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are like the sun up in the
you hurt me when I get too close, but
I need you to survive.
meet me on the edge of loneliness,
and i will push you over the edge,
into my pit of despair.
these bones trap my soul, like
a bird in a cage it longs to be set free, from
all of the pain and the misery, it
longs to soar into the sky and into the sun, to
kiss the clouds and feel the light, but yet
flesh and bone reject its request for freedom, I wonder
if it will ever escape this labyrinth of suffering.
but what am I, other
than a pile of bones and some flesh, composed
of past sorrow and debris, watered
with my tears and feasting on the small slivers of sunlight that come from time to time.
every year, the sky weaves a blanket of snow and places it gently onto the earth, slowly
suffocating what once was alive, and
suffocating parts of me that have yet to die, I wonder,
what could possibly be left to **** in a graveyard.
I used to never smoke cigarettes, never.
I used to cover my mouth when walking past those who did because,
second hand smoke is just as bad, but
then the light in my gray sky left, so
I found sunshine in the lit end of a cigarette, I
discovered more comfort in clouds of toxins than I would like to believe I found in your arms, I
used to never smoke cigarettes, never
but then I lost you and now I trying to die quicker than ever.
.anyone can be apart of my life if they wish to be, but
my soul is like the vast open sea that only a few wish to dive into, only
a few can ever understand why the water flows the way it does, and
only a few dare to discover the depths, yet still,
among the few that do, they
fail to follow my one request, to
be cautious when diving into the depths, and so
they choose to leave, and
still my waters will be, for
it is not their absence that I will ultimately miss, for
things that are meant to be will be, and
in the end it is what is best for me.
it is the fact that I was not worth something so simple.
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