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Steve Strange Dec 2018
One last puff, one last pump
Here come the papers of pain
Each with a dose of goosebump,
They carefully stain the brain

At last, the bell shrieks
In the bags the papers sneak
The students spring out like freaks
Wet shoes commence their squeak

The noel bells dance as they pound
His arrival, they won’t suspect
In hindsight of the papers, joy is found
It’s a christmas joy in retrospect
This was made for a Christmas newspaper at a school where my presence is URGENTLY needed.
Steve Strange Nov 2018
The kid springs out of the door
The demon gives the kid candy
The kid takes much more
The kid says "So what? It's just candy"

The kid springs out of the haunted house
The demon hands him a suit of a nun
The kid gets eager as a mouse
The kid says "So what? It's just for fun"

The demon screams at the kid
The kid begins to run
The kid fell and slid
The demon says "So what? It's just for fun!"
Wrote this in class in a period of 4 minutes
Steve Strange Nov 2018
Steve Ndem                                  
On a darkened bright day of spring winter
The sun marked the time of her arrival
When she held my hand, it was summer
When I let go, it was an autumnal

We’ve known each other from my nascency
Everyday day she would add a year to me
She held an hourglass in her right hand
The once filled top was now a fair pile of sand

As I reach out to hold her hand once more
I remember the things I should have done before
The last drop of sand falls on the bottom glass
I leave all I have and join my friends at last
Wrote this for s national Canadian young poet poetry contest from the comfort of my own home

— The End —