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Clifford Smith May 2017

Thank you for being a
Grandmot(her), and
Thank you for your
Hard labor,
Long suffering,
Understand­ing, and
No man understands what a
Mother goes through or the
Obstacles they take on in order to
Keep their sanity holding a
Fam(ily) together.
You are the true definition of a
Goddess and a true definition of a
You work hard day and night to
Make sure there's food on the
Table, a roof over our
Heads, and clothes on our
From the roots of your hair
To the soul of your feet, YOU ARE
Amazing, YOU ARE
Wonderful, YOU ARE
Everything that you were put on
Earth to be.
Your tears,
Your scars,
Your touch,
Your comfort,
Your love,
Your heart,
Your responsibility,
Your smile,
Your frown,
Symbolizes who YOU ARE.
Every breath,
Every step you take has been
For us.
That makes the world go round,
That stands in the midst of the storm,
That gives breath to all,
That stands strong when you're weak,
That never gives up,
My Mother,
Our Mother,
The Head and The Tail,
The Sun and The Moon,
The Caretaker,
The Conquerer,
The One,
The Only,

         HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

To all the loving mothers all over the world. Thank you!
"The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions."
Clifford Smith Aug 2015
Dear father in Heaven,
Father I come before you as I am
I come before you as a SINNER
In the name of JESUS,
As I reach to you father
I ask that you reach out to me
In the name of JESUS,
Father you know all about me
You know all about my troubles
You said you wouldn't put
More on me than I can bare
Doesn't come back void,
So father I WILL
Lay down my BURDENS
And bring my problems to you
In the name of JESUS,
For sending your only begotten SON
To die on the CROSS for my MY SINS
And for that I am grateful
In the name of JESUS,
You made me in YOUR IMAGE
And I know the way I have
Been going about isn't
But yet you still give me chances
In the name of JESUS,
You are with me even when
I'm not with myself
In the name of JESUS,
You do have my heart
I do want eternal life in Heaven
I do want to walk with you
I do accept you as MY SAVIOR
I am Thankful for your HOLY SPIRIT
I do THANK YOU for my kids
I do THANK YOU for my family
I do THANK YOU for life itself
I do THANK YOU for my love ones
I do THANK YOU for the lovely woman you sent me
Most importantly...
In the name of JESUS,
Father I ask you to
Heal my mind
Heal my heart
Heal my body
Heal my kids and their mothers
Heal my SPIRIT
Heal my SOUL
Heal my troubled ways
Heal my finances
Heal ALL my love ones
In the name of JESUS,
Father I bless your name
In the name of JESUS,
Father I ask you to
Watch over my kids
Their mother's
And their household's
And keep them safe and protected
In the name of JESUS,
Father I ask you to
Watch over my love ones
And their household's
And keep them safe and protected
In the name of JESUS,
Father I ask you to
Watch over me and my household
And keep us safe and protected
In the name of JESUS,
Father I ask you to
Watch over others
As this world continues to unfold
In the name of JESUS,
Father as I end this prayer
I not only want to THANK YOU
For my good days
I want to also THANK YOU
For the worst days I have had
In the name of JESUS,
Father as I close my eyes
I ask that you watch over me
And that NO WEAPON
Formed against me SHALL PROSPER
In the name of JESUS,
In JESUS name I pray
In the name of
Instead of just saying my prayers,  I figured I'd share my prayers and hope it makes someone else drop to their knees and THANK GOD.
uncanny xmen said it right when he said he doesn’t want to work

because a lot of the bosses are big fat rich ******

they don’t care what the needs are nor do they care for they want to do

you everyone wants to work, i will do my art

everyone wants to work, i will do my art

art can be a job, oh yes it can

you see you can meet real famous people, if you concentrate on art

you see only rich ****** do what your bosses do

especially when your work isn’t up to scratch

everyone wants to work, i will do my art

you see everyone wants to work, i will do my art

i help the poor because the rich don’t give a ****

i want to give conserves one almighty hit

you see brian man nix said it right, when he said life is too good to work

doing art is much more fun, and if you do it right, it can save the future too

everyone wants to work, i will do my art

vic buckley, is a real australian big fat rich *****

everyone wants to work i will do my art


check my art on art colony under brian allan yeah

you see doing unnecessary jobs is not brian allan’s stuff

i want to help the homeless every chance i get

even if i have to stop and say

everyone wants to work, i will do my art

and that makes me happy, i am an artist

a friend to the homeless a friend to the poor a friend to the young

in a way that suits me

everyone wants to work, i will do my art
(Niamh Price), this is thy own dedication, thy shortened sentences art lovely, they showeth me mine homeland of Ireland, wherein the druids didst roam, wherein tales went back far and old, as niamh thy soul I feeleth its pain, yet soo amazing thou art friend.

(Gary L), this one is thine own writing, sir, thy friendship is inviting, thy lyrical sense is enticing, as thou doth speak truth when thou seeith it, never quit! On thy works and on thineself, thou art who thou art, a beautiful man, with timeless knowledge.

(SPT), this poem is for thou as a treat, I feeleth thine anguish mix in with thy compassion, thou art a hopeful mansion, filled with words of someone who hath lived age's, thy pages art touching, and I thank thee for thy support and guiding me through h.p.

