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Aug 2019 · 120
First Hand Infidelity
Long live obsessed with kept secrets
I’ll find them in men of all kinds
Daisies wash away
One by one I call out the ones who
Double dealed, fake, and flaked.
I’m just looking for absolution
Mother Earth once my friend
At the twelfth strike
You trash my world
Speck of love
Yet your eyes double cross
My love has shown me first hand infidelity
Tell me about falseness
As you eat your words
Runaway, look away in hard times
There must be more?
Teach me, better yet model me, then cheat me
I’m wondering, who are you?
You share my DNA but I don’t know you
You think of me as cold
That’s only half the path
Feel the distance
Know it’s your result of mistrust
Those tears say and say
The body holds the source

I know your long lost kept secret
Only a child used so carelessly
All the years of loneliness and void
Blame **** them and forgive them
Please daisies castaway the deception
Clarity swimming in remission
Long before I drown in the many retributions.
Send me a love so grand
I can't seem to believe love is within me
No palms to hold
No grip to be seen
Not another friend
Someone pull me upright
Hold me strong
Narrate love songs of how all is gonna be good
Know my intentions
How I mean well
Instead let's fight about stupid games
Not who I am + what I do
Cause I feel like a fool
I can't get why friends just never stay
Forever reciting the blues
Cause God I feel so misunderstood
So I'm asking you
Hopping I will receive
A novel of raw + contemporary love.
Feb 2019 · 371
conversations with God
I have never met you
But I heard your energy is so divine
I have never been near you
But I heard the air is so fine.

I used to fancy about you day in + out
Until you became over played and so over hyped
I used to count the days until I'd meet you
But then I found out you were just like everyone else
Even after all the push + pulls
I see you in a new + queer light
I see you in pure faces in the open air
I made you a reverie
Until I realized you were a lie
My days have reformed
I want to live and breathe the voyage
Things I haven't yet seduced.

Still, I haven't met you
But somehow I know we have met before
Just in another past-life
I have never met you but I am so sure we will again
You go beyond space, time, skin, body, + mind
So, I'm telling you I'm so sure we will meet again in time
Just forget about how + when
So personal to me
I gave up my knowing
It doesn't belong anymore
If I'm listening closely I hear you whisper my name in dark streets during the night
If I look closely I see you outside of my glass screen door
Just waiting to be let in.

You once met me and rooted passion + desire within me
Binding me to you
When I lose my creed
Your love bleeds igniting me
The knowing we will meet again
I thought I was oh so high
Until the word
You are oh so high oh mighty.
Feb 2019 · 278
Coral Blooded Breeze
Yet again a dual duplicate
Edge of night i arise
I flee the scene
It’s frigid and so chilly
I gasp with a puff and whiff of a coral blooded breeze
My kitty on edge and alarmed
A feeling of mind bending pastimes
Both portals wide + unsealed
These halls
Hold dreary + dismal riddles
Just waiting to be solved
Such a common carmine illusion
One spine chilling
Second time a state of art
Jan 2018 · 447
Bewitched Spin
Grainy night
Too smoggy
Must be a horror film
In a slight fright
I see your face
So glad!
We surround & converse
Then, I blast off
I had doubts
But he always saves the night
Runs with the cold wind
We settle & plop down
Were drowsy & overworked
Gentle & forthright
Softly talking
Time flies
This is so rare
What we have
Unlike the others
Were dazzling
Radiant stares around
I gracefully poke you
“Are you dozing off?”
“I’m taking it in…”
Don’t worry about me
The divine look
So and so
Its all tolerable
I see you
I know
One day
Someone will see me
Like I see you
Life is grand
Due to you
Jan 2018 · 299
The Walk Home
One am
They take off
I’m turning away
The heavy withdrawal
Feeling down in the dumps
Like unfulfilled waste
The night eclipsed me
So, I wait in this dingy place
Tears scratch
Facile but still withholding
Heavy hearted & completely deserted
Blue downcast
A somber cold night
Weeping & strolling home slow
Teardrops gush & drench the alleyway
Deaf & hot-headed
Unalarmed of the time & place
So delicate & vulnerable
Unsafe & unstable
Fanatically out in the open
I’m so dim & run-down
So, buried yet exposed
Dec 2017 · 287
The Clock & Dagger
Withholding on the tip of my tongue
Forget the He/She
Lost in a Trance
I never want to Wake Up
  Unlatch or Wear Me Out
Fascination all around
Unwrap me or Throw Me Away
I'm Dying to Bring to Light
The Clock & the Dagger
Simulation Underwraps
Hush, Hush
Broadcast of the Night Us Bare all Night
Take a Hold of My Hand
Through the Backdoor We Go
My Shield only Debunked by you
Confined in a Castle in the Air
Call it a Daydream or a Pie in the Sky
Just Store me, Baby
Release me on a Lonely Night
New Years Eve
This is my Sacred Word
My Promissory Note
I'll Never Leave You
Always be Here for You*
The Clock & Dagger.
Dec 2017 · 365
Pathways & Expressways
Now I'm High Strung
Hands Tied on the line
Down the creek
You're so Wonderful
As you seem awed & smooth sailing
I get high on that
Honesty the Third Degree
I plan on whispering back
You may change the Mold, my Facade
My Trail of Crumbled Hearts
******, Such & Such
Unrecognized, Unfamiliar Pathway
How I wish it was an expressway
Dragging me down
Before you take me home
As we seat on your Bed
Visual Feeling of Inspiration:
Nov 2017 · 141
Corner of 3rd & Devotion
My Fascination of Disappearing

