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Merilingwen Jun 2019
The dark hours she spent,
Staring at the family photograph,
Smiling at the familiar faces,
Craving for the good old laughs.

“I’m there in the middle”,
Whispered a marred heart,
Those faces were so captivating,
The picture was a fine art.

Her lonely gaze deepened,
As the reality emerged strong,
The child in her was fooled,
But she couldn’t hold long.

Her mother’s love had scarred her,
The tender touch was savage,
Her father was a REAL man,
but his daughter was born damaged.

Her body was a masterpiece,
Engraved with words of gold,
But those carved by her family,
Ran deeper through her soul.

Finally, one blessed night,
She fell numb under the moonlight,
Carelessly dreaming of love,
Leaving the collapsed body behind.

Just then a thought pierced my mind,
Will they ever try to find?
The child from the photograph,
Who went missing one night.
A poem on Child Abuse
Luna Jan 2019
Fall seems the season for forgiveness,
But I am the only benevolent by heart,
Who reflected a privilege despite not being a son.

So for mothers with a purpose in their hearts-
There’s more than a name just pronounced,
Leave your daughters with an abundance of deliverance,
Maybe they’ll learn to build their own homes with it,
and survive in it.
Udit Vashishth Apr 2018
A young girl was tied in the knots of a HOLY SIN.
Who looks happy from outside having grief within.

She was struggling with her life & was just hit by puberty.
Her parents had to do this unwillingly as they're struck by poverty.

But they didn't know that their girl was better than a boy.
She could've pulled them out of poverty if they would've kept her with joy.

She should be given a chance to grow and flourish.
But now, at the age of her own growth she may have a child to nourish.

We'll say we're living in 21st century and we're MODERN.
But actually we've never developed enough and are still downtrodden.

We must stop this ill-practice in our society.
Every child has a right to live his/her life given by the almighty.
Although we will say we're living in a modern world, still in some parts of our country child marriage has not stopped.
MelaninInked Jan 2018
I am a woman and there are many of our breed,
some like to be out partying but some like to stay in and read,
Some break into arguments others like to leave words unsaid
Some have a legion of friends others like to be alone
But at the end we are all queens of our throne.

At the end of the day, we all bleed when cut
Cry when hurt,
When nervous, have a feeling in our gut.

So why treat us as inferior,
Creating an unreasonable barrier
Treat us with motives ulterior.

Before you act, stop and think about your mother, sister, daughter
Would you be comfortable if this was done to her
I fail to wonder how some of your thoughts occur

I am a victim of **** and I know how if feels,
It takes time before it heals,
Its feels like your life is stuck on its wheels
And it even hurts me more that apart from me there are many more ordeals

It's time we raise our voice,
This is not a request or a choice,
I am African but not ignorant to what is going on in the world. Be woman, be proud.
Long before she was born
The balance, the societal scale,
The ground upon which her wobbly feet
Will learn to stand upright and walk steady
Had been socially disintegrated.

Arms with which her clay mind
Is to be molded and framed
Had been morally fractured.

The ‘responsible majority'
Saddled  with the making of serious decisions
Had decided against her-

The minor, with fewer rights
And a body like hers-
Double jeopardy, I will say.

The verdict always the same,
Unanimous more often than not
Guilty!! Is the girl child;
If she grows too fast
Or he touches her inappropriately.

So she learns from her early days
The skill of helplessness
All through the pain and the shame

For it is always her fault
Always has been
Long before she arrived

©Belema .S. Ekine
International day for the Girl-Child
Sanjna Manoj Apr 2017
I never got the chance,
To see the outside world,
Since I was sacrificed,
For the honor of my family.

I sleep on the floor,
Right next to dogs,
I eat from the floor,
Just like a dog,
But I work for, a very honorable family.

My mother-in-law is loving,
She wants the best for me,
A daughter as a child would be bad right?
Us, being a family with honor and pride.

I was violated,
But my life was complete,
I married him,
The honor of the family wasn't tarnished at-least.

I don't want to marry,
My heart lies among the paints and brushes,
I shall marry,
My mind knows unmarried girls bring taints and shushes.

My brother gets home by 3am,
Me, 10 hours earlier,
My dreams, my life, my need for freedom?
These don't bring honor to the family.

My aunt died,
I will too,
My husband passed away,
Awaiting me are flames that flare and sway.

Our lives are a necessary sacrifice,
Our families should live, with honor and pride.
Devanshi Tomar Oct 2016
'Let her fly;
High into the sky.
Let her spread her wings,
And hum the songs which she loves to sing.

Let her see the world wide and clear;
Let her demolish all her fear.
Let her be the light that surrounds the world,
And have that royal air that melts people away with the wave of her curl.

Let her be one of a kind;
Let her be the girl that shines.
She will be the star of everyone's eye;
For that let her over come her cover of shy.

Finally let her go;
And never let her touch that ground low.
Mercury Chap Dec 2014
She's an innocent little girl
Unknown about the people in this world
Who think it's a curse that she is born.
It's nothing to do with her but with her gender.
She has to suffer because she's her.

She grows up while listening to those painful words
By the voices of herds.
Those words which struck her like a bullet inside her heart
Now it's broken so much, it can't be mended even if we try hard.

This is not what she wants
But she's dumbfound like a mime,
Stuck inside, bounded by walls
Walking inside the empty halls.

She screams but no one hears
She wails but no one cares.
There's no one here who feels her pain anymore
As people ignore.
It's a curse that she is born even if she did nothing bad at all.

She has nothing else to do
But to dream about another universe,
Where people are one,
Where there's no boy or girl
That's what she thinks is a world.

But that's not true,
It's sad to say:
She is a curse in every way.

Why would they hurt such beauty and charm
When they do so,
She is so calm.

She has wings
Which are broken now
And it stings
If she tries to fly.
But still try,
You are not alone.

— The End —