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EBTI Apr 24
All she had was her fire
And that was plenty,
To burn herself
all her desires withered and fell
As solid turned to ash
And embers seized the memorie that made her
smoke rose and told her,
All you have is your fire and that’s enough.
EBTI Apr 24
It’s empty, the place where my words come from
I face the northern light
My back to the unknown
My mind drifts,
My thoughts sail
My poems never seem to unravel
To no avail
So I face,
Let the hand drag me deep, in the thoughts that were never reveled
And let every unwritten poem,
Every tremor throughout the years,
To the sea.
EBTI Apr 13
I closed the lights to prove to myself
Maybe I could suffer more
MaybeI could reach and tear my limbs to reach the shore
I only closed the drapes
Because I know the light will still whisper
In its uncanny way
And undoubtedly it’s only my thoughts to see
But there’s nothing, in this void
Do you wanna still see?
Do you wanna still reach into this endless sea?
That my words seem to drown in it
Never surface, never meaning to tell what I might feel.
EBTI Mar 14
Don’t you know I try so hard not to lose myself in the art I do?
or the words I write?
Trying not to lose myself to fiction and fantasy
Between the words that escape me
I found myself wandering in what feels like eternity
And I found what inspire me, in this hopeless place
Only you can make me feel this way
Only you can make me write about love and prosperity.
EBTI Mar 14
My shoulders are a mesh of raw flesh and bones
A heavy sag I keep dragging around
I keep closing my eyes in silent hopes and prayers
I keep digging my nails in where they’ve already teared
EBTI Mar 1
With this perfect rhythm, I feel it break
With those love words, I feel further away
From what I used to be
My words used to mean something
Something maybe deep
But they couldn’t heal this cut, this wound, this break
From this I unknown depth, Everything seems foggy
Seem to have been overtaken.
EBTI Feb 26
Im lost, Im genuinely lost
Don’t you see?
I’m lost between my words
Im lost between holding on too hard or letting go to easily
I’m lost whether this is me or this is what the consequences made out of me
Im lost, what do I do when I don’t have confidence in me?
I’m lost, having to fight the thoughts that bring you down
And I lost a part of me
I’m lost because nothing is good enough now
Because that’s the achievements that came out of me
Im lost, should I sleep where the stress ate away from me, or should I wake up and be in my nightmare reality.
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