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Diaz Feb 2016
Cold as ice
Sturdy and resistant
That icy appearance
Sending shivers down your spine
So perfect no taste as divine
Soundless in perfect condition
Scentless as if shy
Natural beauties of life
Diaz Feb 2016
You help me realize
Why I’m happy to have been given life
In parkour you make me feel free
Like a bird flying over trees
In spelunking you give me  
Courage to explore the unknown without the fear of broken bones


You keep me alive
In times of chaos and strife
You allow me to face Thanatos
To make me Abolish Fright
For today is The Day
I Stand and Fight
Diaz Feb 2016
You're always there
Boosting moral
Shifting through space and time
to fit my situation
Without you i'd be lost
I need you by my side
Because together
Not even death can stop us
Diaz Feb 2016
walking through the woods or canyons
seeing leaves, trees, rocks, and
animals in all directions
i love all the beauties and powers of nature
its so nice
i love the natural world
all the mysterious phenomenons are simply breathtaking
Diaz Feb 2016
My mind is here and there
run by neverending generator
it is black from the lack of emotions
yet colorful depending on life’s motion
Insane memory to remember seven different passwords to seven different usernames, completely reiterate lyrics of hundreds of songs, and raps from infamous youtubers, remembering the location of the keyboard because there is no time to look down, to remembering which button does what and when it should be used, before this one, after that. Yet, I cannot seem to recall what homework i had

— The End —