The three of us
"We could have so much fun"

You are my best friend are my lover

He is your best friend
Friends from childhood

"You would Disappear"

Dissolve into pieces off Affection
The land of Appreciation

The corner of 3rd & Devotion
Only a Compass to find our way home

We Lay & Dream
Watch time pass by

Follow the Beam
The rapture if Tenderness

The field of Lust & Yearning
Cherishing the Contentment

We Cling to each other
A Coziness Frenzy
Nov 2017 · 411
Declaration or Rejection
Say Yes!
I got no planned  d u o l o g u e
Coming empty  h a n d e d
F a s t i n g  my seat belt
Placing my heart
F r o n t  &  C e n t e r
N a i l i n g  it to the wall
We are  F l e s h  &  B o n e
Lets lose the  d i s c o n n e c t i n g  screens
Time for the barricade to fall
Speculation arises...
(He knows something is up)
We  all  t a l k
Your friend is my friend
Got questions?
I'm really to answer them
The tables have turned
You will be my first
D e c l a r a t i o n !
Will you be my first
R e j e c t i o n ?
Call  me  c r a z y  or
Call  me your  b a b y
I'm ready to be stripped
Wearing only a smile
"Was it true, all along?"
"Yes & Yes."
Nov 2017 · 323
Wicked & Cool
W h o    i s    t h i s
(I got a secret)
A smile that can't be wiped off
A smile's Contagious
Cheeks Bleed
Everything's Absolute
So,  U n a t t a i n a b l e  &  C l e v e r
A p p e a r i n g
P r o vi n g
Life's but a tale of unfortunate events
T i m e s   a   t e m p o
R i g i d  &  S t a g g e r i n g
Choose to  D a n c e
See it as the  
O n e  &  O n l y
S  p  a  r  k
P l e a d  for it
Get on your knees
It is the only way
We take the  I r o n  in the  F i r e
The   H o u r g l a s s   Slip s   A w  a   y
S l i p p e r y  S a n d   P r o v o k e s
F i g h t  or  F l i g h t
What will we do?
(You Powerful Goddess)
L o v e  or  L e a v e
(Leave them Better,
Then when you Met them)
B  a  b  y  ,
He could be all  Y o u r s
F i n d   o u t
R u n
W a l k
C r a w l
Pull That  G o d d a m n   A r r o w
We are  H e r e  not  T h e r e
Yeh hear
R e g i o n s  are  just  I l l a t i o n s
Love is  W i c k e d  &  C o o l
Don't miss out
Thank the  G o d s  of  t i m e
It's giving  D u t y  &  W a r r a n t
B  a  b y  ,
M a n i f e s t  the  B e s t
Nov 2017 · 276
too chill
when did I become so cold
when did I become so "chill"
when did I start to avoid any feelings...
they were all used to it being wrong,
I can't distinguish what is good...
well acting requires uncertainty
"everything will be okay, they say
nahh that truth is it won't be
I may get hurt once or twice
I may find out things I don't like
I may have to leave
can we survive the distance
is it worth it
I could fail
we could fail
then what
begin again
what if I was open to receive love
now that I know all the consequences
what else ya got
Nov 2017 · 219
All the words I wish I could say
I used to dream of sewing machines and big careers
