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It’s hurts to say that you played the guitar in your head in your head
You memorized the rhythm
It cuts through to your spine
Look above, look around, look under, you hear no voices
The silence didn’t **** you the voice in your head did
The burn of your heart did, till you lost sense of it
So you keep playing what you wrote saying if my heart did ever bleed it would sound like this
It would sound like this
It would feel like this
It’s my magnum opus
I layed on the floor, im always leaving myself helpless
EBTI Apr 11
You said I don’t want you, all i want is the memory
Can’t bear to see you so sad so im leaving, it’s not that big of a tragedy
Like when you always cry when you leave the sea
Oh the memory it’s kills me, it kills me
And I’ve always looked at you like you’ve always looked at the sky
It kills me how you know how to write
And express feelings that never came out of my mind
Coffee will do you just fine, lift up your mood like mine
To which I’ve responded, fascinating how you got deep and still shallow inside.
EBTI Apr 4
“ I am fading just like your colors do”
That’s what I wrote in the middle of it, in the deepest whole depression can dig
How could such bright colors represent such pitch black mood
Thought coloring will help, but coloring won’t do
Now looking at it, why do i still love the color blue after you?
EBTI Dec 2018
Isn’t the voices in your head loud enough! why do they have to raise their voices for you to hear them?
Isn’t air such a heavy thing to carry? Try walking around with unspoken words
The weight of them can’t be held,
Only you think you can handle
Till you fall and shatter now, look around you they think you can handle,
You’re just not worth the gamble
In their careless state of mind, in their darkness, You are a hypocrite for pretending to be strong
In their defense you didn’t tell
In your defense words didn’t make sense.
EBTI Dec 2018
We really use them these days
When it’s time to turn off our blinding light
They fall into pieces
So yes, we fall back into the realization that we aren’t more than just depressed people trying to fake happiness until death.
EBTI Dec 2018
I go wild; I could never see you cry while I do it every night
I can’t say; every time I open up it bleeds, every time I open up it won’t stop
Drowning in the missouri of my fantasies,
Cover me just cover me.
EBTI Dec 2018
Your words are broken
Your voice is shaking
You don’t have to tell them
The tears when they were written
The battles that you won and with every time you hope there’s a better one
A one where you actually won
Defeated without no scars
I don’t wanna win if I won like that
The consequences, I see the sky not blue but black
I’ll take breaking bones and bullet holes
People that you love always leave you alone and that hurts more
Falling down to a bed full of poetry
I’d rather die alone than live with my enemies
So you can leave me alone; I have my goodbye poetry
So the battles that you won have nothing to do with your victory
Fighting them was the real remedy
You are the masterpiece, if the world was ever a gallery.
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