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Dec 2020 · 24
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
Writing while half awake & dealing with ***** trash
slide down the slide see the blue sky
I've opened my heart to no one but the night
Dec 2020 · 29
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
Starving til i have a 6 pack.

Fat pigs sleep in hay
I've rolled in the dirt and want my fix

To see my ****
To see the veins writhe. No love being a blob.
I want to cease it all so it can make sense somehow. Drop the spoon' pick up the knife
Dec 2020 · 40
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
Blocked me the second there was push back
the second the cacophony of your own voice was met by another

I'm a lot like you. It's easy to be yourself when no one is watching
Don't sell out
Dec 2020 · 32
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
The line at the post office stretched for half a mile and it made me sick
Now this is contrived

Now this is about humanity

Now the ravens flock around the eviscerated mound
My jacket was black & i had 3 like it
No line is too long when youre dead inside
Dec 2020 · 25
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
'Crazy' people dont post goofy poems on some poem sharing site to exalt their 'genius'
They just **** in a hallway or cut their **** off

Ooo ooo ooo oooloooo crazy
Im crazy
I'm depressed and I've since made that distinction a while back
Catch up
Dec 2020 · 120
Jonas ernest Dec 2020
I get dumber by the day
Pretty soon I'll be too dumb to understand
Drooling in the wind with my
Eyes wide open
Nov 2020 · 47
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
My face doesnt fit my head
My shoulders don't fit my legs.
My clothes don't fit my back
My chest doesn't fit this this shirt

I d be fine being ugly if it didn't matter

And i wish I could wear your smile
Nov 2020 · 32
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
Went through the forest and sat on a rock in the sun. There was no life there but a barking dog
I walked back through the mud
and uploaded a picture
What next
. .
I see an invisible door
I peak through
Weary and bored. Fresh air
Nov 2020 · 29
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
everyday feels like a breakdown



In the pan

Covers and heated beds. Making up stories for morons
liars awake them
Nov 2020 · 24
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
Keep dreaming of death
and dismemberment

The death does nt phase me.The clean up, annoying

If it goes on like this
what will the neighbors say

Awkwwrd thoughts
Nov 2020 · 28
Jonas ernest Nov 2020




Rolloing in filth with the feces scraping the light

Look out


With a balll and fist

Get waht you deserve

No fun now when it's all for keep
Nov 2020 · 34
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
What used to be hard is now soft

& what used to hurt feels like laughter


If you push it in maybe it will

Nov 2020 · 19
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
divided in two skulls two lives

2 eyes

2 tongues

2 hearts

2 livers.3 fingers

5 hands.6 legs

13 faces

14 teeth

16 parasites

and green roses on your table

and breakfast for the

dogs. I walk along the embarkadero. Feet in cement
Nov 2020 · 12
Margarita Iglesias
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
funeral Mass will be celebrated for Margarita "Maggie" Iglesias  at 1: 00 p.m. , at Sacred Heart Catholic Church today, November 28, 2020. Burial will follow at Palm Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery in the Ceballos-Diaz Funeral Home of Edinburg. Sadie is in charge of arrangements.
Nov 2020 · 22
Nationwide necrosis
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
As theyre relieved so are the patent watchers said the director.
No need for nose bleeds or salty iron. Count your pennies, Stew shine on rain
Had enough of ***** casualties and stringy viscera. Eat your own ***** and your own ***** Fish.