Now I dream of ocean beaches after a long day
Oh how I wish I could be completely heard
Always a struggling lone wolf
Tiring and exhausting
Our empty home no love here anymore
Another break up ending as we grow a part
Kinda sad but such a relief
Tired of being a bother
I dream of a place welcomed and enjoyed
I'm sad but happy isn't that strange
The things I'll miss out on
Like finding love in the city
Friends with rings on it
I think I'll survive
Life goes on
So will I
We are all sacred
My dramatic reaction
That never happened
I can't look you in the eyes
Because the truth is
I can't wait to see you go away
Sep 2017 · 214
Bad Connexxtion
Usually life is happening
While we are busy making other plans
But right now
Right Here
I feel our friendship dying
Right before my eyes
It hurts
Not another one
I thought this one would be different
I gave it my whole being
Now I'm watching it
Fly through the air
Just like old leaves all over the ground
Just kicked around
I make no sound
I suffer in silence
I say makes a sound
No one to hold
I don't wanna see you any more
I can't see you anymore
Maybe this distance is good
You are leaving soon
This is probably all for the good
This all hurts too much
I am such a fool
Sep 2017 · 202
Once a Sweet B o y
I called you a sweet boy
You're nothing but  w e a k  ,  b  o  y

I blame your mother
I blame your father
Since you have a brother
I'll blame his mother

Here it comes boy
The miscommunication, boy
I feel it coming
We are drifting apart boy
Time is passing boy
Where are you going? Boy
Its been almost a month now
She **** your heart back home with her

What did you say? B o y
Please, be clear boy
Please, replay boy
Come on,
Give me more to work with boy
Don't invite me last minute boy
(Don't say it like that , b o y)
Setting me up for failure
Like that boy

And now I'm just   h  u  r  t,   b o y !

Once something special
So distant
Now just like everyone else
Why are you so distant boy?
Overnight boy?

I wish I never laid my eyes on that pretty face of yours
You have a  b r o k e n  heart that I could never  t o u c h

I'm going to plant a seed, boy
So you can watch it grow, boy
Long after I leave, boy

I'm sorry I  m i s s  you is just not enough  b o y
Major 78Violet Boy inspiration
"The Heart Break of All Aches"*

Thanks for giving me something to write about
To feel about
To talk about
For years to come

How did he do it?
How did he spill the beans?
Did he get down on one knee?
Did he start with a speech?
Did he mention how he couldn't imagine life without her?

Was he nervous?
Did his face almost turn green?

\He's ready to lead
He's ready to leave
I am really happy for him\

Their love inspires
But can you believe
Just like a movie
I had some love for him once

But now its pushed to the side
Just like our friendship
Solid once
But now pushed aside
Next to his best man

