean up
Saying simply “I might”
Apr 3 · 42
Emmett Apr 3
The sunrise shattered across the discordant melodies of my mind
A sudden bursting of light and sound
Reverberating so beautifully as to cause my eyes to reach into the lakes of muck to find the clearest tear
Emmett Apr 3
It’s funny a how a smile can cause so much ache
Apr 2 · 34
Emmett Apr 2
Some days you succeed
Some days you don't
But you can only fail in one thing
Not trying again tomorrow
Apr 2 · 24
Lines written pt. 2
Emmett Apr 2
I see your heart
being ripped apart

I hear your lungs
crying out for help

I feel your smiles
are all going stale

I know your eyes
are not dry now

The sands all gone
The glass layers by
and I'm almost gone

My time is almost gone
You left my heart there's no return
All the lines have all been drawn
But there's all the fire you can't unburn

I see you hear you
Feel you know you
My dust is crying
Out to hold you
Apr 2 · 252
Lines written pt. 1
Emmett Apr 2
Feel my dust
slipping through my hands

Feel my dust
falling on the floor

Feel my dust
reaching for your heart

Feel my dust
being pushed away

Feel my dust
Feel my dust
It's almost gone

My time is almost gone
You left my heart there's no return
All the lines have all been drawn
Yet there's all the fire you can't unburn
Apr 2 · 46
Emmett Apr 2
Well dang, sister!
Who gave you the right to be shining up my day with that face?!
Apr 2 · 32
Emmett Apr 2
yes you with the unbreakable mind
Yes you with the shining heart
you are loved
love doesn't need you to be extraordinary

thought you should know that
Apr 2 · 24
Mountain mover
Emmett Apr 2
Thanks to you
Thanks to me
Thanks to all those in their individuality
You are enough as you are

Go get 'em mountain mover
You are enough. you are loved. you are extraordinary
Apr 1 · 95
Emmett Apr 1
Goodnight joy
Goodnight after
laughing crying dying laughter

Goodnight books
Goodnight smiles
And all my silly little whiles

Goodnight moon
Goodnight stars
I hope you sleep well in this little bed of ours
Mar 31 · 46
Future death
Emmett Mar 31
Only with the hope of a future
Do we survive the present
Mar 30 · 36
You, the star
Emmett Mar 30
Twinkle twinkle little star
Don't leave your life and go to far

You count the steps there's quite a sum
but look and see how far you've come

Twinkle twinkle little star
you are enough just the way you are
Goodnight loves. You are good. You are wise. You are enough. You are loved
Mar 30 · 43
Emmett Mar 30
The key to the wrong door

The door to the wrong key

A smile, unseen waits on the other side

Switch keys... please?
Mar 30 · 134
Keys and Doors
Emmett Mar 30
You are the doorway
They the key
your friendship and love the path to light
Take it
Open the door
Mar 30 · 29
Emmett Mar 30
Reach out to nothing
to receive help for something
Mar 29 · 22
Emmett Mar 29
I see your body
But fall in love with your mind

I like for a face
I love for a thought
Mar 29 · 39
Emmett Mar 29
It will be hard
But say yes
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