   An age of time
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
The test trial for the vaccine will be available in designated treatment zones within the Pittsburg municipality says the health director.
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
The sale extends until wednesday.
Many styles in women's sunglasses
Nov 2020 · 29
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
Push pin

Soda & fleas tongue


Normalized by 5

with a chip in place

Unlock it now

Ruiners WASP. And guns pointing


unlike gestation

Wound up : impulse bit blown . leak away red res red red red

          redvred red
It toook so long
Nov 2020 · 72
" - "
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
Female, 18, white
5 ft 7 in, Toned
USA > California > Anaheim place
Girlfriend Next Door💙

60mins:350 Msog
90mins:500 Msog

GFE baby
+50 cim
+50 cof
+100 greek
Nov 2020 · 31
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
It took time to forget

I didn't think i would but i did
And i remember the good
Faucets running
And fires burning
What did I go crazy for

Nov 2020 · 30
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
it hurts

so much there's a tear in this heart

So much the claws come clawing

So much

the knees dont bend

So much the surprise is apathy and the face is demented like rot on a lung

I hang my head inside. I wrap up the good ones who wont go. Free as ever.

- you
Nov 2020 · 22
Jonas ernest Nov 2020
I can't look anymore all

All I see are dead lizards and gaping holes

The lonely watchman takes his drag; what was your name

Oct 2020 · 31
Jonas ernest Oct 2020
Lost my way long ago
doesnt mean I cant find another
Sep 2020 · 54
Jonas ernest Sep 2020
it's been quiet lately    so I just  listen
Aug 2020 · 61
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
it's well lit here on a superfical level
But it's dark inside

I can't see whats in front of me
Or what's lurking in the shadows

Pretend to be asleep
The mourning is almost here
Aug 2020 · 43
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
This is the sound of a well acclimated and upstanding member of society eating his öats

I spoon said öats into my esophagus
with great dexterity
   And read many instruction manuals.
I practice essentialism. I cry when i need to.
Shake hands with my spouse
I forget the point now
Aug 2020 · 33
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
My biggest fear is being alone
Or ending up a loser
But both outcomes are predicated on people's perception of me

But perceptions change

If i had money I could wear a bathrobe to the store with a zebra cowboy hat
And the money would make me eccentric

$$$$ could buy an infant from a mother.

$$$$ could buy you a liver from a healthy farmboy in peru

$$$$$ could buy you tickets to a ******
Thats all that matters in this shitshow.
Your personality is irrelevant
They want what youve got
They dont want you
Aug 2020 · 22
too far to hold you
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Was it love

Does a child love his imaginary friend.

It was real

You made me cry when i was all alone
And the knife pressed even deeper

I couldn't face the day knowing I hurt
nobody but static air
I lost all sanity then
And you just laughed, and i just turned out the light and walked towards anywhere

Aug 2020 · 29
Sep 16
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
at the point of giving no *****
Im a lost cause
I need community
and belonging

Im severed from my tribe
a talking head with a lizard brain
hopscotching over coals

The hardest part is going on when you've already made your grave

Are there still beautiful things
Aug 2020 · 26
Jonas ernest Aug 2020

speeding towards the window
    firecrackers in delighted limbo

I had no mail
but the trash you sent me
You want me gone
So do i
Aug 2020 · 36
. _
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
. _
Took a picture head-on on instagram
no filters
No angles
Not a smile

i was happy
It's a step towards real
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
all my relationships fall apart because i cant just be one grounded person
I am a thousand people, and there
     Aren't very many good ones in the bunch

The guy typing is ok,
His name is jo
Aug 2020 · 33
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
i hope i die in my sleep

  I hope i feel
      the calm
Breeze as i slip away
Into benign

So quiet
She wipes away my
Aug 2020 · 51
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
2 + 2
= 5

But it's a matter of opinion.

Who's to say how dark is the night
When it's merely a shade

There is no Reason
Aug 2020 · 36
Real life poem
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Real life

Wore mask
Bought sprite

"Wheres the SPRITE ****"



A five

Drink a sprite

******* and **** my weasil

She sleeps in hay
The world is dead

and theresa cries in her soft hands
Aug 2020 · 35
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Stop laughing at me you ***** before i sever your throat and place
You on a mantle

with the sun

and saturn with his children
All but


No heirs for a

No heirs for the priest.


It sets down in the blue
Aug 2020 · 41
still born
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Beaten down
fist on my eye with black tears
Boot on my throat and grey years.