Let me know how it all goes
Aug 2017 · 270
It takes heartache, fear of the known, struggle, pain,
To finally surrender because all I can control is   n o w
It's all I have
I may not be here tomorrow
It forces me to face   f e a r   head on
To be brave
To   t a k e   these moments
They could be my   l a s t
As much as I dislike it so much
I'm gaining this perspective of   n  o  w
Every bit I get, every phone call, every E-mail
Means so much
It feeds me, gives me anything I have left in me
I am very grateful
As I sit here
Not knowing how I'll survive
But knowing I will in some way
God is on my side
There is one last thing
I just want too   s h o w   you    I    l o v e    y o u
Aug 2017 · 195
I don't know
I don't wanna know
Who knows
Only God knows
I'm putting it all into his hands

There are people out there who will take you by the hand
Lead you, steer you
Sometimes its nice to just surrender

I hope, I want, I will be that for someone else
I'll show you the way to your dreams
Your dreams are mine
My dreams are yours

I don't know
I don't wanna know
Who knows
Only God knows
I'm putting it all into his hands

One thing I do know
Feelings don't lie
Feelings are real
You think I'm aggressive
You haven't seen much yet honey

I'll never come down to your level
I may have had a low moment, we all have

I'll always come back harder and stronger than ever
I act like a fighter, but I'm actually a lover

You think I'm too much
Well sorry I'm not sorry

I'll **** you with kindness

You won't know what hit you...
Jul 2017 · 301
Are These Signs!$0%*
Boy, do I got a story for you...

I don't ******' know,

Only God knows,

On the 4th "Come hang out," He says. Is that your way of asking me out?

You mention my Facebook feed. Have you been snooping?

You offer to pay for my cover. I'll get you back boy.

You'd help me with my Vegan diet, if I just ask, he says.

"I don't think I even have your number" He says jealously, straightforward, and slightly sarcastically outraged.

Am I over thinking...Probably
Did I blow it with my rebellious attitude
This other girl, comes outta no where, gets your attention...
Did I lose my chance...
Over analyzing...Why yes for sure.
But I heard shy boys do little things...
You tell me...?

And so the story unfolds...
Whatcha think? He could be in to me, or just being nice.
People have dreamed crazier things
I'm wondering what it would be like to be yours
I'd be the luckiest girl
Let me be that lucky girl
It's not so crazy to get what I want

How long will I wait
But I feel you coming
I can feel it coming
Everyone is for us
Everyone is on our side
Me and you wouldn't be so bad

People have dreamed bigger impossible things
Hold my hand
I see a ring
I'll show you the world
You can show me more than a few things too
We'd have only what people dream
Because we just mirror each other inside and out
dreams love crazy lucky coming feel ring
Jun 2017 · 120
Let Me Swim In Your View
I'm sitting here
Investing in you
I have nothing to lose
Nothing new.
I'm not afraid...
Let me swim in your view
You protect all animals
You save the world
You give compassion a new meaning
Your away
But I'll always say
Go get em tiger
Baby the world needs you
Don't say you wanna leave
You're lonely
I've been doing the same
A friend is bringing us together
What happens next...
I'll always be grateful for this
The rambles of wishes
Until the end of the month
Don't be afraid
Give me that kiss
swim pisces love
May 2017 · 148
I'm Noah your the Miley
You drive me crazy
But I want to be with you all the time
I'm Noah your the Miley
You're always worried but you were born to shine
I'm always talking myself up inspiring to be more

She's so cool
Look at me I'm cool
The child like girl just wants to have fun

I'm so loose around you
Ops I can't stop
It's all because of a good thing though

When you tell me I'm beautiful
I actually believe you
When I'm feeling down unworthy of someone great
You tell me I am just as great
I actually believe you
When you talk bad about yourself
It hurts me
Because you are memorizing
Those eyes...

