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Syomone Oct 2021
You and I
To happen
I won’t
be mad
If it happens
I stumble
I lay awake
At night
I drink and I cry
Cause I’m
Only strong
I’m okay with
Losing my mind
That’s why
I only
Feel strong
You and
Syomone Oct 2021
I ask myself
The same question
Every day
In the face
Of certain death
Would I make
The same choice
Will I give
Into the side
Of my over
Cautious mother?
Or will I rise
To the side
Of my brave father?
Whose courage got
Him killed ?
And even through
I was too young
To really know him
I’ll do anything
To be like my
Just don’t ask
Me to risk my life
For my work
Because that’s what
I’m most afraid of
Syomone Oct 2021
One kiss
Is never
Enough from you
So perfect there’s
No way there
Could be two
You hold me down
Like an anchor,
I swear
So if there’s a
Storm I ain’t
Going no where
All I want and all
I need is
your loving next to me
So take my heart
And you can keep it
Cause I believe that
I’m yours
Syomone Sep 2021
Take a hard look
In the mirror
Do you see
The trace
Where once
Was your face
Now is fading
Stranger in
the mirror
Don’t know
Who you are
Nothing left
But the
Broken glass
It’s never been
So clear
Why I’m
Standing here
I need to make
A change
Syomone Sep 2021
Angel cried
But her tears
We’re left undried
The words
We’re left unspoken
No clouds my
Wings are broken
Now my heads
At war
Do I just let
Go of what
I see
The night
A stranger died
Is when she found
Herself inside
Like a pearl
Deep in the ocean
You’ll never find a
Tear your eyes
are open
Syomone Sep 2021
me right
me right
me right
All night
me tight
Never lie
Feel so right
Syomone Sep 2021
Running out
Of time
I can’t wait
Feels out
Of place
When I’m
Not with
Bout you
I can’t erase
I cannot
Even if I
Wanted to
You make me
Feel so right
You give me
Peace of
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