Spit and dust and powder lies
& powder kegs
Erupting in the night
And *****
      Children in the blue light
Grey tongues and swollen

Rolling into dusk
No days count
Adolescence like curfew
And kittens by the string
"No more no more"
You ask
The door shuts.
January has april showers

We walk alone.


  the swing sets cold

the days go on til infinity
mercy and clouds part
way for october
Aug 2020 · 27
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
She makes me feel like filth

Like unwashed hobo

like prickly cactus in july

Like crimson tides in june

Like **** in the summer

Like blue milk in august

Like pansies in mid air

Like stripes on a lion

Like roses on a new born

Like daffodils on a grave

Like poinsettias on halloween

Like doves on a stillborn

Like grass on cement

Like numbers in a poem

Like black on a farewell

Like trying when you

Should have given up

I wont give

Up.      I wont give up. It means too
much to me

       It means too much to bleed and to feel
  so much nothing
Aug 2020 · 40
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
This is not for you

This is not for your ears.

Hide away in the cellar

Play mercy

And ragtime witch pop.

We drag our sins across looming

Aug 2020 · 109
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Going to oregon
buying some acres

Buying a pet

Buying a shed

Buying a home in the hills with the dead spring gardens and gumdrop suns and making a life
where time stands still behind trees

saving up

Saving up

With myself

the bills pressed in pillows
The saints plead for mercy
I had so
Much time to


To be

Aug 2020 · 31
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Blew me away pressed
My face to the wall
Shattered my lungs with a blow and
Danced on the street
Syrupy kisses
And black

The equals had a name and they sang hallelujah
I'll be there

Hallelujah I'll be there.

Wrinkled bags and gelatinous

How was it then

How was it when gods sang to

Aug 2020 · 46
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
I have realized that im a prose writer who just writes with



It's time to stop pretending,

Or just time to be courageous and write what im supposed to.

But i cant be here anymore.

2 thousand poems and i have said nothing
Aug 2020 · 14
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
Like a rothko.

Blue over white

Black stretched over red and crimson

The air is hot and heavy

The walls are quiet in the morning

The fragments of ash
spill into
the noon

The violins sound for the dove

The canvass stands stoic amongst glazed over eyes in the lobby

And in the dawn there is nothing left to mourn

The painting was finished
Aug 2020 · 21
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
I could travel 100000 miles spanning all continents meeting countless people and encountering numerous obstacles and happenings but I'd ultimately still be stuck with myself.
Maybe that's why the wanderlust wore off.
You cant run from yourself, but merely distract yourself.
Sitting feels like dying but traveling feels like futility to reach a destination of which you never arrive.
But i keep searching nonetheless. Maybe the trick is killing yourself.
metaphorically of course. Complete detachment, dissolving into space like a
Low murmur

liquefied time and the absense of material location.

I'll still be there.

I'll still be here
Aug 2020 · 17
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
It makes no sense but it felt good making it

I don't need 'meaning' to appreciate something
I can appreciate it just for being.
It says enough without
Aug 2020 · 26
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
You can't live without purpose. You can only **** time

Dont mistake being alive for living
Aug 2020 · 44
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
This may be junk

There are commas and there are questions

Like junk
In your
And junk in your spoon

The creeping
Dread is like family

Bonded by blood and
embittered by
Aug 2020 · 233
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
i wear my skin
like pearls from a

I wear my skin like silent dusk

I wear my face like loose fog

I wear my pain like dripping skies

I wear my sorrow like fading night

And pray to human

What else can i do

What else can i be
Aug 2020 · 34
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
staring into a blank field and breaking my promise

the noise drips into my shell, waves like shallow graves

anxiety clutching me
And sweat beads

too hot
For covers too cold
For the ****

the pain and

Release me

into nothing
Aug 2020 · 38
Jonas ernest Aug 2020
I know what it's like to be dead
here and

Like the fatal dose, so sensual
The Siren of my black ocean
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