You hug me randomly
Your burt of love
Is just what I need
Teach me how to love

Baby if I could lay here forever all night
I would in a heart beat
I've laughed so much in these three days
Than I have in the last three months
May 2017 · 158
He Brings Hope Everytime
He's fire
He knows it
He's so sweet
Incredibly humble
Everyone likes you
Everyone has a crush on you
You're so fun
We talk on and on
If I never made new friends again
I'd be content with just you
You and your friends
Are what I've been searching for all along
You just get me
We feel the same way
We feel like we've known eachother longer than we have
Call it what you want
I think we are soulmates
But not lovers
At least not in this life
Maybe in a past life
Please, can things always be this way
I'm so happy and greatful God bring you into my life
God knows exactly what he is doing
Bringing you into my life
Mar 2017 · 364
The Generation
Sleeping around
Because life is all about freedom
And no one wants ties
Call us selfish
But I get mine and you get yours
Lets just have this one night
We are so powerful
*** is so easy,
Who needs commitment
If your lucky
I'll see you in a month or two
Remember resist the urge to text each other
Because we don't break the rules
Yet, we break all the stereotypical relationship rules
Or we do?
We are
You are
I am
Sad to say
I guess
We are just an example of our generation
Watching people around me...sometimes I feel like am I one of them too? So tired of the hook up culture...
Feb 2017 · 275
Hanging out
Do I have some things to say
*** is just ***
Hanging out is just hanging out
*** is not hanging out
Hanging out is not ***
Do I have some things to say
There is so much so I'll just say...
The world can be a sexiest place
But maybe one day
This day
Will live to tell the day
Let's rephrase
Yeah, I like you
Who doesn't
I know your taken
But she's not here
You are kinda cute
You are all over the place
I'm not in love just admitting
Accepting the attraction
Now let's get to the real problems
And I won't try and ****** you
Feb 2017 · 291
She Wants What She Wants
Remember her in silence
Those were rare occasions
Remember her lips as they changed colors
Remember her touch
So natural and sweet
When she wanted to be
Remember her tears of happiness
As well as tears of stress
Remember her as creative and weird
Confident and sweet
**** when she wanted to be
Remember when she wanted to save the world
Remember how she'd fall for everyone but no one at all
Remember how she loved
So abnormal to others but not to thee
Remember how she'd freeze in attraction
Remember how she'd feel a connection
To gay men that sometimes she didn't understand
Remember how she'd hit on a guy as easy as water
Remember her nicklace hitting her chest so perfectly centered
Remember her as a man in a passe life
Remember her in the sheets so vicious and free
When she wanted to be
Remember how she wanted to be more
Someone to the ones she loved
As well as to the known
Remember that titles are just titles
Remember that she wanted the title
But gave up on the game
Remember how she wronged people
But learned and never repeated them
Remember how she wanted to be free
But safe at the same time
Remember how she loved men
But was attracted to free spirited women
Remember how this list went on and on
Just like how she talked
Remember how she saw her future
As an unfolding map to the known...
Feb 2017 · 114
      Wanted everything from me

                      But nothing at all

                                So he left me


                                                  Wit­h no words to say
Jan 2017 · 604
Waiting patiently
I'm waiting here so patiently
For you to set me free
It's so cold out here
And you are no where to be seen
I'm in the center of the city
Baby come on
I need you now
Come through for me
Jan 2017 · 484
I Oonly Get Strongeerr
It was nice knowing you my love
I left all my manners at the door
I wish I could to tell you that I'm gonna be gentle
But that would be a lie

I'm gonna break down those ******* doors
Until I get everything I want
I'm not gonna be  c a u t i o u s
Nor *******  g e n e r o u s
I'm gonna be  a g g r e s s i v e  and *******  c l e a r
P a s s i o n a t e  and *******  d i r e c t

This is my  g a m e
You better come to  p l a y!
*****, I run this show
Just when you think that you conquered the lion
Without even trying
I only get stronger
I only  b i t e  h a r d e r  and I only  d i e  f i g h t in g!
Thirty million people watching
Do you still want more?
Jan 2017 · 296
Laying in bed
Somehow a film
Has got me moving
Got me seeking
Seeking a thrill
A thrill for creativity
Not a perfect place
Nor perfect lighting
I play with reflections
Until she looks back at me
All the voices quite
It's just me and you
And we flow
With the essence of surprise
Jan 2017 · 734
Little Damage
I can see how I did a little damage
Your eyes wonder everywhere but mine
As you walk away.
I can't blame you,
I would be the same.