(Ignatius Hosiana), brother thou art a hopeless romantic like me, hoping for his queen, seeing her only in thine dream's, yet as we scream, as brother's we doth unite! In color of skin's, black and white we overcometh the ideology of hatred, loving the hater.

(Dedpoet), mine Mexican friend, how canst I not loveth thee, thy word's dark, ghetto, and deep, as I've been around hood part's to knoweth enough, the most beauty LIES awake in the hood, the places the rich men overlook, is wherein the eyes of God art .

(Wonderman poetry), brother thy words of Christ uplift me, not a perfect being mineself, thyself showeth me the light in the darkness and thus when I'm down, thine godly loving giveth me help, as thou knoweth brother, love and forgives as Christ taught!

(poetessa diabolica), word's that thou uses art so complex, for thee so I respect, for all thy love thou hath given me, the hope that thou planted me, to showeth me, God still lingers in man's soul's, despite the devil trying to rear around, I thankest thou poetess...

(Donna,) thine little haiku's art a piece of the celestial, thy pieces extraterrestrial, and high up the Angels weep to thy words. Like cures and herbs they giveth me a better day to look to, as like glass, beautiful the words thou uses floweth to heavens moon!

(Rosalind Heather Alexander), speechless I am to thy grace, a Scottish lass as me part Scottish blob and mass, lol, just saying , two bloods of the same kind, now thou art writing thy soul out, keepeth it divine, thy soul canst not go rewind, so love on ahead.

(Soul-survivor), old friend, as we both preach the same predictions shalt we worry of ourn end? No, we shalt continue to showeth love, and giveth others hope, than when we die the Graves not it, but that God's love over-rose, so shalt we, auntie as I calleth thee.

(Icysky), young one please do not cry, the boy's canst seeith the fine stitching God made thee as, thou hath a vessel of rubies, and thou art like a wonderful movie, fast tracked to the best part, icy, let noone breaketh thine heart, and let thy lord guideth thee .

(Joe Malgeri), a freak hippy like me, playing music to the sun, giving lectures highly and fun, thou wilt find a queen like me one day, continue to haveth class, play tunes by night, showeth thy genuine ways. As thou doth, wonderful supporter, HP gypsie!!!

(Anthony Mooney,) an Irish hopeless romantic like me, thy soul hath beauty friend, let not hate overtake, bypass the anger and the heartbreak. Let thy pen jot down thy beauty, making the earth quake, unlike others dear mate, thou hath high class.

(Wolf spirit) ( aka quin,)though we don't talk, I loveth thee mine friend, though even thou doth not like me, thou art one of mine biggest inspiration's, thou art a true passionate, amongst the tribal nations, as I am Cherokee part mineself, thou inspireth me.

(Chris green, )affectionate of the the earth, thy woman Is lucky to haveth a poet by birth, for thy words drip like honey on a summer night, Chris friend, wonderful delight, I thank thee for kindness, for thy hope in refinement, and thou art a king of love.

(Pradip Chattopadhyay,) a man who canst writeth in all perspective, thy profile picture maketh me giggle everytime I seeith it, ( in a good way friend) I loveth thy style, and sense of humor, how thou writeth, and doesn't listen to rumors, a poet!!!

(Dark icE,) I just met thee, but thy sensuality is so delighting and like a dream, thy words sucketh me in as I canst ever get out, thy amour in poem's is a cloud, on which I linger for more of its nectar wet taste, immense in this place, unlike the human race.

(Beth StClair), mine best friend if back in the sixties, we wouldst hath layed flower's around ourn necks and head's, we wouldst hath sang the tunes of the Beatles and the dead, as I wouldst hath sung with Lennon, and zeppelin and thou wouldst hath watched.

(Vicki,) I've already wrote for thou and beth, but thou two art the best, Vicki in the crumby state of Ohio like me(lol) though me and thou aren't from here (were Angels of earth's dream's) thou art a poetic of kings and queens, thou art kind, sweet, and a a peace.

(Impeccable Space Poetess,) thy writing is like thunder. Maketh me laugh cry and rolleth over, I read again, like a books beautiful cover, thou art a friend, a poetry lover. Thou hath intelligence of God and heaven, never let man break thee or hurt thee.poetic!!!

(POETIC T,) a spirit light as a feather, free not a slave, not of this world, a man not a boy, thou hath been through strife and abuse, thy hands art not bound, thou hath cut the noose, please don't leaveth us, we all careth for thee. Friend of mine. And HP.
This is for some poets for now. Gonna make another one in little bit for more lol... Took forever for this!!!!!! Part two coming lol.. And BTW for others I love on here don't get upset *** u aren't in poem yet this is part one... More people to come lol and for u who who see I even use people I love in here who don't like me at all but fact is I love them I don't need noones approval can just show love (:::
  Aug 2015 Clifford Smith
Gun Boy
Toxic and unstable
but I am far from able
to resist your touch
even when it hurts this much.

You have my all.
You are my downfall.
Crush me, and keep me for eternity.
Break me in your hands love,
where I will always be.
Crush me, into pieces, all of these pieces
Crush me, and keep me for eternity

Tired and I'm wanting
to embrace this haunting
Feeling deep within,
the ache of you beneath my skin.
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