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I saw you watching me
Across the broken tables
From a long distant memory
Of a mind made of false cables

So I dared to walk the miles
To stand there beside you
Amongst the million single files
Before destiny came to hide you

What's you name?
I just had to ask

Your beauty was a chasm of purity
Blinded me with inner prism
Your vision was so true to me
Captured me inside soul's prison

So before you decide to walk free
And vanish into the mists of day
I want to you be shy, talk to me
Listen silently to the words I say

What's your name?
I just had to ask

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
She'll live her life her way
But she'll never fade away
Welcoming night not day
The darkness without grey

Now she sleeps with a rose
Where she's gone, nobody knows
Listen and a silent wind blows
Because her beauty, forever grows

She will always be forever beautiful
She will always be forever beautiful
Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
I feel the world crashing
Falling all around me
Hiding, inside, shaking
But I'm okay

My head in a million pieces
I don't know who I am
Or who I'm supposed to be
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
Keep on telling myself
I'm okay

Sometimes I think of you
How you used to hurt me
Then giving me all the blame
But I'm okay

Yes, I have had better days
Wanting to be somewhere
Somewhere away from this
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
Keep telling myself
I'm okay

My mind is a little crazy
Locked up in my asylum
Where all the mad me dwell
But I'm okay

No one listens to my voice
I can't tell if I still exist
Or a figment of my imagination
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm Pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
I don't believe myself
I'm okay

Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
A bride of the darkness
The thirst is forever
Hunger always unquenched

But she needs to feel
Something more than cold
The warmth of human touch

Alas it can never be so
For she will take his life
Slowly with a kiss of night
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
You promised me false hope
Then smashed out my teeth
Now I find it too hard to cope
Dragged along the razors edge

Once I was the perfect gentleman
I would open the door for you
Until you hatched a delicate plan
Now I slam it shut in your face

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******

Kicking me so ****** far down
That it's too much to get back up
Left me in miseries lake to drown
Here alone with a bottle as my friend

Who ever said love was all a game
Well, that ******* got it all wrong
Because I only have myself to blame
Wallowing here in my own self pity

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
She writes from deep within her
Opening up her soul to all,
finding the words like a river
Allowing them to come, to flow

Power transformed to her fingers,
igniting the flames of her soul
Fire given form to the written page
Releasing all she has deep inside
Just like she would submit to a lover

All-consuming fire is in my essence
An eternal flame burning wildly,
never to diminish, throughout time
As it seeps through these fingers,
in unearthly passion, writ in blood

A creative mind is set into motion
Capture now this notion, if you will
As I spew forth, in depths unknown
Yet known, in the core of existence
The pulse of an unrelenting desire

I press pen unto page within love
Nevermore to please the masses
Evermore to appease the essence
I care naught for fame, nor fortune
Wishing merely to pierce the silence

In a sole purpose, right to be heard
Amongst the chaos of every day
Creating a cleverly laid design,
to ensnare those who take notice
Touching the soul of yet another

Copyright © 1/2013 Chris Smith/Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©
Scream, for love traps you
In the embrace of barbed wire
Slicing your heart wide open
With blunt, rusted razor blades

So bleed the scarlet icicles
As your soul begins to die
Dark longing surrounds you
Loneliness comes crawling

Does your heart now shatter?
Where no one dares to look
To see blistered tears Etched
On a face masked with fear

But if only you remove your mask
Mayhap the Sun may kiss it
So roses without thorns may grow
Then love could have no pain
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
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