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 Jul 2015 LF
may 27, 2014
 Jul 2015 LF
at first we played games
like 'see who can love the other more'
now it's **** on me, i'll **** on you
and if i don't have anything worthwhile i'll drink until i can muster up just about anything devilish

never thought much to bite my tongue
but i'm somewhat starting to wish i had it removed with my tonsils last year
right before i met you
maybe it would have made more sense if i hadn't the ability to talk myself up
and make it seem like i'm a person who cares about anything

you see i've learned lately that i'm no good, when it really comes down to it
i can go through the motions and get by, but when it comes down to the most crucial moments, like when one must hold their tongue... i spit
 Aug 2014 LF
 Aug 2014 LF
It seems these days
I've grown past emotions
at least the passionate ones
I'm just here
expressionless face
biding my time in this world
seeing what
I can get my hands into
Seeing how big
of a mess I can make
 Aug 2014 LF
 Aug 2014 LF
No matter how small
you find yourself feeling
you'll always be something big to me

Darling tell me more about
how you feel so safe and free
to just be you around me
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