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Chit Jun 2020
I can't help but falling
I can't help but thinking
I can't help but longing
I can't help but hearing
Your voice is my help to keep my heart beating
Chit Jun 2020
I love you
Kahit alam kong masasaktan ako

I love you
Kahit alam kong hindi mo sasabihing "I love you too"

I love you
Kahit alam kong hindi tayo pwede

I love you
Kahit sa mga panahong ayaw kitang mahalin

I love you...
And I hate it.
Chit Jun 2020
He said :
       "To tell you frankly,
I'd cried like a baby when you left me."

She said :
       "Cried like a baby???...
         I died when you left me!"
Chit Jun 2020
Without you, I am okay
Without you, I am good
Without you, I am great

Me, being okay doesn't mean I am completely okay without you
Me, being good doesn't mean I am not experiencing bad things without you
Me, being great doesn't mean I am not at lost without you
This is just me, without you.
Chit Jun 2020
"You've loved me too much
That broke your heart too deeply.
You said, you will never going to marry the woman who broke your heart.
Is it my loss or yours?..."
Chit Jun 2020
You know that I admired you so much
Actually everyone does
Who would not be?
You never stop to brighten my days
You were always there to bring back my life again and again
As I lay down with you
And count every beautiful things that I see
But mine is different.

I'm sorry because
I love the moon more than you coz
he was there to light my darkest nights
I love the rain more than you coz
he was there to washed away my pains
I love the star more than you coz
he was there to give sparkle to my eyes
Maybe I was not meant to be with you
Maybe I was meant to be ME.
Chit Jun 2020
I know who you are.

I want to apologized and at the same time, I want to thank you for bringing out the best and the worst in me.

What is meant to be will always find its way, not too early nor too late.

Always on time.

Someday, when I looked back on this I know it will bring smile to my face because it happened.

As for now, I wish you....never existed
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