"Long time no see," several times he repeats
I finally forget the past
Before I saw your face today
"I know" I casually say.

I want to remember every word you say
But forget enough to not obsess

Boy, if you only knew
The million times I imagined this day
I have no motive
Just to give
Not expecting to receive
What else can I say
I was wrong
I made a mistake.
Give me a couple more days.
I'll explain this to you all the way.

I remember all the reasons I fell heads over heals
How words slip out of your mouth
As if so thirty for air
He's a child in a mans body
Awe how precious and sweet
I just fall even deeper through the night
So invested
You watch the movie
While I can't help but be watching you
Silently thinking
All the times I imagined you...
Now you are finally here beside me
We can't erase
But we can be pass it all
These funny scenes
Bring light and laughter
Things are never as bad as they seem
The worst is over
Now lets play the field
No rush
I'll treat you like a friend
I've got time

"Sometimes I walk by and see you,
Working away" He says and says
"Maybe sometime, you should check out the new place?"
He continues to say
For sure I say

And that was the day
A long awaited event
Finally seeing his face again

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.

January 16 2017
Jan 2017 · 341
Now or Never
It finally came over me
Everything was lined up
I never planned on being done with you
How many more cups
Until I give up on excuses

You just gotta go for it,
You'll always be wondering,
Just be friends,
You have nothing to lose,
Do it immediately
In 2/3 months...

I have these "Movie tickets"
It can just be movie tickets
Or  M O V I E   T I C K E T S

This Is Your Life. Take Control of It. Go Get What you Want.

I have some extra time to spare,
Its all meant to be
I grab this book
Now Or Never
Give me strength to send this text
Take the opportunity
I stall...
I have a feeling I know I'll do it anyway...

I'm on the bus
And I push  S E N D
I'm not trying to impress you
I'm not trying to get you
Nor win you over
I saw you come up the steps
We said our hello's
Though, you sure made an entrance
Your furry hood and hair blowing through the air,
As you walked through the door
We all watched you
Can   we   do   a   double   take
I like how you stand there and talk to me
Face me
I n i t i a t e
Comment on the great music
B e a u t y  you say
I n d i r e c t l y  we say
I like where this is going...
U n e x p e c t e d
How we are  v i b i n g this way

"Well we'll see you next time"
"For sure," I say.

I don't plan on being here any longer
But if I am,
I hope its just to see you again.
Jan 2017 · 370
Only A Bye 4 Now
This is not a bye forever
But only a bye for now
I can never forget you
For you somehow breath into my soul
Breath in power
Exhale devoer
I somehow am in love with you
In love with what losing you
Has made me become
I think I love you
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
Victims of the Time & Place
You were the right face
At the wrong time, love
I only wish I woulda known it
Wouldn't have been so quick to give you up
When you have a good thing you hold it

Even deep down
I know we weren't in sink
I wish we had more time to be in harmony
Because we were just victims of the time and place

I changed my mind
And I turned to you
But you were already gone

I see you now
You're just a stranger
We wave hello,
I'll see you later
Its funny how
We were almost perfect
From the song Almost Famous by None Cyrus. Perfect description of how I feel sometimes when I look back...
Don't worry
I'm okay
I'm not broken
I'm not fading
I'm not hurt
I'm not damaged
I've become whole again
Better than ever

So, thank you.
I wasn't ready
I didn't love myself enough
To love you
Endless lessons of gold
You are gold
I'm sorry
You were on my team
And I failed you
I failed myself
Can I just tell you
Its been a nearly a year
A few months from when we met
A few more months until it vaguely ended
I haven't stopped thinking of you
You'll never know
How much...
But I'd love to tell you
How much...
You impacted me
Isn't that silly?
Thank you.
I know why I kissed you
One last time
Before we parted
Because I knew I'd leave you
I was a selfish girl
In a selfish world
Biting my nails
Trying to capture a day
While I watch you change through the seasons
Give me a time
To show my change
Am I deserving of that?
I'm accepting the facts
Looking back
Coming from a pure place
A place of giving no taking
Taking responsibility
So they say life's a journey

A journey that has been tested
So don't get invested

Your standards are too high
Why struggle when there is an easier route...

