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I see you.
I see you sitting alone, I see you lost in thoughts.
I see you broken,I see you empty.
I see you crying when no one's around.
I see you breaking apart and then pulling yourself up.
I see you pasting a smile on your lips when all you want to cry.
I see you getting lost in those songs trying to escape you.
I see you battling with yourself trying to make sense of what you're feeling.
I see you everyday and every night,
How you handle the mess you are.
I want to help you but I can't
Cause you handcuffed me,
You made me go away,
But if you look closely I'm still there,
I'm still there waiting for you to ask for help.
Only if you ask...
Only if you ask me...your consciousness.
Times changed.
We all are new.
We all are missing.
We lost the pieces that used to define us so well.
We lost ourselves over somethings that never really felt so real.
We run towards temporary happiness,
We get hurt and instead of healing we keep the hurt as a souvenir of the experience.
We hate changes, we live in our nutshell.
Friends and loyalty lost its meaning in our life long ago.
We drag ourselves from one day to another.
We aren't living...are we?
We want change but we don't want to change.
We want to live but we don't know how to.
We are stuck.
I watch you slip away from me one more time.
One more time I feel my heart ripping itself out slowly making sure it hurts alot while it leaves with you..
One more time I can't do anything but helplessly watch it happen.
One more time I ask my self why I let you in ? When I knew you'd leave me anyway.
One more time I feel myself breaking apart my pieces breaking apart that I took forever to fix..I watch them break as I do nothing.
I can't, I want to but I don't know how?
The pain gets louder each passing second as if wanting to let people know it's here, inside of me.
And one more time I watch myself disappear into something I'm not.
Aur yu hi Kahi gum thi mai Apne aaj Mai jab us purane gaane ki aahat ne khola in kuch dabi yaado Ka darwaza.
Kuch Yu liya apni baaho Mai mujhe unhone ki rok na pai khud ko Mai.
Aur lipat roo padi unse.
Mujhe rota Dekh muskura padi vo yaade aur boli, hum to Tere sath hai to kyu roo Rahi Hai Tu?
Chor to koi aur Gaya Hai...
Hum to Tere sath hi Hai!
Kar Tu humse pyaar Zindagi bhar sath denge tera
Mat chal ab bete hue waqt ki ungli pakad ke...
Mana sath dia tera,chalna sikhaya tujhe.
Par AJ tere Rone ki wajah bhi ban Gaya Hai vo waqt.
Bhulja buri yaade, sambhal le achi ko..
Aur vo Dekh mod par tera aane wala waqt khada Hai, pakad uski ungli aur chal de is ankahi rah pai...yahi rah sambhalegi tujhe ab.
Devanshi Tomar Jun 2018
And when I thought you were the relief my heart wanted you came out as chaos my heart never needed.
Devanshi Tomar May 2018
You don't water a dead plant,  
But you watch it die slowly...
You don't want to go numb,
But you watch yourself go dead...
You don't want to get hurt,
But you watch yourself get hurt...
You don't want to give up,
But you watch your ego embrace your action...
You don't want to shut that person out,
But you watch yourself helplessly do it...
You don't want to see them get hurt,
But you watch them slowly giving up.
You don't want to become what you are becoming,
But you watch yourself become one.
And in the end,
You don't want to do it,
But you watch yourself do it anyways...
Pathetic isn't it?
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