Why, why, why...

Ask, and you will receive
Though, ask intelligently.

Life will pay the price you ask
So why not ask for more
Why are we settling for less than we are worth

You tell me
Who's the crazy one.
ask intelligently standers life price pay
Jan 2017 · 616
A Road of Heart & Soul
It was fun
Playing with knives
Until a blade
Stuck in the left side of my chest
Won't let it get me down
I turned the page
The story is mine
No more watching the world from my doorstep
Passing me by
Old knives & blades
Always have something to say
Leaving all the past behind

Today's my birthday
So free, To bee
So clear, To see
Where focus goes
Energy flows
Clears the road
A road of heart & soul
Once was asleep
Now fully grown
Not under the surface
Dirt and mud
D  i  s  a  p  p  e  a  r
Stay Clear
I'm coming for the title
I make up the rules
N  o  w

Dec 2016 · 448
R o a r//.
You are air
The wind
The sand in my bed
As you flow
So  B a r e
And you care
And stare
As you brush through my hair
You are my ocean  B l u e
You look so good in  B l u e
My boy
As I stroke through your hair
We can be vain
What can we say
We're tigers not bears
Baby  R o a r
And I'll roar for you
Only ever for you
You  W o r s h i p  me
And I  W o r s h i p  you too
I'm the  K i n g
But for you I'll be your  Q u e e n
And you are my  K i n g
You are my  K i n g d o m   C o m e
Baby, set me on your  T h r o w n//.
I'm so shallow
Don't believe a word I say
I look one way
But act another
You don't know what's real
Let me tell you
What's real is ******* ****** attraction
It is all I know
Between a friend or lover
I'll deny it until the end of time
Because I'm a tease
Don't put my hand there
Oh I definitely want it
But only on my terms
I'm not proud to say
I'm just being real
Telling you the truth
Accepting my flaw
Detached as hell
I want your body
And your mind
If I can't have both
Those moves
Swaying with words
Before you know it
I'll just be on my way
On to the next
I'm like air
Never know what you'll get
I could be hot, I could be cold
Because I'm shallow as hell
I'm sad to say
But if you want to get mixed up with me
You got some games to play
Levels to win
Dec 2016 · 249
Body Mind & Soul
My future boy
I've been waiting for you
Your so **** beautiful
How you carry those things
Then get inside my brain
Pick it inside and out
Not only at night
Even in the day
Your so **** beautiful
With such an interesting mind
Your a masterpiece
So worth the time
Baby, when I look into your eyes
I know your not perfect
And that's okay
You keep me dreaming
Thinking at night
You pull me close
Never leaving me at night
You read my body
You Know me well
I know you too
Body mind and soul
Perfect body mind soul body future
Dec 2016 · 202
Off the deep end//
I'm dripping in sweat
Covered in glitter
I'm letting myself go
Further away
My hands are up high
My minds got that smile
Believe what I say
That boy was a *******
But what he taught me is gold
You think I'm gone
But I'm covered in sparkle
Glowing from the inside out
I'm so **** fly
Even my **** friend gots nothing to say
I'm off the deep end
And I don't ******* care
Try to catch me
As I wearher away
Life is filled
With choices
And we pick

He's still hanging with her
She's so cool
Sometimes I think I like her better than you
Now, she's a real cool girl

She's got that long hair
Low cuts
Great ***
Badass shades
California vibe
****, I'd be hanging out with her too

Life is filled
With choices
And we pick

You picked her
Leaving any signs
Of any conversation
At that cool cafe
Baby, that was my cue to leave
Because, baby I'm a mother FuckInnn' PriorityYy
Not ******' second best
I'm sorry you failed to see that
I'm sorry
I'm not sorry
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